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Bible Topics: Bitterness

Definition: Holding on to or showing feelings of intense [strong] animosity [hatred, anger], resentment or vindictiveness [wanting to get back at someone]. -- Other words that describe bitterness are: merciless, unforgiving, holding a grudge. Bitterness is also described as feelings resulting from something that is difficult to accept.

1. God's Word warns us against the dangers of bitterness.

2. Do not carry or keep bitterness, but replace it with love, kindness and forgiveness.

3. If you allow bitterness a place in your heart, it will eventually come out of your mouth in murmuring and complaining.

4. The Lord, in His love, can deliver you from the sin of bitterness. Here are some examples of three who overcame it, and one who didn't:

5. Bitterness stems from feelings of anger and an unforgiving attitude towards others. Here are some more solutions from the Word on how to avoid it.

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Comments (12)

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james (Louisiana, US) says...
is there another way I can send funding to help further this inspirational info
21st August 2016 8:49pm
Omofuma Felix (Lagos, Nigeria) says...
Praise God for the inspiration. Perfect answer for a question from Sunday School. We will use this for class study. Thank you
1st March 2016 7:41am
George kymakis (Merrillville, US) says...
Unforgiveness and bitterness is what caused my divorce to my wife of 20 years. I'm still praying for restoration and forgiveness. Forgiveness from GOD for breaking his covenant with him and forgiveness from my ex wife for all the bitterness and pain that I caused her. I will continue to stand.
27th May 2013 4:24am
Bobby (US) says...
Good for you sir, you are definitely on your way to total freedom and restoration. I too am learning how to deal with conflict so I can avoid the root of bitterness.
31st October 2013 4:10am
Muracienne Venescar (Harrison, US) says...
Hallelujah! May God answer your sincere prayer.
20th January 2016 1:54pm
Karen Sanders (Monroe, US) says...
There\'s no shame in any of us admitting to personal bitterness towards a particular person or an event that took place in our lives. I, for one, have experienced bitterness lasting decades. It\'s a horrible thing, a life-warping thing, a damaging, life-altering thing that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. In my situation, I was the culprit, and I blamed others for the correction I received, and for the effects my terrible behavior had on others, on those I really, truly loved. My ... Read More
17th December 2012 3:46am
Pastor Louise Hayden (Mchenry Il, US) says...
How May I get hard copy on a lot but in particular Bitterness. This is good
12th December 2012 7:58pm
Tom Lemmen says...
No comment
3rd June 2012 7:46am
Tom Lemmen says...
Using for study for Bible Class
3rd June 2012 7:46am
Sue (Malawi) says...
thank u 4 this article...God bless
27th March 2012 7:15am
viv says...
Thank you so much for this post, you just helped me understand what bitterness truly is and how to overcome it. God bless you for this. I am so grateful.
27th December 2011 2:04am
Aldwin Angangan (Davao City, Philippines) says...
Thank you so much for posting. Shalom!
4th February 2012 9:48am
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