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David Berg's Comments about George Herbert Walker Bush

Excerpts from "WORLD CURRENTS!--No.54--The Gulf War! " Comp.2/91 DO 2673RV
George Herbert Walker Bush
Foreword from the Webmaster: I am posting this because I believe Americans are giving too much honor to a man with much blood on his hands. I believe George H.W. Bush was a high ranking member of the Illuminati. He was a globalist working not for the American public, but for the New World Order. He was a Skull and Bonesman, and if you know anything about that secret society, you know it is evil. He was the second politician in history to use the words, "New World Order" in a public speech. The first was Adolf Hitler. It's interesting that the entire time Bush was vice-president under Ronald Reagan, he was made fun of by the press and called a "wimp". Let me tell you, a fighter pilot and officer in the United States Navy is no wimp! A man whose plane was shot down by the Japanese and survived is no wimp! A former head of the CIA is no wimp! Why then was he painted by the media as a wimp? It was to get the American public off guard to see how powerful this man was! His son too was painted negatively by the media, but not as a wimp, as a dummy. I believe this was done purposely to get the public's guard down to how evil and powerful these men were!


5. Bush is such a liar and such a hypocrite and he flip-flops with things so often. One day he says the war is to "preserve the American way of life," the next he says it's to "stop naked aggression." Then he comes out and says it's for oil and for jobs! You wonder if he's really all there. He's a wild-eyed madman! You talk about Hussein being a madman, it's the U.S. that's threatening the peace of the World! Hussein even looks like a calm, deliberate, very concerned head of state. Whereas Bush seems to run around wild everywhere. I really think he's crazy.

6. I once thought he was a pretty smart man, but more and more I think he's about the biggest fool who's ever had the presidency. He's really a foolish man. He doesn't even do things that are good for himself and the votes. He's made everybody mad about his decision to raise taxes, he's made everybody mad about the deficit and the budget. He's signed a number of very wrong bills that were very bad for politics. He just doesn't have any sense, he doesn't even know what's good for himself politically.

7. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he'd try to plunge into war, because according to U.S. history no President who ever was leading a war has ever been voted out during the war. People are always saying, "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream," and all that kind of stuff. Every President who's gotten the country into war has practically guaranteed his re-election. Think of that!

8. I really think he's insane, possibly even demon-possessed, doing all these crazy things. Well, at least voices of opposition are now being raised against the war and against some of his crazy decisions, and people are really beginning to get scared of what he's doing all over the World. The U.S. is always gung-ho for war in the first days of the "rally 'round the flag" patriotism.


9. (23/10/90) Sometimes I think something's really wrong with Bush, that he's deranged. I think some of the World leaders get demon-possessed! One thing about him is he's really shallow, saying, "Read my hips" and silly things like that! He's been criticised several times about that now. He gets so fed-up with reporters, he gets cynical and sarcastic about it. One reason politicians don't like reporters is that they keep exposing the truth about them and criticising them.


11. (31/10/90) I think Bush is looking forward to having a war so he can get re-elected.--And to try to get the U.S. out of the current recession.


12. (2/11/90) Bush is a smart aleck, an absolute smart aleck. They have wars practically every 25 years. You know why? Because the former generation has forgotten about it and the present generation's too young to know how horrible it is! The U.S. wants a war because they're so sure they're going to win. They've apparently forgotten how they lost the last two! They're gamblers, they always figure, "Just give me one more chance and I'll win next time!"

13. The attitude of the U.S. is, "Don't sacrifice the oil, sacrifice our boys! Don't sacrifice the oil, sacrifice our blood!"

14. Who would look the most foolish to come to the point in the Gulf crisis where they back down and pull out their forces: Saddam Hussein or the U.S.? (Maria: The U.S.) Yes. Having moved all those men down there, wouldn't they look silly pulling them all out again? Even if Saddam pulled out, as soon as all the American forces were out, the Iraqis could move right back in again. (Maria: So they're stuck.) Yes. So for Bush to keep his popularity and save face and his pride and everything, he has committed so much to that operation that he would hardly dare not to go to war!

15. The Lord said, "This is it!" (See ML #2634.) So Bush is not going to pull out, that's for sure.--Not until he can have a victory march into Baghdad with the destruction of Saddam's government, which will only come about by almost total destruction of all those oil fields, and Kuwait and Iraq and possibly Saudi Arabia as well.


34. (31/12/90) Bush is always saying something aggravating or irritating or very annoying, at least to me! I think his attitude towards this war with Iraq is that he's just dying to start a war! I think he figures he'd make himself a famous President that way, that all famous Presidents started some kind of a war. That's about all you remember them for now, the war they started. So I think he thinks that he can make himself permanently famous by starting this war. Well, if he does, he's biting off more than he'll ever be able to chew!

35. But he is just gung-ho! He acts like, looks like and talks like he would just love to get into that war as soon as possible and "punish that awful Saddam for this terrible thing he's done!" He never worried about how those rich Saudis and Kuwaitis were robbing the poor.--Or how the Saudis refused to allow Christianity in, refusing to even let the Christians wear crosses while they're in their country, refusing to let them have Bibles or any kind of religious literature. Whatever Bibles the soldiers have or whatever little quiet meetings they're having, they're really risking the displeasure of their hosts. So they are compromising and they're soft-pedalling, in fact trying to be completely quiet about anything religious.

36. Here is a country that the U.S. is supposedly defending which is totally against Christ or Christianity or any Gospel literature or Bibles! Imagine!--And preparing to fight against a country which is much more liberal and democratic and allows religious freedom for its approximately one million Christians! In Iraq they wear their crosses openly and display their Bibles and whatnot! Saddam has religious freedom in his country, much more than the Kuwaitis or the Saudis have had for centuries, who do everything they can to suppress it!

37. The U.S. is there defending an anti-Christ nation against a partially Christian nation, believe it or not! It's appalling when you think about it! How did the U.S. ever get itself into such a mess? Why?--Because they're more concerned about oil than they are Christ! They're more concerned about oil than they are democracy! They're more concerned about oil and their high-handed way of living!

* * *

38. If they go to war, the oil fields won't be worth anything! They're the easiest things to bomb and destroy!--Virtually unprotected, open pipes and oil wells all over the place. If there's a war they'll be wiped out and it'll take them years to rebuild those fields! So contrary to all Bush has said, it's not going to save the oil fields!

* * *

39. Look how Bush has upset lives, thousands and thousands of lives! Not only all the boys and girls that he's sent into the desert, but for every man and woman there, nearly every one represents a family, mothers and fathers, wives and children. So he's not only upsetting the lives of half-a-million soldiers, he's upsetting the lives of all those they left behind as well.--Not to speak of businesses and everything else you can possibly imagine. This is one Hell of an affair even if they never fire a shot! It's already cost billions!

40. Lord help them!--Little children with no father! Little children with no mother! Little children now even without father or mother who are both in the service and going to Hell! Think of what Bush has done to the people and to the country just by sending all those boys and girls there!--Not only just the volunteers, but the Reserves who were older men and women with established jobs and professions!--Dentists, doctors, lawyers and whatnot with wives and husbands and children, homes and families just completely disrupted!

41. No matter how small a war is, it's still horrible and there are still many many sufferers. --Not only the dead, the dead have gone to their reward. I'm somewhat in agreement with that wounded soldier returning from WW2 who'd had his legs blown off. He said, "Why worry about the dead? They're the lucky ones! We're the living dead!"--Who have to live the rest of their lives in pain, wounded, blind, parts of their faces torn off, etc.!

42. I'm just trying to make you think about how awful war is! I agree with a journalist who said, "Bush is downright ridiculous, he is just plain silly!" That's exactly the way I feel about him! He goes dancing around, prancing, with a big silly grin on his face. Even when the soldiers were on their way to the battlefront, he insisted on taking his vacation and was out there fishing, playing golf and horseshoes, of all things!

43. I think he's trying to convince everybody that he's not a wimp after all! That's what they used to call him. He was so quiet and retiring, a seemingly sensible Vice President more or less in the shadow of one who greatly upstaged him. But now he feels he's got to prove himself and show how great he is and how courageous he is and how macho he is!--That he's no wimp! "I can send the whole World to Hell now with my big war!"--That's just about his attitude! Well, he's going to make himself famous by what may turn out to be the worst war of all! The Lord said, "This is it!" so it must be pretty serious!

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