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Astronomical Fakery!

By David Brandt Berg

MODERN MAN, MODERN SCIENCE TODAY PRIDES HIMSELF ON BEING A GOD, "YE SHALL BE AS GODS". (Gen.3:5) The religion of the World today is becoming the religion of science, the sacred cow, the worship of Man and his knowledge as gods. That's the whole plan of that bag of the Devil's dirty tricks, to deceive young people into believing that they are gods, and decide then there are no others--Man is his own god, he should worship himself.

Modern man is not as smart as he thinks he is, but he likes to try to impress especially poor little kids in school with what a god he is--now he knows everything! They don't say, "This is our guess, this is our theory"--they don't say it about evolution or these astronomical things either. They just say, "This is the way it happened!"--When it didn't happen that way!

All of their guesswork is pure theory and falsehoods and fairy tales, yet they talk about it with a straight face, soberly, and they will picture it on television and show you just how it happened, like on that "Cosmos" show, a TV evolutionary series of bunk! It was diabolical from one end to the other! It is the most lavish, clever series to scientifically spoof and debunk religion and Christian institutions and leaders and history and anything Christian or religious or about God at all!

They weave the truth, some of the actual facts about the Solar system, right in together with all the fancy and fanciful fairy tales! So the poor kids can't tell which is right and which is wrong! And since a lot of those things are absolutely true because they've been proven and they've taken photographs of some of the planets etc., they think that all the rest must be true too!

I THINK YOU'D SHOCK SOME CHRISTIANS IF YOU'D REMIND THEM THAT THE BIBLE SAYS THE SUN, MOON and STARS WERE NOT CREATED UNTIL THE FOURTH DAY OF CREATION!--Totally contrary to their theory! See, the Devil's whole idea is to try to disprove the Bible. And if we didn't pin you down to some of these things, you wouldn't even realise it! So you need to know these things so you won't swallow all that slop every time they dish it up, and they dish it up every single time they say anything about the Solar system or astronomy or stars or evolution.

You've heard that slop that they put out about the big ball of fire first, the sun coming first, and the sun threw off these planets, and you thought maybe that's the way God created it.--All pure evil imagination, that's all! It just isn't so! It just didn't happen that way. What did God make first?--The Heaven and the Earth! (Gen.1:1)

When I was young, they said the process of evolution had taken only a few million years. By the time I was a young teenager in high school, it had grown to a few hundred million. But by the time I got to college age, they were already hitting the billion mark! And I notice now they've gone up to 4-1/2 billion, because the further they can put it back, the more impossible it is to both prove or disprove.

I'm telling you, Man has gotten into things that are way too high for him, and much too old too. It's so ridiculous! Their theories of Creation and Evolution and the whole idea is to try to disprove God. And since the Devil can't prove his own lies, he does his damnedest to try to disprove the Truth! Because the more he can get you not to believe the Truth, like he did Adam and Eve in the Garden, then you'll have to believe his lies!

THE BIBLE DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT THESE ASTRAL BODIES INFLUENCE OUR LIVES HERE ON EARTH, that they were made to control the various life processes, balance of nature, etc. It must take a tremendous control system of some kind to keep it all in harmony and order and operating as it should! And why not? Why shouldn't God have put these things in control of the balance, of when is the time to be born? (Ecc.3:2)

(Sara: It says, "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth," like the Earth is the central body and the heavens all around have something to do with Earth.) Yes! This is what the ancients and particularly the church believed, that the Earth was the center of everything; all the rest existed for the benefit of the Earth and life on Earth.

But they deliberately lie about ancient wisdom and knowledge as though it was ridiculous. They try to ridicule the old wisdom as though it were all false and they're the only ones that really know, they've only found it out lately and they are revealing these marvellous truths to you for the first time!--When actually Man has forgotten more truth than they ever knew, and more things about Creation and the way things operate and astrology and all the rest!

But you notice what they're always driving at in their astronomical figures? All of their figuring always begins with some big star explosion, that our sun was just a star that kind of exploded and threw off these planets and blah blah!--That it all happened by accident, and that the Earth just happens to be one more little planet amongst billions and billions, a little speck of dust in space and why should it be important at all?

It's amazing that these same scientists could so belittle themselves and their planet and their home, and at the same time so exalt themselves into being gods! But that's all to try to debunk the idea that the Earth is really the center of things as far as God's concerned. Is that hard for you to believe?--It's the Bible! And I believe the Bible! I believe it means exactly what it says!--And it says that the Earth was created first, and the sun, moon and stars four days later! The sun, moon and stars were created for the benefit of the Earth!

THE PLANETARY SOLAR SYSTEM DISTANCES, MOVEMENTS, RELATIONSHIPS, EVEN INFLUENCES ARE TRUE SCIENCE and have been scientifically proven. But the distance even to the nearest star that they claim is so far away, that is mere theory. All of these stellar distances are mere theory.

See, that's where they run you right off the edge of the Solar system and their true measurements and actual proof of space probes and the Solar distances and all that, the things they really know and can prove and have measurements and photographs and all the rest. But when they get beyond man's little limit here of the Solar system, Brother, they've gone too far! "Thus far", the Lord says, "and no farther!"

There's not a single star that is more than 6,000 light years away! How can I prove that? Because time has only existed for the last 6,000 years, and the sun, moon and stars have only been around for the last 6,000 years! So if any of them are any further away than that, they just never existed! There's not a single star that is more than 6,000 light years away!

It says that on the fourth day He made the stars also. (Gen.1:16)--Do you think you could see them then? Well, we know from History that they've been seen for several thousand years, and it's my personal conviction that the stars were visible that very day. "Lights in the heavens" (Gen.1:15)--you must have been able to see them if they were lights! So if they saw them that same day, on the fourth day, they certainly couldn't have been more than 24 hours away.

Not even one light year away! Not even one light month away! They're not even one light week away! And they undoubtedly have to be less than one light day away, so they're only a few light hours away at the very most!--Not billions and trillions of light years, that's a lot of baloney! They are very far and they are very high, "Behold, the stars how high they are!"--They're far out, but they're not that far out!

BUT WHY DOES THE DEVIL KEEP HARPING ON THAT? Why does he keep inculcating students and children and big folks with those same lies about the distance of the stars? (James: Because if there were these great distances, it would imply that the whole thing's been around for millions of years!) A lot longer than 6,000 years! "So therefore the Bible isn't true, Creation's not only 6,000 years old, Man hasn't been here only 6,000 years!"--they say.

"The Earth ISN'T the most important planet, MAN'S not so important! After all, it's just a speck of dust, what the Hell does it matter what happens to us? We can blow the World up or kill our fellow man, it doesn't matter how we treat him or anything else!"--say the scientists. What a hellish Hell of a doctrine! All the Devil's devilish doctrines are damnable, fiendish, destructive, designed to destroy faith, designed to destroy belief in God and His Word and His Creation!

So when they tell you these lies, DON'T believe it, because they ain't necessarily so! In fact, these "scientific" lies are necessarily not so! But that's the insidious thing about it: They state one fact and one truth, and go right on to the lies and state them just like they were just as much proven facts and truth as the last thing they said!

The Devil slips in his sly sharp evil poisonous tongue right in between God's Truth! That's the way the Lord allows it, because "His sheep know His voice and they will follow Him, and a stranger they will not follow." (Jn.10:4,5) The Lord witnesses to the spirit of even a little child, a clean child that's of the Lord, of at least even one believing parent, He witnesses the truth constantly. I know He did to me!

From the time I was a little tiny child I recognised the Voice of God and the Truth, and I could recognise the voice of the Devil and his lies! From the time I first started school too, I could tell the difference between good and evil, lying teachers and the ones who were telling you the truth.

After all, He let the Devil slip into the Garden of Eden to test Adam and Eve to see what they would do. Of course He knew what they were going to do, but the whole thing was to be a lesson for all of us. Because the people who believe the Truth will recognise and reject the Devil's lies. And of course those who believe lies, it's because they've already rejected the Truth.

But we have one very simple easy standard almost any child can use, and that is, if it's against what the Bible says, it ain't so! PTL? OK! Just remember, whenever it comes to contradicting God's Word in any way, shape or form, I don't care how much they pretend to prove it or blah blah blah, it just ain't so!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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