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Bible Topics: Positiveness / Negative Thinking

Definition: Negative thinking is very akin to pessimism, which is the tendency to take the most unfavorable view of situations, or to expect the worst outcome in any circumstances; the practice of looking on the gloomy and dark side of things. Positiveness is optimism; the tendency or habit of seeing and expecting the good in things; looking on the bright side; anticipating favorable results; hopefulness.

1. Giving place to negative thinking only bears bad fruit.

2. We need to ask the Lord to "wash" our hearts and "renew" our minds to think only His positive, good thoughts.

3. Ask the Lord to help you learn to recognize the Enemy's negative thoughts so you can resist them!

4. Stop yourself at the first negative thought.

5. Think on the good things!

6. Take a positive stand against the Devil and his negativeness.

7. Keep your heart and mind filled with God's Word.

8. Think about Jesus!

9. God not only knows our thoughts, He can help us to have positive ones.

10. You're going to be either positive or negative, one or the other. You can't be just a little of both!

11. Count your blessings, recounting all the wonderful things the Lord has done for you.

12. Take a positive approach to tests and trials by seeing the Lord's hand in all He sends your way.

13. Positive speech has a good effect on everyone, both those who voice it and those who hear it.

14. Taking positive action is a declaration of your faith: It pleases God and works miracles!

15. Keep positive by helping someone else with their problems instead of thinking about your own.

16. Cultivate positive attitudes towards others.

17. Positive people are the kind others like to be around.

18. Manifesting a positive, full-of-faith spirit brings more victories and more to be positive about!

19. Some good promises and prayers to help overcome negative thinking.

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