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Bible Topics: Keeping a good conscience

Definition: Conscience is the knowledge of right and wrong, and a feeling that one should do what is right.

1. Conscience is the guiding voice of God in man

2. We must choose whether or not to obey our conscience.

3. A guilty conscience convicts us of sin.

4. Truth resisted loses its power over the mind. If we refuse to heed our conscience, we eventually become dull to it.

5. Biblical examples of guilty consciences:

6. Salvation through grace clears the conscience of condemnation over past sins.

7. To go against our conscience is a violation of our faith, which is a sin.

8. A clear conscience towards God gives us conviction, enabling us to rise above circumstances and the opinions of man.

9. However, even if our conscience permits us something, we should nevertheless be mindful of others' faith.

10. Keeping a good conscience is also an important part of our Christian example.

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