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"40 Days!"--And Nineveh Shall Be Destroyed! (Jonah 3:4)

November 12, 1973 by David Brandt Berg

For when they shall cry, "Peace, peace!"- then cometh sudden destruction! (1Thes 5:3 )

Forward by the webmaster: This is just one of many articles that David Berg wrote predicting the judgements of God on the USA for her many sins. Please also see below for a list of other articles and a reader's comments about it:

Update June 4, 2013: This year is exactly 40 years since David Berg received this revelation. My friend Roger Fruchey shared with me that Ezekiel 4:6 may very well apply!

And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year. -- Ezekiel 4:6
Original 40 Days tract

(The day after the Nov. 11th (1973) cease-fire signing (between Egypt and Israel) David woke me early in the morning with this:)

There is going to be 40 days of warning, then Nineveh shall be destroyed! The Comet (Kohoutec) will be at its brightest and most visible for 40 days. But the puzzle is, when does the 40 days begin? It's giving a 40-day warning of something, whatever it is, then comes the destruction, unless the people repent like Nineveh did because of the message of the Prophet. If the people repent, the Lord will relent or there'll be a descent! But if not, then there'll be a very great destruction!

But it will give a warning of 40 days, and then destruction! I don't know the destruction of what or whom, but it is destruction. But it's an important enough destruction to warn the whole world, so it's going to affect the whole world!

It's like the voice of the prophet Jonah to Nineveh, the decadent world capital of Assyria: --"40 days, then Nineveh shall be destroyed!" But when Nineveh repented, God spared her a little longer. But I don't think this Nineveh is going to repent!--And the only Nineveh that could possibly mean is America, of course. America has been the ruling power of the world. America is now the declining power, and Russia is the ascending power.

Jonah preaching God's warning message in Nineveh
Jonah preaching God's warning message in Nineveh

It's 40 days from now till December 21st! God gives us warning--Early Warning System! God gives us early warning before the world. From November 11 to December 21 is 40 days, and from December 21 to January 31 is 40 days!

God gives us early warning, twice the warning He gives the world, because we have Early Warning System--the Prophet of God! We know long before the world knows. He gives us twice the warning He gives the wicked! He warn His saints 40 days before the 40 days! November 11 to December 21, and He gives world warning December 21 to January 31.

King Richard Nixon the Lyin' Hearted
King Richard Nixon the Lyin' Hearted

Then when they cry, "peace, peace!"--comes sudden destruction! You See? Or maybe it start earlier, I don't know. Forty days warning to Nineveh, God warned Jonah long before that. God warned Jonah 40 days before. Forty days later he got to Nineveh, and then he said, "Forty days and Nineveh shall be destroyed!"

But God gives us 40 days before the world, then he gives the world 40 days. He gives us 40 days like Prophet Jonah, you know?--And then He gives Nineveh 40 days.--And that's the end! Either January 11 or January 21 or January 31, somewhere in there God's going to destroy modern Nineveh, modern Babylon and its king. King Richard (Nixon) --the Last!--King Richard the Last! (King Richard the Lyin'-Hearted!)

God bless and keep us all in these troubled times to come!--Amen.

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Eric (US) says...
40 DAYS OF WARNING, THEN CHRISTIANITY WILL BE DESTROYED BEWARE THE YEAST OF THE PHARISEES Scripture is to be used to point to Jesus and the Anti-Christ. Judges chapters 19, 20, 21 are about Jesus the concubine who is locked out of heaven (by God the husband) only to be ravaged to death by evil men. The 12 Disciples are cutoff from Jesus the main vine and scattered each to his own home. Benjamin is Judas, the traitor, and the remnant of Benjamin whom kidnap wives represent Saul/Paul (A Pharisee ... Read More
5th April 2015 2:08am
Jacob (San Luis Obispo, US) says...
Ezekiel 33-34 came to my attention last night: very heavy concerning the judgment of Israel-America, then and now.
11th November 2013 10:18am
Andre niemand (South Africa) says...
Send you me your e-mail address and I send you a prophecy based on dreams and vision what the meaning of the forty days is. It is from Yom Kippur 1973 (Yom Kippur war) to 40 years later 13 September 2013 (Yom Kippur). I am receiving dreams and visions and their interpretations since 1973.

Andre niemand

10th August 2012 4:14pm
Andres Nueva Vida (Bogota, Colombia) says...
Dear Andre, I'm really interested in knowing about the visions and prophecies you've received on this subject.

Andrés Nueva Vida

7th September 2013 8:10am
Brother Andrew (Tucson, US) says...
Just wanted to say, that days are somtime mentioned as years, especially in regards to end time prophecys. So those 40 days may ne 40 years, which would bring us to 2014. Ninaveh is a type of the worldly church, the destruction of which may very well begin in 2014. This is according to the revelation of the revealed word of the Father, The bedROCK of which the cornerstone of the foundation, said he would build his church on. The revealed word of the Father. The barn has to be built, before the ... Read More
23rd July 2012 1:08am
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