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How to Fight the Devil!

Compiled from the writings of David Brandt Berg

Trench warfare: The enemy doesn't attack till you go over the top!

Once we are "born again" (John 3:3), we not only find a wonderful new life of love, peace and happiness, we also find ourselves in a WAR!--A war of the Worlds between the World of evil and the Kingdom of God!

In the old World War I trench warfare, it wasn't until you came out of your trench and started attacking the enemy's territory, that he would really open up and let you have it with all of his big guns! Now that you're saved, as far as the Devil is concerned, YOU have "gone over the top", & he will do all he can to oppose and stop you! You are now a Christian soldier in GOD'S Army, and a potential threat to hundreds or thousands of others of the Devil's captives! He knows that you now belong to JESUS forever and that he can never get you back, so since he can't STOP you from being a CHRISTIAN, the next best thing he tries to do is to try to stop you from being an ACTIVE Christian. He'll try to make you a DEAD Christian, instead of a real LIVE one! He'll fight and try to stop you from SERVING the Lord, and defeat you from being a good sample to win OTHERS, because he's afraid that he might lose others from his clutches because of YOU!


God's Word says, "We are not ignorant of Satan's devices"--2Corinthians 2:11. We should BEWARE of the Devil's devices and be ON GUARD against the "fiery darts" (Ephesians 6:16) of discouragement, pride, fear, jealousy, selfishness, doubts, negative thoughts etc. which he hurls at us to try to hinder us! But the Enemy can't lay a finger on us unless the Lord ALLOWS him to!--And if the Lord does allow him to, it's only for our GOOD, to make us stronger fighters, to teach us lessons or to drive us closer to Jesus!

Always remember, that as a Christian, you have nothing to fear from the Devil or his forces because JESUS is WITH you! In fact, YOU have POWER over all the devils of Hell, including Satan himself! God's Word tells us, "Greater is He (JESUS) that is in YOU, than he (the Devil) that is in the World!"--1John 4:4. Jesus also said, "ALL POWER is given unto ME in Heaven and in Earth!"--Matthew 28:18--And YOU have JESUS and all of HIS power! He says, "Behold, I give unto you POWER over ALL the power of the Devil!"--Luke 10:19. So through the power of prayer in JESUS' NAME you can rebuke the Enemy & order him to "go jump in the lake and get the Hell out of here!" when he tries to oppress or distress you by speaking to your mind and tempting you with negative or discouraging thoughts!--And he HAS to obey you and FLEE!--James 4:7.


One of the Devil's favourite tools with Christians is DISCOURAGEMENT! He tries to get you looking at your own mistakes, sins, weaknesses and failures! He just picks and picks at all your little flaws and shortcomings and exaggerates and blows them up out of all proportion! This is one of the Devil's favourite tactics. He knows that it's impossible for him to defeat you as long as you keep on fighting, so he tries to persuade you that you're a hopeless case, so you might as well surrender and give up.

What is discouragement? It is a loss of courage resulting from a lack of FAITH. "Faith comes from hearing the WORD of God" (Romans 10:17), so when you feel discouraged, the quickest remedy is to start PRAYING and QUOTING SCRIPTURES and reading the Word and telling the Devil he's a LIAR!--John 8:44. You have to FIGHT discouragement with PRAYER and the WORD! Then your faith will grow, the doubts will flee, and you'll be on the road to victory!


A temptation is the thought or desire to do wrong. Nobody can keep temptations from coming, but you DON'T have to YIELD to them! As the wise old saying goes, "You CAN'T keep the birds from flying over your head, but you CAN keep them from building a NEST in your hair!" In other words, you can't keep the Devil from saying things to you and TEMPTING you with his bad thoughts, but you CAN keep from YIELDING to him!

A lot of people condemn themselves & feel bad and wicked because they've thought or been tempted with sinful thoughts, but even JESUS was tempted in all points the same as we are!--Hebrews 4:15; Matthew 4:1-10. It's NO sin when the Devil tempts you to do something, it's ONLY a sin if you yield to temptation & DO it! The way to resist and get rid of temptations and negative thoughts is to read your BIBLE, PRAY and think about the LORD & good, faith-building, encouraging thoughts instead! "Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and good, think on THESE things!"--Philippians 4:8. Isaiah says, "Thou wilt keep him in PERFECT PEACE whose mind is stayed on THEE, because he trusteth in Thee"--Isaiah 26:3. If you keep your mind on JESUS you won't have time to think about the distracting lies of the Enemy!


Praise the Lord and devil the devil

The best defense is an OFFENSE, & if you really want to get the Devil on the run, just start PRAISING the Lord! Count your blessings and THANK and PRAISE Jesus for all that He has done for you! The POWER of POSITIVE PRAISE is just terrific and really puts the Devil on the run! Chase the Devil and his darkness away by simply letting the Light in! The Enemy hates songs of prayer and praise to Jesus, and he ESPECIALLY hates our positive, active SERVICE for the Lord! So don't just sit there, do something POSITIVE! Resist, defy & attack the Enemy by taking positive action & doing something good! Go on the attack and THINK positively, TALK positively, SING positively, PRAY positively, ACT positively!


When you're being attacked by the Enemy, don't just stand there & take it, hit him back! Quote Scriptures & sock it to him with the WORD!--That's the way JESUS fought back when the Devil tempted and lied to Him! He just quoted Scriptures: "It is WRITTEN!" He fought him with the WORD!--Matthew 4:1-11.

When it comes to fighting the Devil, God's Words are almost like spiritual bullets or death rays, and they just BLAST him! Every word absolutely ZAPS him! In the Bible's description of a Christian soldier's armour, the one OFFENSIVE weapon described is "the SWORD of the Spirit, which is the WORD of God"!--Ephesians 6:17. In fact, it is "QUICK (alive) & powerful, and sharper than ANY two-edged sword!"--Hebrews 4:12. The Word is the most powerful thing you can use! The Enemy can't take the Word! He'll turn tail & RUN! So the next time he raises his ugly head & tries to tempt, hinder or slow you down, pull out the white-hot sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart!


Often the only weapons you have immediately on hand to fight the Enemy with are the Scriptures that you've MEMORISED. This is why it's so important to memorise and fill your mind and heart with positive, encouraging, strengthening and faith-building thoughts from God's Word, Scriptures that you can continually quote to yourself and even to the Enemy when he attacks you! Fill your mind with the Light of God's Word, and the darkness will flee! Quote Scriptures and really REBUKE the Devil and declare your faith and trust in the Lord & His Word by even quoting it OUT LOUD! Drown his lies out! Just shout! Don't doubt! Kick him out!


Sometimes we really need HELP from our brothers and sisters to fight the battle TOGETHER against the Enemy! "One can chase a thousand, but TWO can put TEN thousand to flight!" (Deuteronomy 32:30), and it is often a great help to have someone else pray WITH you when you feel oppressed, distressed or attacked by the Enemy! Jesus said, "Where TWO or three of you are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them!"-Matthew 18:20. There is great power in UNITED PRAYER!


The best way to stop an attack is to COUNTER-attack! The best defense is an OFFENSE! Fight the Devil positively! Attack, attack, attack! The Bible says to "RESIST the Enemy and he will FLEE from you"!--James 4:7. We can't just be passive and expect GOD to do it all! We have to be good fighters and RESIST the Enemy! We have to wage a MILITANT warfare against him!

The only way the Devil can possibly defeat you is if you surrender! So KEEP FIGHTING and you CAN'T lose! Keep wielding the weapon of the WORD and you'll WIN! Keep on holding on to God's promises!--Don't let go! Keep on going for Jesus!--Don't stop! Keep on keeping on!

May God help us to be FIGHTERS who like to fight for the Lord with the weapon of his WORD, who enjoy defeating the Devil!

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Tammy Carrillo (Sherman, US) says...
I too found this site tonight.I've been attacked from the enemy through a roommate who at the beginning was a wonderful person(so I thought) she calls herself a white witch. Before I knew that I trusted her with a lot of info thinking I could get comfort. But it back fired. She's very judgemental and used all that I confided in her against me. I have nowhere else to go and I fear being homeless. My family turned their back on me and my husband who is again serving time left me to fend ... Read More
22nd August 2016 12:18pm
Laura (UK) says...
I have struggled the past 5 years with fears that I have committed the unforgiveable sin. It all started with my mind being attacked with a litany of foul words about God. Once I recognised that this is a tactic of Satan it stopped and he then upped his game. I must confess that I believe I am to blame because of my sins and for a time because I felt guilty, I ran away from God. I finally faced up to it and have struggled and still struggle with my faith to the point on many times of wanting to ... Read More
20th May 2016 4:57am
Timothy (Honolulu, US) says...
Yes he is a trickster, liar, deceiver, and infiltrater. We must as followers of Christ learn how to avoid hon aND distinguish the indifference of good men and evil men. Just as Christ has followers so dose he who shall not be name because even though he is to blame of all that is wrong in this world we must choose our own path a decide weather to listen to the voice that tells us either were a sinner or because of Christ we are saved and forgiven so next time you think you are unworthy of his ... Read More
25th May 2016 11:12pm
kalley (Australia) says...
Hi Laura ,
I pray God and jesus will help u you everday,ive been through alot of things and found fellowship with beleievers helps alot and reading a daily devotional.
Read gods love letter to his children its verses from the bible it will show how much you are loved by god and jesus.
I hope this will help you.
25th July 2016 10:01am
Jacob Clements (US) says...
I need some encouragement. I have been fighting anxiety for years. In the past 6 months, I have really dug deep into the bible and prayer. This has completely changed my life! I can see significant changes in my relationships, my behaviors, my personality. I don't drink anymore or fall into many of the other, frankly, addictive behaviors, destructive behaviors that I used to mask and avoid the symptoms of anxiety. I know the cause of my anxiety. I know when the devil is sneaking his way in. ... Read More
29th April 2016 11:46am
Richard Jamieson (UK) says...
It gets a lot easier is all I would say. The enemy may oppose you more the closer you get to a supernatural breakthrough so you could perhaps see it as encouragement, you're approaching the finish line. Praying and declaring may not be easy but it is so worth in the end. The enemy is defeated in your future, your anxiety has already been defeated by God. Just stay in faith and keep going and you will walk into it. Perhaps God could reveal some help he's providing you. Perhaps join a ... Read More
30th April 2016 1:54am
Nya (Brighouse, UK) says...
I broke up with my boyfriend and i started praying about him to God to restore my relationship . The devil was the one controlling my mind giving doubts anout God telling if God exists he would answer your prays i started to have fear in my life i thought they was something wrong in my life i seeked help from family so now i have realised that the devil was the one telling things in my mind to doubt God so i found this site it has helped because i know im not alone i dont want to give up on ... Read More
18th March 2016 1:33am
JohnnyX (Los Angeles, US) says...
I cursed my future in the past by saying negative words about it. Realized my mistakes, I asked God to forgive me; I prayed to break that self-infilicted curse and blessed my future. Now a voice is reminding me of this mistake. The voce constantly vibrates in mind with high frequency; it exploads everytime I try to be positive about whatever thing I plan: "Have I forgetten what I did then. That curse will become reality. Don't wast your time trying to purse success." The voice ... Read More
16th March 2016 2:21am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Of course the voice is lying to you! Rebuke it in Jesus' Name! Read your Bible and find some encouraging promise of God to support you!
18th March 2016 2:57pm
Muneeba (Dhaka, Bangladesh) says...
I'm a Muslim and i really liked some of your tips :) i agree with a lot of what of what you said and I hope you can take the time out to read the english translation of the Qur'an one day. May He reward you for your efforts :)
19th January 2016 9:35pm
Mosa (Free State, South Africa) says...
Wow wow, powerful. Yes Jesus I believe in you my Lord this situation I'm in right nw I will defeat the devil in Jesus name Amen
9th December 2015 4:19am
Sheila Rogers (US) says...
This article almost answered my question, but not quite. Max Lucado says in one of his books that Satan must ask permission before he is allowed to do anything to a believer. Then why do we have to resist Satan if God is the one controlling his accessability to us? Do you see what I'm saying? There must be some middle ground that I'm not getting. God is in control of everything, even Satan. And I understand how God uses satan to strengthen us, teach us, etc. But if God is the one ... Read More
29th October 2015 3:09am
Jeremy Glowacki (Fort Lauderdale, US) says...
Sheila, Sometimes God will allow the Devil to attack us to test our faith. Example: Let's say I was your boss at work, and every week I gave you a $1/hr raise. You would really try hard to do a good job, expecting that next raise, right? Well what if one week I decided to stop and never give you another raise? A month goes by, then 2, then 3, and still no raise. Would you still try as hard for me? Or what if a boss from another company came in, and tried to lure you away to work for his ... Read More
26th November 2015 9:23am
Scott Youmans (US) says...
God seems to widdle down to the answers in us. The devil can't cross God given boundaries unless you allow the devil to through apathy laziness wrath so forth.
14th December 2015 12:55pm
Will (US) says...
My mind tells me I have to be perfect and everything I do or think is sin. Can someone help me
23rd October 2015 2:18am
Scott Youmans (US) says...
You are blessed to better discern good and evil in your environment (or in you).
14th December 2015 1:49pm
Tiny (US) says...
Wow this article has really helped in directed me in the right path. I cause been fight with the devil for about two years now first it was finances then living for me and my kids and now no transportation. I have been living between family members and trying to find work to help me get back on my feet, I just don't know what to do. This is my first going thru this and I'm not going to let the devil win this fight now I know what I got to do.
1st September 2015 8:35am
britbrat (US) says...
The devil is telling me God doesn't exist, what do I do ? & how can I stop these thoughts
8th August 2015 2:22am
Jesus Follower (Karachi, Pakistan) says...
just threat him in the name of JESUS CHRIST, and see he is out in your life.Keep stay in prayers and recite Bible for at least as per your stamina and a lots of Positive thoughts which you perceiving for you and others peoples also.
God Bless You.
8th October 2015 9:20pm
britbrat (US) says...
The devil is telling me God doesn't exist, what do I do ? & how can I stop these thoughts
7th August 2015 1:24pm
Karen Sanders (Mexico) says...
Well, many of your brothers and sisters in Christ, upon reading of your present distress, are praying for you that God will bring you through bright and shining! A couple of verses I got for you in prayer are, 1 Peter 5:8-10. Furthermore, to be perfectly candid, most of us have had this particular trial, and the Lord, through means indigenous to our particular needs, brought us through -- or we wouldn't be having this conversation! We expect He will do the very same for you, brother, so ... Read More
10th August 2015 5:13am
slsNEFL (Neflorida, US) says...
Yesterday I was let go of my full time job. I drove to a parking lot and could not go home and face my family. I just cried and cried, thinking I have failed them. I wanted my life to end right there. It took over a year to find this job, and then she lets me go. Saying we don't get along. I never saw it coming. She just gave me a $1 an hour raise, and just last week paid me a bonus in my check. I loved the job and EVERYONE I worked with. I didn't have a clue this was coming. I showed ... Read More
18th November 2015 5:50am
NIna (Hampton, US) says...
This is a Test. This is only a test. (BLeeep)

God will test us. He want to know will you praise him in the good and the bad? when you've lost your job will you trust him? will you continue to have faith in the Most High God? I'm here to let you know that the same God that blessed you with that good job will bless you with another great job. Be of good cheer. He has something greater in store for you. Trust Him!
2nd December 2015 10:54am
slsNEFL (Nefluser, US) says...
Thank you Nina for your encouragement!!! I am pressing into God. I 'KNOW" He is my God and HE is working for me and not against me. I know this is a fight of faith. However, I also know, who wins!!!! Thank you LORD!!! NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST ME CAN PROSPER, IN JESUS NAME!!! I know I must wait on the Lord to HIS unction and be ready to respond. No sloghful spirit, and yet not to act as god, I must HEAR and respond to HIM only. I want ears to hear, eyes to see, and legs to run for HIS ... Read More
3rd December 2015 10:43pm
Kelihonge (Windhoek, Namibia) says...
Dear Britbrat That is a lie God does exist and its the reason we live today. the word f God says we are molded in His image, how can a non-existent God mold people in His own image. that's the devil playing with your mind because he knows that you doubt too. John 3;16 says that gave His only begotten son (Jesus) for the world that we may be redeemed, why because He loves His own creation and He awaits for us to go to heaven one day. look at the universe, look at the wonders of this earth, ... Read More
23rd October 2016 12:05am
Prince usifoh (Lagos, Nigeria) says...
I was tempet by the devil,i was in distress i was trying to resist it calling the blood of Jesus to help me resist it,but me trying to do so i started sweating,my mind was to do what i was tempted of and forget about reading the bible,but i force myself and i got relief as i read on.Thank God for helping me opening this site.I learn that we are been tempted we should always quote the scripture thank God.
4th August 2015 8:28pm
Moses (Ilesha, Nigeria) says...
I'm so relieved...thanks for that.I will not give up neither will I let the devil to deceive me.I will not give up....I will always fight back by the WORD of God....I will look up unto Jesus Christ.
2nd June 2015 9:46pm
Moses (Ilesha, Nigeria) says...
I'm so relieved...thanks for that.I will not give up neither will I let the devil to deceive me.I will not give up....I will always fight back by the WORD of God....I will look up unto Jesus Christ.
2nd June 2015 9:44pm
Tamee (Atlanta, US) says...
I love to see how we as the body stick together. we are going to win the good fight and there is no power in hell that can separate us from the love of God. IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?????????????????? WE ARE STANDING UNTIL THE END, AND TO DIE IS GAIN. The enemy has no power or control over us because Our Father in Heaven, the Creator of ALL is with us and FOR US!!!!!! :) I will be praying for you all and love you dearly as my brothers and sisters. the end is drawing near, our ... Read More
1st May 2015 7:14am
Syra (Birmingham, UK) says...
Hello, and shalom to all brothers and sisters.
Please see the GOCC Gathering of Christ church teachings on you tube to know the correct names of the most high and Christ which are Ahayah bhasham Yashaya if you are not calling the correct names then you are praying then you are calling ungodly spirits we need to fight with strength and strength comes from knowledge. Bless you all.
10th May 2015 5:11am
Lacrisha P Byrd (Fort Worth, US) says...
HALLELUJAH...i have been begging GOD TO speak to me..JUST one word..breathe ON ME Lord and this is the website i discovered...thank you Lord...HE still loves ME HE didn't leave ME which is what I deserve..!he's still here...thank you father..wooooooo
28th May 2015 11:56am
Ravi Kumar M (Bangalore, India) says...
Yes, that is very much true and I have been experiencing the same in my very life. Trials and troubles are to make us a better fighters for GOD. In poverty we need to praise GOD for his riches in Heaven, In confusion we need to praise the PRINCE OF PEACE, In discouragement we need to hold on to the promises of GOD. Great promises Ever:- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I'm with you as a mighty warrior. Every gift and every perfect gift comes from the GOD who dwells in ... Read More
18th April 2015 4:27pm
Zoltan Kurtock (Stockholm, Sweden) says...
We who follow Jesus Christ have an enemy, and his name is Satan (Mark 1:13). A created being, Satan is loose in the world but limited in what he can carry out against us (Job 1:12). Many people consider him nothing more than a figment of the imagination, which allows him to work undetected. While he is a defeated foe (John 16:11), he pretends otherwise. Let’s look at some of Satan’s objectives: 1. To draw us away from God through both direct and subtle means. 2. To thwart God’s purpose in ... Read More
13th March 2015 3:59am
Daksha Gajbhiye (Raipur, India) says...
I was too much upset Feeling the pressure in my mind but after reading this Article I felt such a great hope in my thought thank YOU for Writing this I will always try to follow these rules May God Full fill All your dream In Jesus Name I pray Amen
May God bless You .
5th March 2015 5:44pm
liv (Victoria, Australia) says...
Fellow brothers and sisters! i know the exact deep pain and depression that can come with these attacking thoughts from the enemy. I understand the feeling of sleepless nights and the constant reminders of one’s past or greatest fears. I have sat silently and greatly suffered with the tormenting thoughts for a while now and i can honestly say that you all are not alone. Unfortunately our fears are what block out god’s presence and voice in these situations because fear is not of god! We can ... Read More
25th September 2014 10:18pm
Zoltan Kurtock (Stockholm, Sweden) says...
The Bible tells us that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. It is time that we take our rightful place in our walk with God and tell the devil to get out! Tell him get out of your face, to get out of the way, as you get through and nothing he has can stop you! Jesus said that if we have faith as a mustard seed, we can say to our mountain "Be removed and it will move "He goes on in the Scriptures and say that nothing will be impossiblefor us. If you have a ... Read More
10th September 2014 7:00am
Karen Sanders (US) says...
If we're not battling in the open, we're battling secretly: the War's always on! -- and often the warfare's very difficult to understand, much less execute. Recognizing the battle is a most liberating experience for those who have been struggling "in the blind" for some time, either through denial or ignorance, but who are now, today, having our eyes opened to the genuine spiritual reality. The worst thing we can do is deny it, or sweep it aside as not very important! ... Read More
9th September 2014 3:30am
Zoltan Kurtock (Stockholm, Sweden) says...
We preach and teach about spiritual warfare, and some people simply hate it when we do. The “get so tired of hearing abou all these spirits.” Well, let me tell you something, every time you identify with your so-called imperfections, and you provide in oppression, or depression, or regression, or repression, are you into a battle called spiritual warfare because that is exactly where all these feelings come from — the spiritual world! In Ephesians 6:12 says that we wrestle not against ... Read More
8th September 2014 12:20am
john (Baltimore, US) says...
SOMETIMES...? I cant count how many times ive been told...'you must not be living right..!!' I met with a pastor recently to tell him he wasn't preaching the complete gospel, he never said anything about spiritual warfare. that was a 'spirit led' mission. I ran for 2 years cause I didn't want to be the one to say that, and I told him that too. its a shame how bad things have got to get in a persons life before they can see the truth they've been reading about all ... Read More
8th September 2014 10:30am
Zoltan Kurtock (Stockholm, Sweden) says...
Hope for the Hopeless By Dr. Charles Stanley Do you feel as though God is distant? Sometimes, when we can’t sense His presence, we wonderif He has forgotten us. Some people even believe God is merely a third-party observer and is no longer involved in the world. To them, He set the earth in motion long ago but is now uninterested in our daily lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep (John 10). He promised to protect and provide for us, ... Read More
11th March 2015 12:01am
Zoltan Kurtock (Stockholm, Sweden) says...
...But the Word of God doesn’t teach this. Not all suffering is punishment for sinful actions. Take a look at the life of the apostle Paul. God saved him on the road to Damascus and called him to preach the gospel. And yet he experienced much suffering in his life as a believer. Paul wasn’t living in sin when he was stoned in the streets or imprisoned. Because he persevered through each hardship, we are blessed with the epistles he wrote during those times. 3. Our faith is based on ... Read More
Does the article teach that suffering is punishment for sinful actions? The word "suffer" or "suffering" does not appear in the text at all. Maybe you need to read the article again and see what it is really saying.
11th March 2015 1:59am
Ren Schilke (US) says...
Confess the Word of God over your life and situations every day..several times if you are being attacked. Try Charles Capps confessions for a few months and watch your life turn around. You can google and get many of his confessions for free.. or check amazon and get the book 'God's Creative Power' gift collection. Many blessings, R
4th August 2014 10:31am
Damian Throssell (Perth, Australia) says...
It would appear there are some very young Christians using this site. I would caution any new Christian to completely avoid answers and articles that do not have an actual, scriptural basis, including the repetition of phrases whether they be the words of some other man - refer Matthew 6:7 regarding vain repetition. Every *scripture* is indeed profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction (2Tim3:16). Satan is a vanquished foe, and the mistaken belief that he has power in our ... Read More
11th October 2015 11:12am
elijah meyer (Indiana, US) says...
can satan attack through dreams or is that just your brain that plays games while I sleep? several times in the last few years I have dreams of creepy, insane looking, psychotic, demented, disfigured creatures of all types shapes and sizes appear. they pop up right in front of me in my dream. they harrass me and come at me. I yell at them the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus Christ and each creature that appears and I say this they vanish or fall away and the next one is automatically ... Read More
30th July 2014 1:13pm
Alan (Seattle Wa, US) says...
I have been under attack as long as I can remember - spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, and in my marriage...etc

Not working for almost 2 yrs...tired of dealing with people who whine, complain, don't think along the same ways...

Seems my goals, dreams, visions are out of reach to become a better person for God, Self, Marriage and Others

In need of some Serious Miracles....whatever they are...

Thank you for reading and Blessings to you.
11th July 2014 11:33am
Karen Sanders (US) says...
So much about spiritual development is in the hands of the Lord, including the "transitional forms" we are and are becoming as we move through different phases in our lives. It's difficult not to think about oneself, especially when the ego gets smashed by mistakes and sins -- not only outward sins, but sins of the mind and conscience, sins that over-extend personal faith. That's when the Devil likes to come in and do his dastardly, intolerable, but necessary work of tearing ... Read More
12th July 2014 11:49pm
Tayler (US) says...
Every time I try to get my life right or even talk about it I get attacked in different ways ... One time I got involved in a chruch things were going good until one night I was going to write out a Budget and I got out my drawing pad and there were 2 pentagram a drawn in it not your normal someone trying to scare you stuff but detailed ones with 6s in them it scared me so bad I didn't sleep for 3 days scared me right out of church and recently I was just talking about going back getting my ... Read More
The next time you fell attacked, call on the Name of Jesus! The Name of Jesus is powerful and will stop the devils and demons in their tracks! I know because it works for me. I was physically attacked by a demon when I was young. It happened at least a dozen times over about 10 years. After I came to read my Bible more and knew Jesus better, I canned on the Name of Jesus the next time I was attacked and the attacks completely ended nerver to return!
20th June 2014 11:33pm
Monique Young (Cleveland, US) says...
Hi,i'm seventeen years old and lately I've been having trouble with the devil bothering, attempting, lining, and etc. When I broke up with my boyfriend I started feeling him inside my head. He was in my dreams and times it was hard for me to sleep because I felt he or something was always watching me. In my mind he had me thinking so negative about the lord and Jesus christ. I would have so much inappropriate things in my head I would have thought I was going insane for real. But my family ... Read More

Dear Monique,  because you mentioned Holy Water, I think you may have been raised a Roman Catholic. I was also raised Roman Catholic.  I too like you was attacked by the Devil, but in a physical way! I think I was temporarily possessed by a demon because I could feel a sense of total isolation, being completely alone and forsaken by both God and everybody else. I said strange things and did strange things. Once in my possessed state, I ran past my 80 year old grandmother knocking her over! Thankfully there was a bed next to her on which she landed. After that I jumped out of the window of my house. But because it was only a one story house, I didn't have fall to fall. These things happened about once or twice a year from when I was 9 or 10 till I was 20 and serving in the USAF in Mississippi. In Dec. of 1970 the military transferred me to a USAF base in California where, for the first time in my life, I met some zealous Bible believing Christians. They introduced me to the Jesus Christ of the Bible in a way I never learned when going to Mass or Catholic school. After that the next time I felt the devil attack me, I resisted him in the Name of Jesus Christ! I called on the Name of Jesus Christ! I said, "Jesus, help me!" And that evil spirit NEVER CAME BACK again!!!

So this is what I encourage you to do: The next time you feel the devil in your head or watching you, just pray, "Jesus help me!" I choose You, Jesus. Please chase the devil away!" If you do, I guarantee you that Satan and or his demons will run away from you!

Did you know there are people who say they have met aliens from outer space? This is known as the "alien abduction" experience. These so called "aliens" are actually Satan's fallen angels! I can prove that. Whenever the person who experiences the alien abduction calls on the Name of Jesus Christ, suddenly the experience ends! That shows those guys are really the fallen angels or they would not run away when hearing the Name of Jesus.

The Bible says:

Philippians 2:10  That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
11  And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

That means someday Jesus will rule over all and everybody will know Jesus Christ. If you feel you need to know Him better, why not get on your knees now, thank Jesus for dying on the Cross for you, and ask Him to save you from the attacks of the Devil. He will if you call on Him with a sincere heart and continue to call on Him when you feel attacked.

God bless you!

18th June 2014 7:53pm
Karen Sanders (US) says...
You sound like a very talented person! I can't count on the hairs of my head the number of people to whom God has given gifts and talents, who have fallen into just such a predicament as yours! Yet, once He had taken them through this particularly long war against Satan, and helped them pick up their bibles and learn how to wield the Sword of the Word of God, they came out as strong witnesses, singers, writers, artists, athletes, preachers and teachers of the truth -- heads and shoulders ... Read More
19th June 2014 12:22am
Ian (Reno, US) says...
Some years ago someone who was possessed tried to kill me with a knife. I did not move because I believed so firmly that God would answer. Doubts raced through my mind but I ignored them and kept waiting on the Lord. As soon as I start asking Jesus Christ for help the spirit who claimed to be the "king of darkness" fled the human it had possessed. I have seen it happen over and over again and every time God came to our rescue. I just said a prayer and felt the wind of the spirit ... Read More
19th June 2014 11:08pm
Shadleigh White (Durban, South Africa) says...
I honestly thought I was the only person that felt these things I'm so glad I'm not alone your testament answered a lot of my questions thank you for sharing its so hard for me to come out and confess I have so much doubt in my mind
21st June 2014 2:51pm
Leah (Batavia, US) says...
That is so true, I am going throught the same exact thing! When I tea this i was like woah because I thought I was the only one! I'm glad to know that I'm not and I can relate to someone, but it's like when ever that happens Satans or a demon is making me say "I'm god and the one people should worship" and I'm thinking "wait no I'm not I'm not worthy" or "Jesus isn't the I am" or something like that and I try to rebuke that and it ... Read More
24th June 2014 2:41pm
jade (Zimbabwe) says...
Story of mu life! I feel for you. what you are going thru no man can understand if they haven't gone thru it. no one can claim to know it fully. I have been such afflicted since I was 12 years old and believe me I could go crazy. it is called intrusive blasphemy. there is no coarse or filthy word or vulgarity that my brain hasn't thought about God.i will cut it short but you need to know that it is part of a condition called OCD. I suffered excruciatingly from these thoughts until I ... Read More
10th July 2014 11:01pm
Connie (US) says...
"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." (Eph 6:12,13)To resist the devil, do the opposite of what you don't feel like doing, if you don't feel like praying, pray anyways,if you cant praise Him, ... Read More
16th June 2014 10:13am
Nathan (Chicago, US) says...
The devil had me fooled for over 11 years, convincing me that I was something that I am not. In retrospect, it's absolutely crazy because it got to the point where I was consciously aware that I was doing things that I DID NOT WANT TO DO. I remember once angrily and confusedly saying to myself, "what am I doing?" and "who are you?" To all those under attack, it is NOT YOU, it's him, the prince of the power of the air, the author of lies and deceit, satan and his ... Read More
10th June 2014 8:15am
Mike Lyle (US) says...
Remember where the Bible says something along the lines of "Brethren, if God's given you a song, share it; if He's given you a doctrine, share it; if the Spirit's speaking through you in an unknown tongue, allow it; etc." Well, reading your comments inspired me to share the following: There's another possibility as to why Jesus said, "You are of your father, the Devil!" -- Because the practical lineage of those to whom He spoke could be traced back to Cain, ... Read More
10th June 2014 10:52pm
Nathan (Chicago, US) says...
Mike, reading your comment I can hear my mother speaking, as she once explained to me the exact revelation you so beautifully elaborated on. Truly, God is a wonder. Be encouraged my brother, surely this is his doing, he is speaking through you! Like you, my mother also told me that this might go back to the original sin, with Eve. After beguiling Eve, God tells the serpent "I will put enmity between your SEED and her SEED." (Genesis 3:15) Now I am young in the word, but I do know ... Read More
12th June 2014 8:01am
john (Baltimore, US) says...
wow. my first reaction was but cain wasnt a giant, as per gen 6:1-4, but then i remembered it saying adam had sex with eve, as per gen 4:1. ? i always took 'the seed' meaning the serpent's offspring, and/seperate from, eve's offspring..?
12th June 2014 6:55pm
Karen Sanders (US) says...
I found something of interest concerning this subject (of Cain's paternity) in a few places online which may be of interest to many users of this (Deep Truths) site:

If it works for you, and it's a blessing, praise God!
12th June 2014 8:31pm
john (Baltimore, US) says...
wow, wow wow wow wow and wow. we'll just keep learning til we get up there eh..? thanks karen
25th June 2014 8:27pm
Jay (US) says...
Be calm, listen to the purity of your inner light. When I was saved by Jesus after being pulled into darkness he showed me the Holy Spirit. It hit the center of my chest. I cried like I was a baby. There was a heat in the center of my chest that burned so hot. It felt like the fingers of god were just reaching in to my chest and burned out my sin. I finally knew that god was real. I would lie to be more in depth about my experience. I've only told a handful of people. Ill end it with this. ... Read More
5th July 2014 4:34pm
wendy (US) says...
God truly led me to this site tonight, I am a Christian and I have been so upset that I've let these thoughts enter my mind when all the time I didn't want them there, things that I would never want to say think or do. I would cry out to God to forgive me of my wicked heart, all along so confused if they were my thoughts at all or Satan tempting me. I see now that this is a very common thing for Satan to do. All my life I suffered with this mostly when Im closer to God. Thoughts of ... Read More
2nd June 2014 3:14pm
Patricia (US) says...
I would love to talk to you more. I am having the same thing happen to me... Not sure if its me, the devil, demons but I am jut obsessing over these thoughts and how i can make myself right in God's eyes acter thinking these things about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I do not elieve these things but I cannot seem to stip thinking them. Has anyone been through this and they go away eventually? This is really stressing me out and depressing me thinking I've potentially lost my salvation. This all ... Read More
The best cure for doubts is reading your Bible, and in your case, especially the Gospels and what Jesus had to say about Himself. He is either the Son of God or was a liar. I sure don't think He lied about Himself. What would He have to gain by lying? The main reason why people lie is either to save their butt from wrong doing, or to gain worldly weath. Jesus did neither.
21st July 2014 2:55pm
laquita sanders (Atl, US) says...
im so glad I found this site.just pray for my marriage an finances.
28th May 2014 11:16am
Dylan (Los Angeles, US) says...
I'm beyond and deeply fallen!!! I was a follower of Christ...I went to church on Sundays, in the youth group, part of the community church festivals. Now with a bunch of ***** hitting me from all directions. I don't want to have anything to with anything of it. I'm sick in tired of the injustices and how nice guys finish last.
20th May 2014 12:48pm
Karen Sanders (US) says...
Don't take it so hard, brother! We all fall; we're all at some points flabbergasted! "Some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end..." (Dan. 11:35)
God's going to bring you through this, and you'll come out a better, deeper believer because of it! But boy, it's a mess going through it! Whew!
20th May 2014 5:25pm
john (US) says...
hey dylan, that sounds ALMOST like me. seems i ALMOST get there every few weeks or so. but in HIS wisdom, HE gave us HIS word. read numbers 11;15. you may not feel so alone then. i try to make a habit of matching whatever i go thru to someone in the word. you dont have to go far to see where david fellin his walk. just remember, NO ONE has a perfectwalk.
prayers buddy, john
22nd May 2014 2:02am
bill (US) says...
Brother don't lose your faith. If you give up now you will pay dearly later. Maybe sooner. Jesus is right there with you. Its clear to me Satin is too. Its your choice. Let the devil win. Or stand up and say out loud. I am a soldier of God. I trust in Jesus. Satin your way is the wrong way and I don't care what you want of me. I stand for good and you can't chage my mind. My sword is more powerful than yours and I won't succomb to your treason. I don't know you brother. But ... Read More
30th May 2014 9:44pm
Dylan (US) says...
Thank you everyone for your kind and caring words. Till this day I am still struggling in finding my way back to the light. I have no love for the dark lord nor God. I'm not trying to upset anyone for me saying this. But right now I'm still fighting my demons and like I said trying to find my way back to the light. But with each passing day I feel like I'm getting darker and darker in my soul. I've been ask if I have our Lord in my heart and I straight out said NO!!! I know its easy to blame ... Read More
How much do you read your Bible? I believe if you would spend more time reading God's Word, you would have more light for your path. The Word is the Light we need daily.
6th June 2014 2:56am
Karen Sanders (US) says...
Don't feel forced to get through to the end of this "thing" that seems to be happening to you, that seems to have a life of its own. Every bit of counsel you're receiving that is of God will in the end prove absolutely, certainly true. Save your notes. You seem to be one of those guys who learn from experience and, to me, someone who is in the throes of learning to be honest with God, with others and, mostly, with himself. As soon as you decide you must have the victory or you ... Read More
7th June 2014 1:13am
Nancy (US) says...
The fact that you are abandoning the faith when **** hits you shows that you have never really known God. Just because you attend church doesn't give you the life of Christ living in you! You are like the seed that falls on stony ground in the parable of the sower.Jesus’ explanation of the Parable of the Sower highlights four different responses to the gospel. The seed is “the word of the kingdom.” The stony ground pictures a man who professes delight with the Word; however, his heart ... Read More
11th June 2014 6:33am
john (Baltimore, US) says...
i dont know how i got in here, but i PRAISE GOD. of course thats exactly how i got here. ive seen so many say their faith is strong again after reading here. its really hard to know who you can share these kind of things with. i just want you all to know that the tears are running down my face so bad i can hardly see to type this, happy tears. my spiritual battle went ballistic in about 06. im wore to a frazzle, but i PRAISE GOD for everything that is in my life. it just feels so good when you ... Read More
21st April 2014 4:45am
sudesh (Durban, South Africa) says...
Hey I'm 17 years old and the devil keeps on tempting me to do stuff that I don't want to do but I know that I can and will defeat satan for ever and be gods child and do his work on earth I just need prayer so any1 out there please pray for me and reply giving me advice on how to be closer to god. Please please please
14th April 2014 8:23pm
Mildred Barrer (US) says...
to the young person How do I get closer to Him Jesus Christ? you need to find other believers who are on fire for Christ. You need to learn from them... See it took me years to get to know The Person of The Holy Spirit-He connects your heart to Jesus Christ. the best way to meet Him is through other believers that know Him in a strong way
15th April 2014 11:20am
Webmaster James (Niigata, Japan) says...
Read your Bible and pray every day!
15th April 2014 2:45pm
Darley K. Rice (Los Angeles, US) says...
Join a local church in your area that teaches the unadulterated Word of God.
Attend weekly bible study classes and make friends with other fellow Christians...Pray that God will guide your steps and always close every prayer by saying " In Jesus name Amen."
And you will grow as a Christian daily!
God Bless You and welcome to the family!
18th April 2014 2:23pm
phoebe (US) says...
So happy i found this site. Satan is bugging me always using my many past troubles. I thank GOD always for helping me
14th April 2014 6:51am
Roger Van Twest (Kandanga, Australia) says...
G'day all. Fight the good fight. Keep it simple. At 64, my search for the truth is evolving. So far, Father Son and Holy Spirit still comes out on top, every time. "Be still. I shall never leave thee. Yeah, even unto the end, I shall NEVER leave thee. Then, if I am for thee, WHO can be against thee?
25th March 2014 11:01pm
Karen Sanders (US) says...
The battle's not always a slug fest, as much as it is a "slog"-fest -- a patient pushing through a series of challenges toward the goal of winning, much like the game of rugby on an especially muddy field. You're knocked down, but you get up; you're worn out, but you somehow find in God the determination to fight again; you suffer setbacks, but you regain momentum; you're overcome by forces greater than your own, but other forces in cahoots with you turn the tide in ... Read More
4th March 2014 11:50am
Cheryl Bonham (Fallbrook, US) says...
One thing the Lord showed me years ago is that if you have a thought that is going round and round in your mind, that if you simply resist, it breaks the chain of thinking, weakens, and goes away. Of course, that was the enemy giving up at your resistance.
5th March 2014 12:37am
Reenah (Denver, US) says...
We should always trust in the lord n hav all yo faith in him. Tell the devil that "I command u in the name of the Lord go n never come back". The Lord will answer u.
31st January 2014 2:27am
lazarus (India, India) says...
i have a question ,is using contraceptives like condoms a sin in marriage? (we have children already and cannot support more)
17th January 2014 8:07pm
Ian Gallagher (Reno, US) says...
There is one instance that I know of in the old testament that God killed a man for not giving children to his brother's windowed wife. This was because it was the law (I believe set forth by Moses from God) that the brother of a man who dies should take in the dead brother's widowed wife and give her children. My personal believe is that it is between you and God. Let the spirit of God guide you and convict you in your heart if he is unpleased with your actions.
17th January 2014 10:51pm
lazarus (India, India) says...
Ian,Thank you for the reply and your views,i am confused about this part:"Let the spirit of God guide you and convict you in your heart if he is unpleased with your actions".If use of contraceptives is a sin then it remains a sin whether you use them before or after having 2-3 children as somethings detested by God cannot be acceptable under different conditions or circumtances,i am hoping for some more advice on how other God fearing couples out there approach this issue,thanks again ... Read More
18th January 2014 2:03am
Ian (US) says...
The bible also says that all fall short of the glory of God. Christ was given as a sacrifice to atone our sin so that we may live freed of slavery to sin. If you live with this belief in Christ as your savior through faith then the spirit of God will rest upon you. The spirit of God in us helps us know right from wrong. Maybe read 1 Corinthians Ch. 10 as it helps me with similar questions regarding what is sin or what can I do and not do. Christ did not create an extensive list of rules and ... Read More
18th January 2014 3:12am
lateashs (US) says...
Today as I write this, it let's me know that I am not alone,for the devil works and that doesn't means we have to let him win,what god has planned for us. I give glory to god everyday and walk with Jesus because I know without it,I would probably go insane right now. I love all of you guys and just never stop praying or believing.
10th January 2014 9:40pm
Miriam (UK) says...
Hello, I am Miriam I was a girl who stood up very ealry in the morning to read the bible, meditating on it and really wanted to be open about being a Christian... But then temptation was coming and it begun with a thought, during reading for my exam, then I strated struggeling with blashflemming thoughts..The thing was, that it begun by just a smal thought... And then it became bigger and bigger... I ran away instead of fighting. Because the thoughts were so horrible, it were thoughts ... Read More
Dear Miriam, please understand that all thought do not necessarily come from within our own mnd, but from the outside, from the spirit world! You were obviously attacked the devils bringing those thoughts to your mind. If you did not like them or agree with them, it was no sin on your part. You just need to tell the Devil to flee from you in the Name of Jesus Christ! Read the New Testiment and you will see how Jesus dealth with people who voiced negative thoughts to Him!
6th January 2014 5:31pm
Q (US) says...
We must keep in mind that the world system is the enemy of God. The best and most profitable thing we can do is stay in the Word of God he shall direct our path.
Amen and amen!!
11th December 2013 9:37am
Nik (US) says...
I really needed to read this and I thank everyone who prays for the people going through this because I'm going through a very bad time right now and I'm struggling with evil thoughts saying I'm not saved and I'm evil and not of Christ And the devil trying to replace Gods name with his. I feel so terrible and I'm praying to God and Jesus asking him to send the Holy spirt to protect me and praying to be closer to Christ and for Jesus to forgive me I feel like I'm alone ... Read More
3rd December 2013 8:23am
Gould (US) says...
I came across this site because I am going through the same thing. I've had a lot of thoughts that have made me afraid and confused. Thoughts that I've broken the covenant with God and that there is no hope because I have sinned against him, etc. These thoughts are scary, esp when you give into them. Do not be afraid. Listen to Gods word and you "inner man" which I believe is the heart. Do not listen to your mind. Its a battlefield where the Spiritial war takes place. Memorize ... Read More
4th December 2013 5:06am
La Toya (Mississauga, Canada) says...
I myself have been going through a very rough time. I'm having attacks like never before in all aspects of my life,but I know that God is with me all the way. please pray for me.
2nd January 2014 11:48pm
Judit (UK) says...
Hello! Same happend to me. I love Jesus with all my heart. I have learned ,that if you are a threat to satan ,he will try to bother your thoughts, and will try to make you doubt yourself, and he will tempt you to spend less and less time in the Bible. But as long as you read the Bible every day, and praise God, you are totally safe. Command satan in Jesus's name to leave. Tell as many pople about Jesus as you can. Jesus is far above satan. Jesus is in you at all times . Satan tries, and ... Read More
3rd March 2014 6:22am
Cheryl (Fallbrook, US) says...
This is very encouraging. I don't have anyone I feel comfortable to talk to about the spiritual warfare I'm going through. I have a calling on my life, and Satan is really coming against me with whatever he can. I appreciate any prayers. I will pray for anyone who needs it, too.
24th November 2013 7:50am
Breann (Atwater, US) says...
Just wanted to say, thank you.its amazing that we need to be reminded, that , we can befighters, and really stand against all the negative. What a difference just reading this has changed. My heart and passion. Thank you GOd. Bless
13th November 2013 10:20pm
Natasha (US) says...
To everyone on here. I am going to share this site with you because I know that many of you are seeking a real answer to how to either get closer to God or defeat Satan or both. This is NOT for the faint of heart, but for all who really want to be a solider for God and HIS Kingdom. The website is: Also, on this site you will see many links and I encourage all to spend time going through ones that interest you. The link that you WILL want to choose first is the one ... Read More
Natasha, thank you for sharing this but I do believe that the so called alien abudctions -- demoic activity of the Fallen Angels, do not happen to true Christians, believers in the Jesus of the New Testament. The infromation on that link is not covered in the Bible. What God has already told us in the Bible, the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures of Truth, is all we need to resist and fight Satan and all of his minions!
3rd November 2013 3:22am
Kelly (New Hampshire, US) says...
Thanks for the prayers to dispel all the negative thoughts I have been having. Living with chronic pain has made it hard to be thankful for all I do have. instead of focusing on the pain I will keep focusing on Jesus. Get behind me Satan! You are no match for Jesus, who has my back.
2nd November 2013 7:54pm
D Kennedy (US) says...
Thank you Jesus Christ my Savior. God has given me a method that has healed my double mindedness. With the power given to me and my faith in Jesus Christ, I make Satan and his demons pay. My anger is now directed at Satan. He is the shooter! I will not chase the bullets. I will make him pay....I will not just cast him out. I will use the sword of the spirit, my offensive weapon to do damage to Satan. Just telling him to go away is like telling a man with a gun to leave. I am more powerful ... Read More
29th October 2013 9:44am
Sandy (US) says...
You are saying things that are not in the bible. Show me where it says we have the power to confuse Satan. The bible says we are given power over all the power of the enemy. And where does it say in the bible we can render the devil and his demons deaf, dumb, blind. Powerless,yes but deaf, dumb and blind, no the bible doesn't say this. And I know that the Word is sharper than any two edged sword but show me IN THE BIBLE where it says we can cut off the limbs and wings and head of the devil. ... Read More
24th November 2013 8:51pm
Raphael Ayeni (Nigeria) says...
I am a practicing Christian and a preacher of holiness, righteousness and truth. Once Satan tempted me to fornicate with a young teenager under my care but the Holy Spirit helped mr to resist the temptation at the very last step of falling. I had to tell my wife and try prayer partner this ordeal. But since then I have not stopped condemning myself for even going so far even though I didn't have sex with the girl. Today when I read through this article I discovered it is part of Satans ... Read More
17th October 2013 8:56pm
Mike Lyle (US) says...
Besides spending time reading this article ("How To Fight The Devil") and others to bolster my waning faith, I have downloaded a few songs that minister to peace, faith, victory, the Lord's care for me and everyone else personally. These beautiful sounds, full of Scripture and scriptural principles, are filling the room even as I write, calming my fears and resolving to my shattered imaginings, praise the Lord! My wife and I are about to go out into the streets with a message of ... Read More
3rd October 2013 5:46am
Mike Lyle (US) says...
I am not qualified except by my many experiences with failure to comment, so please take whatever I share with prayer. Even now, I am battling just to stay alive physically and spiritually. On the surface, things may appear fine, as I am producing quite a bit of Christian materials at this time. But below the surface, I feel like I'm being torn apart. I am so weak. But reading the message, "How To Fight The Devil," and the various comments, I felt led to say that this kind of ... Read More
2nd October 2013 3:19am
Marine (US) says...
I am a Marine...have been for 19 yrs now...spent all my time in the infantry...I have fought, taught and trained many Marines on the different types of warfare and how to defeat the enemy...Today the lord has spoken to me in a language I clearly understand...Now I will pass this knowledge on to my Marines so that their spirit will be as strong as their warrior mind and body... I am excited to learn more on how to defeat satan...and I will start training today... I am going to start a ... Read More
Thank God for another warrior for Jesus Christ!! Nothing thrills me more than to know the Lord is using these lessons to win and save others for His eternal kingdom!
29th September 2013 3:43pm
Kathleen Gravois (Pasadena, US) says...
Thanks for the enlightened literature of how to fight the devil.
29th September 2013 1:16am
Susan (Lexington Va, US) says...
Iam fighting the devil right now. My niece kotty is involved with a drug dealer and pimp. We can't get through to her to get help. This is a fight so big that only god can defeat this man to save my niece. I feel so overwhelmed and I need help in my prayers because this problem is so consuming and evil.
24th September 2013 10:32pm
Thabo (Johannesburg, South Africa) says...
This article it is so encouraging.My faith was trembled and stumbled by this useless satan,but after reading this article I am back on my feet again.I stood up carry the cross and follow Jesus like never before and I fight against the enemy low life satan.satan is a spineless coward who hides behind demons,sickness and deceptions.satan doesn't have a back bone and he doesn't have guts he just a coward.resist him and he will flee from you.
23rd September 2013 3:30pm
Barbara (Lathrup Village, US) says...
Thank you so much for this word. Today 09/15/2013 my pastor preached about this very topic and yes the devil is a liar.
16th September 2013 3:09am
Susan (Phoenix, US) says...
Thank you so much for this article. We work with a supervisor, who claims to be Christian, but is an emotional and, at times, a verbal bully. Upper management turns a blind eye to her - not certain why. We know satan has much to do with this as the 'heat' turns up whenever we go the extra mile and because we try to be above reproach, at all times, in all we say and do. This article really helps in how to handle this. I do pray at work much of the time - am guessing I need to step up my ... Read More
15th September 2013 1:41am
kagasa Racheal (Masindi, Uganda) says...
This is so encouraging I encourage everyone to persist, pray without seizing GOD is watching over u and is ready to help u in all your situations don't give up
finally u will win.
Always meditate upon the Lord and always call his name. Do good to others and always help the needy don't miss prayers and always having discussions with people closer to God. finally u will tell me
31st August 2013 5:40pm
michelle (Philadelphia, US) says...
Hi im 21 years old and im haveing a problem with always having doubt in my mind and insecruity....i recently went for a interview at a job i was scared to say i got the job but everyone was telling me to claim that job because they did my drug testing my ppd and ran my backround check and the lady told me they'll give me a call when my backround check comes back but it been like a week and i say 5 days still didnt hearing anything but i keep getting bad thoughts like maybe i messed up the ... Read More
31st August 2013 3:09am
Natasha (US) says...
Hi Michelle, Luke 1:37. You are not alone in your current tribulations. Many of us today are struggling due to man-made crafted atrocities that which are meant to oppress. This is Satan at work; trying to put fear and confusion in your mind. First of all remember and never forget the the Lord is your refuge. I hope you get that job, but if you don't then take the opportunity to reach for what your really want! You sound like a winner. Start to focus on your good points, your talents and ... Read More
31st August 2013 3:41am
prince ken. adams (Lagos, Nigeria) says...
Thanksfor the scriptures. It help me a lot to improve in spiritual battle. Plz can I have more of this in my email box. Thanks
Have you subscibed to receive the inspirational messages? Please see:

20th August 2013 4:33pm
Anna (Dallas, US) says...
Hi I am having a hard time I work two jobs and ready to start school in two weeks but I see the evil trying to stop me from moving forward. I just lost my car after getting sick I have faith that God is asking me to be more humble. So I need prayer I feel stuck not sure what to do or if I should wait on starting school. I am 31 and a single mother of 5 kids PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THANK YOU.
7th August 2013 2:26am
Natasha (US) says...
Your mental and physical health are most important. You DON'T have to do everything because God IS with you. Your children are the most important. Food for thought. Take a leap of faith; quit your job or jobs, go to school full-time,get financial aid to help support you and your family. Go for what God has put in your heart and HE will take care of the rest!! I know I've been there; getting sick, raising two kids alone,lost my car and was going to school. Every time I thought how can I ... Read More
8th August 2013 4:40pm
Anna (Dallas, US) says...
Thank you Natasha
21st August 2013 3:59am
sai (India) says...
I am a teen.. I am struggling with sex addiction.. This is very inspiring..
Hope I find god.
19th July 2013 3:38pm
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Please see
for some good advice on how to overcome sexual addiction. It exposes the lies of the Devil.
19th July 2013 6:28pm
Melisa (US) says...
Wow, Tyler Stevenson... I can completely relate to you and your experience. I am going through the same exact thing. I abandoned the man I love not knowing what would happen or what was the real cause behind it just becausevthere was so much confusion and turmoil in the midst of it all. :-( I'll keep you in my prayers.
25th June 2013 5:43am
Tyler Stevenson (US) says...
Satan has taken the woman I love under his wing under precise deception. My weakness forced me to abandon her and now her very life and soul is in danger because of that...Jesus would want me to risk my life in an attempt to rescue her from this evil. I'm asking all readers for their most genuine prayers that we make out of this alive to serve the Lord and His will. I am praying that Jesus gives us a second chance.
24th June 2013 8:03am
Joel (US) says...
i did the same thing 4 months ago... we were together for 4 years and that woman is supposed to be my wife. i even raised her two kids as my own the whole time, im daddy to them. after God revealed the truth about what's coming to this country n world- i freaked out. Satan used dreams to decieve m
e into abandoning them....
9th July 2013 7:19pm
Amy Leal (US) says...
I am praying for her soul to be saved, and I am praying for the dark one to be binded in the name of Jesus away from both of you. I pray that you be renewed in the new creation you are in Christ so that you do not let the dark one trick you into feeling guilty....for you are forgiven. I pray that you would pick up the cross in faith that you have every right to come boldly to the father in heaven and ask for his strength, might, direction , and mercy to help your wife. I pray that you forgive ... Read More
2nd December 2015 6:19pm
Peggy (Lewiston, US) says...
I need for the Lord to do battle for me. Not only did I lose my 16 year old son in January-I am fighting a battle that I dont know how to win. I need God to stand up for me against my enemies and fight for me-to give me victory. I need healing in body-soul-and spirit.
15th June 2013 11:17am
Kevin (Maryland, US) says...
Thank you David for this encouraging article. The devil has stolen a loved one from me . The girl I love the most in this world. But I am not worried because i kno that with my faith and my knowing of my savior and that special man we call GOD. She will come back to me as a better blessing. Better then the day we first laid eyes on each other as teenagers. I am only 20 but i kno In my heart our blessings will be fulfilled in time as we both grow. I rebuke you devil. And I will get back what is ... Read More
12th June 2013 5:37pm
Shawn (Midland, Canada) says...
And if I try to talk about it people say have you taken your meds or they want to put me back in the hospitals I think I've been surrounded by devils my whole life but I'm pretty sure I've had help too probably haven't found my way I really like helping people I really want to go to church but worried it will push me down further
2nd May 2013 12:51pm
Christen (US) says...
These feelings you are feeling ARE the devils ways of attacking you!!! I will pray for you and stay strong for Jesus!!!!!
17th June 2013 7:39am
Shawn (Midland, Canada) says...
The devil is trying to make me lose my job I've been there 12 years and after I found out how this world works 3 years ago my thoughts have been I'm either gonna get fired or I should quite recently the thoughts have increased plus lots of other thoughts suiside and even becoming famous my voice changed and I have a hard time staying away from weed I get lots of thoughts about becoming a gangster but that's not the life I want to live I've always been a music lover but dident ... Read More
2nd May 2013 12:20pm
Trevor (US) says...
Now when you say you've been having thoughts of bad things happening (losing your job, and whatever else you might be thinking about) since you learned once "how the world worked" I question you to really wonder at how this connection is formed. like it says above, even the Earth was given under the authority of The Lord Christ, and thus, he has Authority over The Heaven's and the Earth. Thus, how, would a Christian need fear for years that "the devil" is going to ... Read More
29th July 2013 11:23pm
karen (US) says...
My son (who is 22) is in such a battle. He only wants Christian tattoos. But yet he's abusive, and angry all the time. Seems like the closer he tries to get to God the more violent he becomes. Plz pray God will take control of this situation. And pray for protection over this house.
29th April 2013 3:56pm
Becky (US) says...
Death and life are given in the power of the tongue.. meaning speak life take back what satan has taken from you. take anointed oil and pray and cover under his matress. go thru the house anointing every door rebuking any evil any anger ect.
30th May 2013 5:17am
Derrick (Houston, US) says...
Amen, God be with us to defeat the enemy and pray for me as I pray for you all let's keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT!!!!! We already have victory in Christ.....
24th April 2013 10:53am
Ross (London, UK) says...
After living a sinful life of pain and misery I found a site called, they helped me realise that Satan was controlling my life! God helped me find groundwire and I have declared war on Satan! God has given us all life and love and I'm not going to sit back and let the devil rob me of gods gifts, I will fight tooth and nail with him as his actions have affected not just me but people around me! Fill your hearts with love, smile even when your sad, keep away from hard drugs, ... Read More
3rd April 2013 12:22pm
shirley (Laughlin, US) says...
PRIASE GoD i too just by Jesus Danced thru devils attack hurled at me...may i Share from GOD as my witness the closer you are to GODS new Miracle the harder devil who knows he cant prevent it..but IF he comes thru closest one to you his futile ploy is to Lure you back in his realm..dont give him room...pray 4 the person he is Speaking and hurling false accusations and lies thru....let NOT anger Rob u....instead ask God to speak His word or keep you away from angry person...say ... Read More
26th March 2013 3:40pm
brat (Tracy, US) says...
Thank you David for sharing us your inspirational message.Let's pray for each other. God is always with us. “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”—which means, “God with us.” (Matthew 1:23). Our Lord Jesus Christ is the almighty -Amen.
27th February 2013 2:59pm
jonathon (US) says...
If there is anyone who can help me please contact me at( BELIEVE THAT THE SPIRIT has shown me WHAT is really going on in this WORLD AND i AM under serious ATTACK by SATAN RIGHT NOW . I know about what THEY are DOING to US AND I NEED to find PEOPLE who are actively FIGHTING Satan RIGHT NOW. I Know I CAN HELP but FIRST I NEED to GET RID of the DEMONS that are AROUND ME. First corinthians CHAPTER TWELVE the GIFTS of THE SPIRIT God has opened my eyes to what he needs me TO ... Read More
16th February 2013 4:56pm
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Hope you can find somebody in your area soon!
18th February 2013 4:21pm
mari (US) says...
Jonathan, I am in baton rouge as well and I am actively fighting the devil. Just recently he has been attacking me nonstop. Maybe we can stand together and fight this enemy until God gives us what the devil does not want us to have.
26th February 2013 3:50pm
scott (Summersville, US) says...
jonathan i am fighting the good fight as well i can see the demons and the devil i cut them down with the true sword there are millions of demons out there like the sands on the ocean so i cut down the devil as much as possible and i say to the demons "demons i command you to kill youreselves in the name of jesus christ" that works or if im being tempted i say "spirit of temptation i command you in the name of jesus christ to go to the feet of jesus" that helps as well hope ... Read More
10th April 2013 1:11am
Ian (Reno, US) says...
Hi Jonathan,

If you get this message contact me brother.
9th July 2013 1:18pm
Tony (Bay Point, US) says...
I need prayer for my aunt she has a drug problem her name is Sandra. It is my contention that everywhere you see purple and green colors that there is satanism, racism and canibalism at the heart of it, satan uses drugs to corrupt peoples minds, I know this all too well. these are very wicked times we live in! I will Pray for all of you!!!!!!!!!!! In Jesus Christ Name I Pray, Amen
3rd February 2013 1:29pm
kendra (US) says...
Thank u for ur words of prayer!!!! Fill your mind with the thoughts of the lord don't waver when the devil gives you a thought. You give him one when he tells you something bad you rebuke him in the name of Jesus and do something for others like a prayer for someone out there in the world that needs the lord that has never read the Bible or pray for all the follows of Satan that God created them so the light lives with in them that they will be awakened by the light. THIS WILL KEEP HIM AWAY AND ... Read More
9th February 2013 11:04pm
Julie Jensen (Saint Louis, US) says...
God uses the weak people of the world to show his great power through. Strong, powerful
30th December 2012 5:13pm
francis (Chennai, India) says...
God bless you David. I am in a fight with the devil. Your article is very encouraging and comforting. thank you
5th December 2012 3:00pm
Earnest (India) says...
Thanks for your article. Thank god for such an encouraging and never give up article.
26th November 2012 10:19am
Carmen says...
I feel as if I am fighting the Devil with divorce in my life at this time. I am dealing with lies, cheating, stealing, manipulation and I ask myself why does this continue day after day after day for over 2 years. I feel discouraged and helpless with always trying to do the christian thing and always,always,always being kicked. No matter what the kindness is that I show it is always insufficient and kicked away. I pray for God to protect me and my children from the evil in the world and we ... Read More
5th November 2012 3:39pm
Priscilla (India) says...
Hi All , Am priscilla .i am in battle with satan to safe my pet dog.he is suffering from cancer.i have surrendered myself in Jesus but the satan does not like it.satan creates lots of fear about my pet\'s some situations i feel paralysed where i have no strength to pray.he makes me feel very depressed.But the true lord Jesus never lets me down.Nw my pet is recovering well .When i was depressed Jesus showed me a prayer through this site.Praise the Lord.I am seeing miracles happening in ... Read More
31st October 2012 11:11am
Mike s (Northbay, Canada) says...
I am tempted severly by that punk lucifer lol sorry I had to say it but this site is a great help and though I\'m struggling greatly to rid the demons out of my life and mind..don\'t give up and keep on keepin on
30th October 2012 6:15pm
Benjamin Hardson (Dar Es Slaam, Tanzania) says...
I was very discouraged because of the situation and environment i Am passing through, but something
whispered to me to open my laptop, finding this site and reading your articles i feel like born again,
25th October 2012 6:13pm
Joash (Quezon City, Philippines) says...
I\\\'m fighting satan to save my girlfriend. In year 2010 satan succeed to corrupt his thoughts for almost 5 months, after that I help her to know more Jesus and I succeed but after our breakup almost a month ago I found out that she is connecting to other satanist through email again. I love her very much. I want to help her no matter what happens. Please help me. I don\'t know what to do.
17th September 2012 11:02pm
Joash (Quezon City, Philippines) says...
I\'m fighting satan to save my girlfriend. In year 2010 satan succeed to corrupt his thoughts for almost 5 months, after that I help her to know more Jesus and I succeed but after our breakup almost a month ago I found out that she is connecting to other satanist through email again. I love her very much. I want to help her no matter what happens.
17th September 2012 9:26pm
Izzy (Canada) says...
I iove this site!Just as the world is waking up to the importance of eating healthy foods,I want to eat/read spiritually healthy food that will give me the strengh to fight the devil and continue to grow spiritually and your postings do that for me.This is lovn\' healthy home cookn\' at it\'s best. Thanks!
7th September 2012 7:57am
Jennifer (US) says...
I woke up from a horrible dream at 2 in the morning.i was pleading the blood of Jesus in the dream why didnt the person disappear.
What person? You didn\'t tell the dream.
30th July 2012 4:05am
sonya roark says...
i\'m going through a spritual battle too and no one understands. i\'m glad i found this site. will be praying for everyone, please pray for me.
18th July 2012 3:10pm
Jackie Berrospi (US) says...
The Devil attacked me first when I asked God to come save the world and save me! Once I put God first in my life and said no more loving things of this world ...he attacked and I fought but it was a tuff battle...I won but now again he attacks me with my worst feArs almost to te point where it paralyzed me! I know it\'s time to read the word more and more nd pray like never before! He knows all my fears and hurts me with them! But I am of God and heis my savior
6th September 2012 1:08pm
fee says...
Wow your story was just like mine, I have been Christian for about 9 years and I really truly have stepped away from the world in the last 6 months and now the advil attacks me with paralyzing fear. It took a week of prayer of3- 4 people for the demon to stop. And it seems like if I do anything wrong or sin he comes and brings fear. I know his schemes now and I use the name of Jesus and the blood of christ, but still I am so hurt that God has allowed this level of attack over me. But I\'m ... Read More
7th October 2012 5:14pm
Donna Lipe (US) says...
Go to and listen to or watch his Force of Faith television programs. Larry has really helped me with my fears. It's actually God that healed me but He used Larry to teach me!!! You will love it!
Thank you Donna for sharing this.
27th March 2013 10:32am
Selena hairston (US) says...
I dont want the devil to have my soul or others I want to creat a group against the illuminated
12th July 2012 11:43pm
PETRA (Windhoek, Namibia) says...
10th September 2012 10:44am
Antonette says...
I\'ve just received a breakthrough reading this. It\'s amazing how God will send you to a site to encourage you to fight...Not only that but to read other people\'s testimonies on their strong holds and how the enemy is using the same things on all of us. I\'m encouraged I went wrong because I was irritated by fighting the devils temptation...Now I\'m excited to be a soldier.
\"Fight the good fight of faith\" as the apostle Paul wrote! (1 Timothy 6:12\" Thank God we are fighting for the right cause, not for selfish desires as most others do. Thank you for your good comments!
9th July 2012 1:36pm
Audrey (Jamaica, US) says...
Amen...I need it at this moment.
Praise the Lord!
8th May 2012 9:17am
Carmen (Orange County, US) says...
7th May 2012 1:34pm
Carmen (Orange County, US) says...
Talking about a BREAKTHROUGH!!! Thank you for this. I was in church yesterday and the speaker spoke the same exact message. Thank you Jesus!
7th May 2012 1:34pm
Sandra Thannoon (Houston, US) says...
I love Activated, their teachings are so accurate and easy to understand. I would like to share it with the youth.
27th April 2012 6:28pm
isaiah (Usa, US) says...
i just woke up out my sleep at 4:9am i ahd a dream the devil came to me as energy and i kept praying and in the dream he kept saying no cause i was just like him
24th April 2012 3:50am
ilovejesus (Alexandria, US) says...
dis really helped me bc i was doin research on satanic messages and da devil wanted me to strt saying these bad things so i prayed ndd stopped thinkin abt hym
20th April 2012 9:06am
shelly ann daniel (Port Of Spain, Trinidad-Tobago) says...
i love these words it is edfying and devotional it make me feel and know that i will win this battle in jesus name i know that i can fight the good fight of faith in christ jesus thank you we need people like you to stay with us and pray for us we thank you stay bless
10th April 2012 8:11pm
Muthukumar A (Chennai, India) says...
Thanks a ton. yes! its very truth. i understood that if without Jesus and Praise then we cant fight the devil of devices and help to folks need solutions. pl keep up for get time Jesus and use memory verses...
Thanks with Love.
9th April 2012 12:00am
Martin (Glasgow, UK) says...
I'm fighting transsexuality and i have proof that it's a demon inside me and i'm fighting for my soul, i believe in god now for the first time in my 55 years, i need help, ive seen hell and i wouldn't risk even one second in hell, it's mental torture worse than anything you could ever imagine.
4th April 2012 5:47pm
grazia (France) says...
Hello Martin,
For many years i have been denying the existence of the devil and then one day i just said, he is there, watching us, listening to us and waiting for our down fall. However, remember this be strong, love who you are because God loves you and he want abandon you ever.

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'

Grazia, Jane

14th April 2012 8:34am
helen mamrosh (Pottsville, US) says...
just keep giving Jesus your mind. when we are saved we have the mind of Christ and not of demons. the devil is sending tormenting thoughts. bind up those tormenting thoughts in Jesus name. there is power in the name of Jesus. God loves you so much and has forgiven you but i am praying you forgive yourself. God is surely on your side remember at the cross he took it all including wrath and punishment. you need not punish yourself anymore. remember all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of ... Read More
1st August 2012 11:44pm
willem says...
I'm in a battel with satan to safe my marraige. I know what to do and I'm doing it as good as I possibly can. the problem is that he corrupts my wifes thoughts, how do I get her to fight with me and not against me?? any Ideas? please.
22nd February 2012 12:31am
jason smith (Shiloh Illnois, US) says...
Hey william- i seen ur messege and i hope u see my respond- It sounds like satan wants ur marriage to end and he will try to do everything he can to get it to happen.
However the power in christ is in you and we have authority over the devil. Sit down and explain your wife- do you know whats happening- why are you not seeing this, all these things, pray with her and help her, and be strong in god.. you can beat the enemy- and you will, Rebuke the enemy.
23rd July 2012 1:37am
Amy (US) says...
That is what going on my marriage. Is the past I had before I was baptized and married keeps recurring into my husbands thought. 95% of our fights are over the same thing. I love him so much but it breaks my soul into.
A suggested book to read is "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. It talks about chronic problems in relationships and how to fix them! It sure helped me. A key is talking the time and having the patience to hear what the partner has to say without interupting him or her. Problems come when a partner refuses to even listen to his or her spouse. Lots of verses about the importance of listening in the Bible.
22nd July 2013 11:50am
Kelihonge (Windhoek, Namibia) says...
Dear brother Wiliem do not allow satan to break your marriage for our God htes divorce. I don't know th kind of problem you are going through but as long as you put your pleas unto Jesus He wil work out. don't give up on your marriage and your wife. fight the devil back with the word of God, do not fight on your own strengths Ephesians 6;16-20, we have power over the enemy LUKE 10;19 and he always use the weak party in this matter your wife that you need to continually pray for until ... Read More
23rd October 2016 12:20am
tim (Huron, US) says...
very helpfull thanks the enemy has no power over us keep fighting the good fight
21st February 2012 12:26am
Paul (US) says...
You sound just like me. I have been battling with a real demon(s) that have been in my family for many generations. It is a strong antichrist spirit. He almost got the upperhand on me at one time till I rose up in battle mode and kicked his ***** with the Word. He's still around but much quieter now. I think he's learned not to get in my face anymore. Great website. Been reading it for 2 hours now. Everything I have read so far are the same things that the Spirit has been teaching me since I ... Read More
16th February 2012 12:47am
jason smith (Shiloh Illnois, US) says...
paul- i understand where ur coming from, Satan has attacked me and i choose wrong choice in results hurting my family relationships. However im currently regaining myself slowly. i stoled very bad and i sinned up a storm.However i ceen myself doing this and i remembered myself at being little..happy and loving and good . We all go thru trials paul, and we have the choice to ignore and be rightous or to fall in- im happy you stomped the devils head. please always know that..satan wont give ... Read More
23rd July 2012 1:43am
BENARD LUDONDO (Nairobi) says...
i need more notes please send it to me .
10th February 2012 1:19am
Webmaster James (Japan) says...
Everything I have to send is already on the website! Please read your Bible and the articles on the website and you will have more than you need.
10th February 2012 3:00am
blu (Sydney, Australia) says...
This is powerful, and helpful
8th February 2012 11:20pm
Jim says...
Thank you so much for this message! It is indeed a blessing from God when He directs me to read this in my weakest moment. Praise the Lord!!!
15th January 2012 5:59am
Adrian (Poznan, Poland) says...
Thanks man, It was meant for me to read it, i need to fight back! I will not give up!!!!
30th December 2011 7:37am
richard derbyshire (London, UK) says...
just to get confirmation that i am doing things right means so much to me. THANKS.
15th December 2011 3:37pm
Demetric says...
Thanks I needed that.
9th December 2011 10:13am
maxine says...
29th December 2011 3:54am
jason smith (Shiloh Illnois, US) says...
Maxine.I hope you see this comment. Never give up- thats what the enemy wants you to do- Ive wanted to give up serveral times, but i resisted it. god loves you, and stay strong and know that...dont let the flesh of the world lie to you. be strong, praise jesus for strengh .i hope ur well prayers
23rd July 2012 1:46am
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