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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

II Peter 3 and Modern Trends in Science, Education, and Philosophy

(Part II, continued from part I)
Scientists with their heads buried in sand!
Scientists with their heads buried in sand!

Temperature and pressure are no longer considered adequate for the formation of coal, but "SHEARING FORCES" (#6). (See next paragraph for the shearing force of flood waters). Time does not have to be long, because coal has been formed inside the compressed pilings of railway trestles (#7). Another thing that the "uniformatarians" cannot explain is how that millions upon millions of mastodons were frozen overnight in one area (Siberia), and then completely encased in ice while green grass was still in their mouths - MILLIONS AT ONCE! Some were torn in pieces by the catastrophe, but were frozen so quick that their flesh did not decompose (#8,#9). Where is that happening today? Another thing they cannot explain is how the lava flows of Alaska, Canada, and Northwest U.S. happened. These flows are more then 1000 miles long from Alaska to Canada. There are vast plateaus of lava in Northwest U.S. that occupy 200,000 sq.. miles. The Deccan Plateau in India has volcanic rock which extends 2 miles below the surface! Volcanic activity of such magnitude no longer exists today (#10). The great mountain ranges are mute testimony to the catastrophic events of the past, THAT ARE NOT HAPPENING TODAY. The only thing that sensibly describes the formation of Grand Canyon is the rapidly receding waters of a great FLOOD which gouged out thousands of cubic miles of recently deposited soil as they left to ocean basins. Another thing that defies their theory is the buried forests, where 15-18 successive layers of forest are found on top of one another in Yellowstone National Park (#11,#12). With all these evidences of CATASTROPHE staring them in the face, they still insist that ALL things happen gradually. And worse, they teach it around the world in all "universities". This is, of course, all engineered by the Master of Molech, Satan. He blinds their eyes (2 Colossians 4.4) to all the evidence.

He then slips them the companion LIE of "uniformtarian" geology, which is: "PALEONTOLOGY". "Historic geology RELIES CHIEFLY ON PALEONTOLOGY, which is the study of fossil organisms". "THE GEOLOGIST UTILIZED KNOWLEDGE OF ORGANIC EVOLUTION, as preserved in the fossil record, to identify and correlate the lithic records of ancient time" (#3). Another writer says that fossils are the ONLY way to date geologic events (#14,#15). "The rocks themselves cannot be used to establish a time record" (#16). "The fossils and their PRESUMED EVOLUTIONARY SEQUENCE provide the SOLE basis for division of rocks into time units (#16A). The entire geologic time scale is based on paleontology (assumption of organic evolution), and not on any physical evidence from the rocks themselves (#17) . Thus we see a mess of circular reasoning in which the presumed order of the fossils (paleontology) is used to assign TIMES to the layers of rock. Then this sequence (geologic time scale) is used to prove the claims of the paleontologist (organic evolution #18)!! On top of this foolishness, their utter blindness is bore witness to by the fact that MOST fossils are preserved as the result of CATASTROPHIC ACTION (#19,#20). The state of the world's science is therefore deplorable (I Timothy 6.20): They try to prove the theory of "uniformity" in geology by the use of fossils that could only have come about as the result of a CATASTROPHE, like THE FLOOD). The catastrophic effect of a world wide flood is beyond imagination. River floods have been known to move huge blocks of stone, weighing hundreds of tons, for hundreds of feet (#21,#22). Storm waves have hurled 7,000 pound stones over a 20 ft. wall. A breakwater weighing 2600 tons (reinforced concrete) was moved completely out of its place during a storm (#23). This insistence on "uniformity" (gradual, slow change) is only to escape the reality of a CREATOR (Colossians 1.16) who is also GOVERNOR & JUDGE (Isaiah 9.6-7). The testimony of GENENIS and the testimony of the ROCKS plainly bear witness to a catastrophic flood that tore apart and reshaped the entire surface of the earth. Events of such magnitude are NOT HAPPENING TODAY. They bear witness to the intervention of an Almighty God in the affairs of men, and this is why they are WILLINGLY IGNORED (2 Peter 3.5). The "world" wants to exalt itself end DO IT'S OWN THING.

The evidence of "misplaced" and "missing" fossils, and "misplaced" and "missing" rock strata (layers) are numerous and common throughout the world! In many places the "old" layers are found on top of the "new" layers. The "scientific excuses" are childish and unsatisfactory (#24, #25,#26). One geologist (E M SPIEKER) says that the "geologic time scale" is essentially the same as it was in 1840 when very little of the world was researched. And now it is still applied in areas where the rocks themselves "proclaim denial". He says the "facts" of geology are very "flexible end accommodating" (#1A). He again says: "How many geologists have pondered the fact that lying on the crystalline basement (lowest rock layer) are found from place to place not merely Cambrian, BUT ROCKS OF ALL AGES?" (#27). Paleontologist Simpson says: "In spite of the theories MOST new species --- appear in the record SUDDENLY" (creation), "and are NOT led up to by known, gradual, completely continuous, transitional sequences" (#28). Dr. Goldschmidt, V.C. says: "In spite of the immense amount of fossils available ---transitions between the higher categories are missing" (#29). A director of the Botanical Institute, Lund Sweden said: "The old argument was that the missing links have not been found YET, but due to the great amount of fossils now discovered, it is no longer valid --- the true situation is that those fossils have not been found which were expected. Just where new branches are SUPPOSED to fork off from the main stem, it has been IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND the connecting types" ("missing links") (#30)also (#30A). (Continued in part III)

Disclaimer: This article is not and was never an official publication of the Family International. It's from a typewritten class given in the very early days of the Children of God. I scanned it and converted it into digital format using OCR software. I tried my best to proofread it, but there still may be errors.


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