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The Christmas Eve Massacre

The Danger of Alcohol Abuse

--Don't Let It Happen to You!

By David Brandt Berg, #856 written 25/12/79

THIS IS CHRISTMAS MORNING 1979 and I HAD A VERY STRANGE EXPERIENCE DURING THE NIGHT.--I don't know if it was a dream or if it was some kind of a real spirit trip:

A very sad incident had occurred at this place which apparently had been a British military outpost of some kind. The lesser officers and soldiers had gotten quite drunk and mutinied against their superiors and had killed all their superior officers in a drunken brawl. And then their enemies, the French, had attacked and slaughtered the men--after these men had already mutinied and killed their officers!--All because of drink.

It's a bitter lesson and a sad tale, but a very strong warning from the Lord against the evils of drink, that if you are going to drink excessively, then you can't very well fight as a soldier in the Lord's Army! Or you're more apt to be fighting with your fellow soldiers and officers instead, and unable to fight the Enemy.

I UNDERSTAND WE HAVE QUITE A FEW PROBLEM CASES IN THE FAMILY WHO ARE DRINKING TOO MUCH and are intemperate and excessive and it's causing problems. Nobody is supposed to drink more than two glasses of wine at any meal, and we only have wine at evening dinner. But if you cannot be temperate in your use of wine as a dinner beverage, which actually does help your digestion and does calm your nerves and gives you a happy contented feeling and a sweet family dinner fellowship, you'll have to cut it out altogether.

People who can't handle a little wine for their stomach's sake, for their soul's sake and everybody's sake, sometimes have to be forbidden it. And especially if the people go completely berserk during their drunkenness, it's very bad and could be a real danger to our Family and a real security hazard! And some people it just makes very silly in their conduct and a poor example.

And the same goes for cigarettes and any kind of drugs, which we absolutely do not condone the use of at all! Certainly you don't need these other things--drugs, dope and marijuana, etc.--besides the fact that they are even illegal, and if for no other reason should not be used, so that we can safely operate within the law and not have any problems with the authorities.

SO IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER WHO IS SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE DRINKING or any kind of drug or dope-taking, give them warning, sufficient warning--the Bible says two warnings--and after the first and second admonition, then reject! (Titus 3:10)--They should be put out of the Family, excommunicated! We'll just have to put them in God's hands and let Him deal with them!

And any husband who uses violence on his wife or mate should be put out of the Home immediately if he has been warned even once! If he is repentant and sorry, we can allow him to stay on to see if he will behave himself. But if he does it even one more time, that's too many! The innocent party should immediately report them, and if the report is substantiated in the mouth of two or three witnesses, then they should be completely excommunicated!--Cut off from the rest of the Family entirely and out of fellowship!--And no more Letters or Magazines!

If your mate turns against the Lord, the Family and you and your children and is apt to cause you either spiritual or physical violence or harm, then you had better get rid of that mate, or get rid of yourself by leaving him and going out of harm's way. And by all means you should honestly report it and not cover for him. Failure to report a crime is a crime!

THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS LITTLE DANGERS IN GOD'S WORK! Any little chink in the armour, a crack in the wall, any tiny little gap in our united front could cause serious problems--any tiny little crack for the Enemy to get in. And little problems usually are an evidence of big problems or can lead to them.

They must be gotten rid of and you must try to have no problems at all along spiritual lines or lines such as that: Excessive drink, violence, jealousy, drug abuse or whatever. It's a poor testimony and a very bad sad witness and has reflected against the Family in a few cases.

May God forbid that we should have any Christmas Eve Massacres or a slaughter of our spiritual effectiveness for the Lord because of drink or drug abuse!--That we never massacre our effective work or be a bad influence on our fellow Christians, children, mates or helpers in any way. May the Lord deliver us from these things and keep us pure and strong and aware and ready to fight the Enemy even in a surprise attack, and not be surprised by the Enemy.--Amen?

Are you guilty of such misbehaviour?--Or just as guilty for covering it up? May God have mercy on you and bring you to repentance--or reward you according to your evil deeds and rid us of you!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Repent or perish!

James Arendt

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