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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

"Coming Division"

By David Brandt Berg Oct. 1971,

The Revolution for Jesus!
These are excerpts from prophecies given in Laurentide Canada. They were thought to be fulfilled just before the RNR period of the Family International in 1978, but I can see now an even greater fulfillment after David went to be with the Lord just around the time the Charter was established. Many people left the Family after that, and some have even mocked David on Internet forums calling him a false prophet among other things. I believe those who have done so, have unwittingly fulfilled this prophecy!

The above statement is purely my opinion. I do not speak for The Family International or Maria and Peter. I did the highlighting in bold font. I also added my own comments in italics.

Even as the seed of David in rebellion against him, rent the Kingdom for a time from his hand, even so it shall be, that even as they brought heartache and weeping unto David, even so shall it be. But it shall be restored thee in My mercy and in My plan, for thou art My King and this is My David beside thee. But even as the seed of David, they shall be a heartache unto thee and a tribulation unto thee, but they shall live.

Fret not thyself for them, but rather now weep for thyself and those things that shall befall thee, and the trials through which thou shalt pass, through which I must bring thee, that I may be glorified--that no flesh shall glory in My presence, and that all shall know that I am the Lord that there is none else beside Me. And whom I will, I exalt, and whom I will, I put down, and no man taketh counsel against the Holy One of Israel, that he may tell him how he should do. But when thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee, and the fire, it shall not be upon thee, but I shall bring thee forth as gold--yea, as much fine gold in this trial that is soon to come upon thee. And many shall say, "This was the Lord's doing, Is it not marvelous in our eyes?" And others shall go back from following after thee any more because they are offended.

As Isaiah walked naked before Me and Ezekiel ate dung, and Hosea married an harlot to illustrate My purpose, even so shall I do this thing to illustrate My wrath against a disobedient church, and a rebellious Jerusalem, and shall raise up another in her place who will obey Me, and who will honour My prophets and who will follow My Revolution with her whole heart, without reservation and without qualification and without contention and without compromise for the sake of My servant David to minister to the need of the Kingdom and to minister unto him whom I love, though without Me he be nothing; for he will give Me the glory and he will obey Me in this thing, though it bring great trial and affliction and condemnation, for I am with him and I have called him to do My Will.--That all may glorify Me, their Creator and their Maker, for whom all things do exist and of whom all things do consist and are upheld by My power!

For this indeed shall divide the sheep from the goats. It shall divide the strong from the weak. This indeed shall purify and try and make bright those who follow only Me and not another. For as I purged the ranks of Gideon, so will I purge thy ranks from them that are of a half heart and a double mind and an unyielded will. For I would have none in My army but them which are loyal and obedient, both unto Me and unto thee.

King David playing the harp to God.
David playing his harp to God.

No man can serve two masters, and no one can follow two ways, and no one can bridge the past. For I will do a new thing and the old shall cry out against it. For this is My will to build My Kingdom. For it is I that hath cast aside the old garment and who doth put away the old bottle. I, even I, that hath abandoned this decrepit system which no longer meets the needs of this day. Even so shall I make thee an example of the same, and they shall cry out against it, even as they now cry out against thy message, they shall cry out against thee and this thing which thou hast done. For even I have said it. Will I not also do it?--That it may be accomplished, that which I have ordained.

Fear not, apologize not, for I the Lord have done it. For I am the Lord that changeth not, and there is no shadow of turning with Me!

Put all these things in a book (fulfilled in the mid 70s) that they may know that I the Lord have spoken it!

Therefore have i given thee this Aaron and that Miriam because thou hast refused to speak, that I might not fail My People because of thy stubbornness. (Saw pic of Aaron dying on the mount and Miriam being buried in a cave.) Now thou must speak as I speak, for thy Aaron and thy Miriam shall be taken from thee (David's son Aaron died on a mountain in May 1973, 17 months after this prophecy was given) and departed on the mount and thou must speak unto Joshua as the Voice of God ere thou art taken from him also. As thou rebelled against My tongue, for thou wast afraid to be made a fool, but thou shalt be more vile also and thou shalt expose thyself even more, that I may be glorified, and they shall know that it is not thee, but Me and that thou art nothing, and base and despised and thou art nothing.

Even as David sinned, yet I called him a man after My own heart, who did sin, but glorified Me, knowing that he was not, and gave Me all the glory, even so shall it be with thee. Thou shalt be despised in their eyes that I may be glorified. There shall be those that shall stand upon thy part, and be with thee,--mighty men that shall not fail thee, even as Joab, even as Hushhai and those that surrounded the king as he crossed the brook, but there shall be those that curse thee and those that despise thee! They shall say unto thee, "How art the mighty fallen!" and "Behold, how that which was exalted is cast down", even as the pebble which departs from the summit of the rocks!

Thou art a little pebble, many of the rocks art mightier than thou art! So shall they be scattered throughout My Mountain and My Kingdom, for this thing is of Me, that they may glorify Me, even as I did with David! And the Kingdom shall be rent from thee for a little while by them which already despise thee and by them which have already rebelled against thee and by them which say, "See, see, this is the thing which he hath done! This doth prove that of which we have accused him!"

But I will smite them and stop their mouths and strike them down in My displeasure and remove them from the Kingdom, and it shall be returned to thee, and thou shalt be more exalted in thy end than in thy beginning. (Seeing picture of Michal) And they shall know it and glorify Me and love the King!

Even so shall Shimei be on the mountain and curse thee and cast stones at thee and Doeg the Traitor shall come unto thee, but thou shalt smite him, for he is a liar and not of thee, and thou shalt bear the smitings of the stones and the lashings of the tongues, because thou art nothing at all. Thou shall not smite Shimei and shalt not suffer men to smite him for this humiliation and disgrace is of Me, and this dethronement is of Me, but I shall preserve thee and thy most loyal men.

Get thee behind Me Satan, for My Ways are not your ways, for that which seemeth wrong unto man, that which seemeth against the laws of man, I will take the weak things to confound the mighty and the foolish things...And I will take the things which are not as though they are, that all may glory in Me, but know it is not thee, but I, the Lord that have done it.

For this cause shalt thou be called a man after My heart, and when thou art tried, thou shalt come through as gold, for thou shalt comfort others with the comfort wherewith thou hast been comforted. Thou shalt be brought low that thou shalt be made humble. That they may know that I am thy God and I put down whom I will and set up, and that it is I that have made thee ruler, and I am able to take thee from them and return thee unto them when thou has learned thy lesson, and when I have taught them to seek My face, and when they shall call thee in desperation and forgive thee, and say, "We need thee, for the Lord is with thee, and thy people shall be as our people, and thou shalt be our King, for art not thou of the House of Judah, and art thou not he that the Lord hath anointed? Therefore, return thou unto thine inheritance and we shall be thy people and thou shall be our King!"

And the latter end shall be greater than the former. And thou shalt rest in the end of thy days, having done My bidding for My Glory. And by this I shall purify the Kingdom and it shall be revealed who are thine enemies and who are thy friends. As I have said unto thee, The Division, The Division, and The Purifying, The Purifying, The Purging, The Purging. For I shall purge the Kingdom of them that will not follow, and of them that will not obey and of them that flaunt themselves against thee, and of them that say, "Hath not God also spoken through us? Are we not also prophets? How then shall Moses do this thing?" I shall come to them in My fury and wrath and they shall know that I am the Lord, and I choose, whom I will!

Be thou not as Joab, who in his haste did that which was right in his own eyes and heeded not the counsel of the King, which brought him to dishonour, but be thou as Joshua who did according to all that Moses did say unto him, that thou shalt have my blessing.

8/69, Laurentide: Revelation MO got in prayer regarding David's Kingdom:

Saul's idea was to preserve the kingdom at all costs--the followers, the people, the territorial Kingdom.--Don't lose the city; don't lose the power; don't lose control!--This is the idea of many. But what was the most important thing that David had to do? It was to protect Bathsheba, because this was the Kingdom! The Kingdom was not the throne or the city or the people, but the will of God! God had a far greater Kingdom in mind--the Kingdom of Christ--the Spiritual Kingdom. Even David's own personal power and position were not important, but the protection of the spiritual Kingdom and the spiritual line--the purity of the Message--the Spiritual Kingdom--that the calling and the message be kept clear and plain and not compromised. At any cost, that is to be preserved. David's real calling was to bring forth a Messiah--to be the forerunner of the Messiah. It was more important to protect Bathsheba and Solomon than his own personal power and glory or his own throne or the physical Kingdom! In a sense, it was more important that even David be preserved by Bathsheba and be kept and helped and brought through this period than it was for him to have the city or the throne! He was a preserver of the Message. The preservation of the King and of Bathsheba and of Solomon were more important that the preservation of the literal physical Kingdom and the city and the throne and the people, because through David and Bathsheba and Solomon was to come the Messiah and the fulfillment of the true spiritual Kingdom!

Even preserving him as a king was not as important as preserving him as a prophet and writer of the Psalms--a Messenger of the Messianic message!

He was more willing to give up the throne than Bathsheba because in so doing he was preserving the Messianic line, the Messianic Message, and the Messianic Kingdom--the true Spiritual Kingdom! By his willingness to give up the literal Kingdom, he was preserving the Spiritual Kingdom.

According to the Law, they were supposed to stone Bathsheba!--But she was one of God's exceptions, so they couldn't!

9/69, Prophecy given thru Abraham in Laurentide--Re: DIVISION

The Holy Ghost shall fight with you and there shall be Great Division and even a division in thy own home, but fear not, and be confident, and I the time to come.... They shall return again for thy word...shall be true and many shall see that a prophet has been among them!

Abraham's vision: I saw you, MO, in a red robe and sackcloth with rod in hand, and they were ashamed of you when you walked in, they were ashamed and some mocked and laughed and it was as though they weren't even part of the Revolution--the kids--and then I saw the side of your face and it's like seeing the Lord's profile within you and a real fire there. I've got such peace in my heart because I know that God is going to give you grace and strength, and it's like you're going to see the whole thing, but they'll be without understanding, and the light will be too bright for them to come to it--a fiery message--it's going to be a real strong fire in your heart, but it's all like it's within you. The outside is dead. The fire within you is the deepest kind that God placed on you so long ago, that when it comes to a decision of choosing one way or the other, it's the flame that brings you out!

MO: I will not doubt though all my ships come home with broken sails.

9/69, Prophecy given thru MO in Laurentide--Re: OLD AND NEW CHURCH

Even as I did reveal unto My Apostle Paul the difference between the Old and New, the Old Testament, and the New Testament, the Old Law and the New Grace, the Old Moses and the New Christ, the Old and the New Way, so have I revealed unto thee the difference between the Old Church and the New Church--that which is ready to pass away and that which shall endure unto the end!

7/71, Prophecy given thru Abraham--after "Key" and "Call" of David

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell. Fear not, David, for they shall speak against thee. They shall say that thou art mad, that thou hast belied the Children of God. They will accuse thee of that woman Jezebel (Mene?). Fear not, for after all these things come to pass, then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them. Then shall they know that I have anointed thee, and I will consume thine enemies from off the face of the whole earth, and I will take away their battlements, for they are not the Lord's and I will not have pity nor mercy, but I will rip the pillows from under the arms of those that sit at ease in Zion, for I have made thee a sharp toothed threshing instrument, and we shall remove the cloak that all may see the wickedness of Laodicea. Prophesy unto the House of Israel, and give them warning from me. Fear not to speak My Words, O David, fear not to speak, lest I confound thee before them, for they shall come against thee. Come ye out from among them and be ye separate. Be not partakers of her sins, for I shall carry thee into the Wilderness for times, time, and half a time.

Vision with prophecy: I had a vision of MO, and he had on a white robe with a staff in his hand, and I got the words, "Majestic Destiny, chosen one, there is no other." It was almost like he had such faith in his Creator and such a firm conviction of who he was, and what he was supposed to do. It was hard for me to believe some of the things the Lord was trying to tell me; almost like I didn't want to believe because of my unbelief, I almost feared to say everything. It was like the Lord was kind of disappointed in me. The part about Jezebel was really hard to give. It was so complicated, I know there were parts I missed.

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