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This article has become popular and people have been writing in the comments their dreams and asking for its interpretation. Please understand that I, the websmaster, do not do interpretations of dreams. If you ask me I would tell you to pray and ask the Lord to give you the interpretation. But if somebody else who reads your dream wants to offer an interpretation of it, that's fine with me, but I would not necesarily guarantee its accuracy and I would advise you not to either. The surest way to know God's Will is when you hear Him speaking to you directly from the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

Bible Topics: Nightmares and bad dreams

Definition: A frightening or terrifying dream. (The word "nightmare" comes from the Old English word "mare" (or goblin) which meant an evil spirit or demon haunting people in their sleep.)

1. We have nothing to fear because God has promised us protection against nightmares.

2. We shouldn't feel intimidated or condemned by nightmares, but recognize them as the spiritual attacks of the Enemy that they are, and resist and overcome them with the Lord's help.

3. Sometimes bad dreams can be triggered by bad experiences or sights, so avoid these, if possible.

4. Some bad dreams result from simple, natural causes, or can be spiritually meaningless.

5. Some troublesome dreams may actually be from the Lord, but these clearly differ from nightmares in that they always have a purpose, either prophetic, or to warn, or to offer positive lessons.

6. Our first and surest defense against nightmares is to pray against them!

7. We should also specifically ask the Lord for positive, edifying, faith-building dreams, which God has promised to give to His children.

8. We should meditate on the Lord and His Word as we go to sleep.

9. We must not dwell on nightmares we may have had.

10. Here are a few more of the Lord's precious promises to claim for sweet dreams:

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