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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

Lamont Meets His Sister Crystal in Heaven

Excerpted from ML #818, July 1970
This is a true story which is partially confirmed on Lamont Haas's grave
"Major Lamont Haas, 25 years old, was in command of a B-17 group bombing mission to Germany. When the target was not visible through the overcast, the mission was aborted and the group executed a 180 degree turn to return to base. While flying through the dense clouds on the return to base, and over France, another B-17 flying alongside Haas's aircraft, collided with his aircraft. Both aircraft suffered catastophic structural failure and crashed. Of the 21 men aboard both aircraft, only three were able to parachute to safety. Haas died in the crash. His body was returned to the North Miami area in 1948 under the return of war dead program by the US Government. The unfortunate end to a unique man with a very promising future career. He is buried in Southern Memorial Park in North Miami Beach, Florida and his name is commemorated on a bronze plaque at the cemetery entrance." Source:

MY BEST BUDDY LAMONT HAAS, son of the Jewish man who used to be our campaign manager, was killed in returning from a bombing mission over Germany in World War II. He was Lieutenant-Commander of a squadron of 400. His body was found in France.

HOWEVER, WHEN IT WAS FIRST REPORTED, HE WAS ONLY REPORTED MISSING. One of his own planes had accidentally rammed the cabin of the plane in which he was sitting, with its wingtip. Planes flying at high altitudes like that have pressurised cabins that almost explode, and sometimes all the people go out with it!

FIVE OF THEM WERE BLOWN OUT THROUGH THE HOLE. Some of them parachuted to safety. Apparently he never got his chute open, or was killed somehow.

HE HAD GOTTEN BACK TO THE LORD JUST BEFORE HE HAD LEFT THE STATES, I figured the Lord took him when he was ready! He had gotten very worldly; altho' his parents were Christians! He was in our Tabernacle in Miami. A team from a Christian College came along & got him all inspired to want to go to a Christian College & serve the Lord--become a missionary.

I'M SORRY TO SAY, HIS FATHER WAS TOO BUSINESS-LIKE, and said, "You know, your grandfather was a doctor and I was supposed to be a doctor and I want you to be a doctor, to carry on with the family tradition. I'll tell you what, we'll send you away to a year of medical school, then if you still want to go to that Christian school, why, okay."

IF ANY OF YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT MEDICAL SCHOOL IS LIKE, it is one of the rottenest types of schools there is. Nothing is sacred! They experiment with everything--using drugs and hypnotism on the human body!

HE CAME BACK PRETTY HARD! Then along came World War II. He immediately volunteered for the Air Force, and worked his way up very rapidly. Popular fellow, very good looking, very smart. Eventually he got the rank of Major and head of his squadron.

THANK THE LORD, JUST BEFORE HE LEFT FOR THAT LAST TOUR OF DUTY I DEALT WITH HIM AT THE ALTAR IN MIAMI AND HE STRAIGHTENED THINGS OUT WITH THE LORD. He was already saved, but it's nice for people to go when they're in fellowship with the Lord and ready!--Not like we spoke of last night, when God just has to remove them because they're a lot of trouble!

WHEN IT WAS REPORTED THAT HE WAS MISSING, MY MOTHER HAPPENED TO BE VISITING HIS MOTHER. That night my mother had a dream! She woke up Sister Haas, and said, "Edna, I think the Lord has given me a dream to prepare you for some news that's coming." This is the middle of the night, now! She said,

"I BELIEVE THEY'RE GOING TO NOTIFY YOU THAT LAMONT IS DEAD!" Edna burst into tears, and said, "Oh, no! It's impossible!" She woke up her husband, and said, "No, it never could happen. We claimed Psalm 91. It's impossible! It couldn't happen to him!" This was the same guy that said if our interpretation of Bible prophecy was true and the Church is going to have to go through the Tribulation, he was going to throw away his Bible!

SOME PEOPLE'S FAITH DEPENDS ON THEIR TRADITION RATHER THAN THE WORD OF GOD! Like a Jehovah's Witness said to me, "I don't care what the Bible says, I'll believe my teachers!"

MOM SAID, "WELL, LET ME TELL YOU THE DREAM: I saw a beautiful girl with long blonde hair coming down this long stately avenue of trees toward me. Trees of unearthly height--beautiful, just beautiful! The girl was beautiful! The scenery was beautiful! She was coming my direction down this roadway--like a country roadway, something beautiful, like you see in England or somewhere, with all those beautiful countryside scenes.

"LAMONT WAS ASCENDING THE ROADWAY TO GREET HER and they embraced. He called her Crystal, and said to her, 'But Crystal, why aren't you grieving like all the rest of them?' She smiled sweetly, and said, 'We see things differently up here!' Arm in arm they walked on up this beautiful roadway." Mrs. Haas wept again! She said to my mother, "I'll believe you if you'll answer me two questions: About how old was the girl, and was there anything peculiar about her physical build?"

THIS MAY DISAPPOINT SOME OF YOU! She said, "I would say she was in her late 20s and yes, I did notice something that was rather odd about her, now that I think about it: It seemed like she had no neck, her head just sat right on top of her shoulders!"

MRS. HAAS, ALMOST STUNNED, SAID, "YES, THAT HAD TO BE CRYSTAL!--Our first child, who died when she was 10 years of age, about 18 years ago. That was the peculiarity of one of the sides of the family: They have very short necks, the head set right between the shoulders; and that's the way Crystal was built."

NOW MY MOTHER HAD NEVER SEEN CRYSTAL, had never seen a picture of her! If she had, she would have been only 10 years of age and probably would not even have remembered her name. She'd been long dead and would not have been a subject of discussion.

BUT THERE SHE WAS SEEING HER AT ABOUT THE AGE SHE WOULD BE! "Beautiful girl," she said, "about in her late 20s."--And carried the same form she had had!

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