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--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

The Fall Of the World System!--Babylon the Great Confusion!

By David Brandt Berg, May 14, 1981

REVELATION 18: "AND AFTER THESE THINGS I SAW ANOTHER ANGEL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, HAVING GREAT POWER; and the Earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird! For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies."

This Babylon is not just the ancient Babylon city of old--of which that Babylon was a type of the Babylon of all ages and the Babylon of today, this Babylon is the great World City Commercial System of wealth and money and riches and things and materialism! The religion of the WORLD is the worship of THINGS and not God! THAT is the Babylon which He's talking about. That is the Babylon which is used as the symbol and a symbolic name of all other Babylons and World Systems from the Beginning to the End!

--IN FACT, FROM THE VERY TIME THAT CAIN DISOBEYED THE LORD and instead of sacrificing the blood sacrifice that he was told to, decided he would sacrifice whatever he wanted to sacrifice, he would set his own standards, his own religion and decide on his own sacrifices, that would be his religion. And as a result God was greatly displeased and refused to accept his sacrifice, but rather accepted the sacrifice of his dear brother Abel who sacrificed a blood offering, a lamb, symbolic of Jesus Christ, which was pleasing to the Lord.

AND CAIN WAS VERY WROTH and ANGRY WITH HIS BROTHER ABEL THERE OUTSIDE THE GARDEN OF EDEN IN THE VERY BEGINNING, because God accepted his younger brother Abel's sacrifice and rejected his, the older brother Cain's. And the Lord asked him, "Why art thou wroth? Why is thy countenance fallen? Why art thou cast down?" He said, "If thy sacrifice is not accepted, then sin lieth at the door." (Ge.4:5-7) There are many people today who try to pretend to worship God and be religious and be holy and have some form of religious worship, but it's not God's! It's not what He has asked for. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can be a sacrifice and satisfy His commandments.

SO CAIN WAS SO WROTH WITH HIS BROTHER--THIS CAIN, THIS FIRST SYMBOL OF FALSE RELIGION and the worship of things and materialism and the gods of this World and disobedience unto the Lord, that he became very angry with his dear little brother whose sacrifice was simpler and perhaps less abundant but was in obedience, a blood sacrifice of a lamb symbolizing Jesus. So that Cain, the first false religionist, the head of the World's first false religion of disobedience to God and substituting his own righteousness and his own way and his own sacrifice instead of that which was commanded by God, became angry with the true believer, Abel, there just outside this Garden of Eden.

HE BECAME SO ANGRY BECAUSE THIS SIMPLE LITTLE YOUNGER BROTHER TRUE BELIEVER HAD BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE LORD because of his simple blood sacrifice, just trusting Jesus! Not mounting up piles of fruits and vegetables and wealth unto his supposed God, but just symbolizing the sacrifice of the blood of Christ. So that Cain, the beginning and the head of the World's first false religion, rose up like all other false religions of the World and like the World's whole false religion from the very Beginning, the Great Whore, Babylon, the great Witch who hath bewitched the World with her sorceries and her fornications! He rose up in anger, this self-righteous hypocrite, this Scribe and Pharisaical false religionist like all the rest that followed him!

HE ROSE UP and TRIED TO KILL THE TRUE WORSHIPER, THE OBEDIENT, LOVING WORSHIPER OF GOD, the one who had obeyed God and given the right sacrifice, and he did, he killed him!--Killed his own brother in a jealous, envious rage because his brother's sacrifice was accepted--so simple, so humble, but so obedient. And his own materialistic wealthy abundant sacrifice of his fruits of the field, his fruits of his own hands, his own labors, his own self-righteousness was rejected of God and displeased God because sin lay at his door in disobedience to God!

HE HAD NOT TRUSTED THE BLOOD OF CHRIST BUT HE WAS TRUSTING THE WORK OF HIS OWN HANDS, the labour of his own hands, his own works, his own self-righteousness to save him. And when he found out his sacrifice was rejected by God and this simple loving sacrifice of the blood of the lamb was accepted from Abel, Cain rose up in anger, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, jealousy, envy and KILLED his brother Abel!--The true sincere obedient worshiper and a truster in the Word of God, a truster in the Blood of Jesus, he killed him!

THIS SIMPLE LITTLE PICTURE OF CAIN and ABEL and the murder of Abel by his older brother Cain in jealous rage is a picture of the False Church and the True Church from that time on through 6000 years of man's history. The False Church, the false religion, the self-righteous, hypocritical, proud, selfish, self-dependent religion which rules over the kings of the Earth has always persecuted the poor pitiful little minority of Bible-believing, God-believing, God-obeying, Christ-trusting Christians and believers since the beginning of time.

THE FALSE CHURCH HAS ALWAYS PERSECUTED THE TRUE CHURCH, so Babylon, this iniquitous Whore, this false religion of the World, of all false churches and religions of the World put together--including man's greatest religion, the worship of materialism and wealth and riches and things--has always persecuted the true little church of believers who love and obey God and believe His Word and trust Him and follow Jesus.

HERE IN THIS GREAT BOOK OF REVELATION WE HAVE TWO WOMEN PICTURED: This horrible Whore, Witch, deceiver, sorceress who has deceived the nations of the Earth and rules over the kings and the powers and the governments of the Earth, always persecuting the true Bride of Christ, the true pure simple childlike Church of Jesus Christ, the real Wife of Christ, always persecuted and hounded and vilified and tortured and always suffering under this false Bride, this pretended Bride of God, the false Woman, the false Wife, the false Whore, the Phoney Church!

WE SEE THE TWO WOMEN OF THIS BOOK, ONE VERY GOOD, BEAUTIFUL and PURE LIKE MARY HERSELF, THE BRIDE OF CHRIST; the other evil, wicked--though beautiful--but a licentious fornicator, adulteress, witch, harlot and Mother of Harlots, the False Church! Not only the false religions but the greatest religion of all, that of the worship of things, Materialism--riches, wealth, power! She is the false Bride who rules over the kings of this Earth! She is the Bride of many kings and many whoremongers and many governments and many rulers! She loves and fornicates them all for gain in order that she might be rich and powerful and rule as a queen, and she thinks she shall see no sorrow!

WHILE THE POOR PITIFUL LITTLE TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST LIKE MARY OF OLD, FLEES LIKE A LITTLE CHILD OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS for protection from the Lord, persecuted by the Devil and hounded by his Witch, chased after by the Monster and persecuted by his Mistress, but at last she gets her due, at last! We're going to read what happens to her in the End, here at the very End in the Tribulation when the Antichrist himself destroys her! This Antichrist government, this great Red Beast turns upon her and devours her and destroys her with fire, and his ten kings devour her, pitch into her and burn her with fire and destroy her!--All the false religions of the World, all the false religions of Babylon City System, the Commercial, Capitalistic, Materialistic System of the World!

GOD THINKS IT'S SUCH A TREMENDOUS EVENT THAT HE DEVOTES AN ENTIRE CHAPTER TO IT, a fairly long chapter, in how she is finally destroyed, how the World cities are finally destroyed, how their banks and office-buildings and temples of worship are finally totally destroyed, wiped out, and a great deal of the World! Very suddenly, very quick, He says, in a day, in one hour! All the great riches are destroyed!

WHICH SIDE DO YOU WANT TO BE ON? Do you want to be on the one that seems to be winning NOW and is NOW in power with Satan and the Antichrist and the False Bride, the Whore, the Harlot, the Wicked Woman, the Witch and her Monster and to be a winner for a little while, and then a loser forever?

--OR WOULD YOU RATHER SEEM TO BE A LOSER NOW, seem to be the underdog, seem to be the loser and the one who is downtrodden and persecuted and vilified and maligned and mistreated as we are by the forces of the World System, but a final ultimate victor, an eternal winner who cannot lose because we will conquer the Earth and we will take power over all the forces of this World and over the wicked who remain to teach them how it should have been, to teach them the power of God! Some may even then learn the love of God, I don't know, but we will rule and reign over them with Jesus Christ, it says, "with a rod of iron," by force, in other words! (Re.2:27)

TODAY THEY HAVE, YOU HAVE, EVERYONE HAS, AN OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE KINGDOM OF GOD VOLUNTARILY IN LOVE and willingly obey the laws of God and His Kingdom, the Law of love! He has only one law left, just the Law of LOVE!--No more Ten Commandments!--Just God's Law of Love! No more of those horrible Mosaic Laws and Commandments that were impossible to keep, which the foolish Jews still think they can keep, or try to or claim to, which is a lie, it's impossible!

THAT'S WHY JESUS DIED, GOD WANTED TO SHOW MAN IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE PERFECT, it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep God's perfect laws like the Laws of Moses, IMPOSSIBLE! No man can keep the Ten Commandments! No man can keep the Laws of Moses, it's IMPOSSIBLE! That's why GOD had to send His Own Son Jesus to SACRIFICE Himself on Calvary and shed His BLOOD and DIE for us and take our punishment FOR us, the punishment demanded by the law of DEATH, that we might come under the Law of LIFE and LOVE in Christ Jesus!

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Are you still laboring under the Law of Death that's impossible to keep and are you a sinner doomed to die?--Or have you received Jesus' sacrifice for your sins and believed on Him and confessed Him and come under God's Law of Grace and Mercy and Love and been saved, the winning side, the side which will ultimately win the victory over the forces of Evil and take over this World and run it right and make it a Garden of Eden on Earth, the restored Garden of God!

DO YOU WANT TO BE AMONGST THE LOSERS OR THE WINNERS?--The seeming losers of today but the winners of tomorrow and Eternity?--Or do you prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season and be an eternal loser? God's Word says of the great Moses that "he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of Egypt and sin for a season, having respect unto the recompense of the reward." (He.11:25,26) He could see OVER his day and its afflictions into Heaven and the glories of reward! "Having respect unto the recompense of the reward" and the riches of Christ Jesus!

WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE?--THE PLEASURES OF SIN FOR A SEASON?--The treasures of this Earth for the moment? The plaudits and praises of man NOW and be an eternal LOSER in Hell for ages, suffering, losing everything, a rebel against God!--Which would you rather have? The pleasures of sin for a season, rebelliousness against God, willfully going your own way, doing as you please, living a life of lust for money and power and greed and wealth and materialism and the Whore, fornicating the Whore of this World System and to be destroyed with it very soon?--Or to suffer a little while now with the people of God, the underdogs, the persecuted, the maligned, the reviled, the tortured, tormented and massacred and martyred! Just a little while more, not very long, but eventual victors!

EVEN SO WE ARE VICTORS, MORE THAN CONQUERORS EVEN! We're MORE than conquerors! (Rom.8:37) What could be more than a CONQUEROR? You say, "A conqueror is the conqueror, he is the winner!--Who could be any more?" You know what's better than a winner or a conqueror?--A good LOSER!--Someone who can lose gracefully, who can be MORE than a conqueror, willing to lose and suffer now, in a sense, sacrifice all and give up your life for Jesus Christ, LOSE your life for His sake and the Gospel's and you'll SAVE it; but he that SAVETH his life shall LOSE it! (Mk.8:35) Which will it be with you?

ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE FOR TODAY and SAVE YOUR LIFE and EVENTUALLY LOSE IT?--Or are you going to live for Christ and lose your life and eventually save it FOREVER? The choice is up to you! Right now! Today!--Tonight! Right there where you are right this minute you're making the choice! You're either hardening your heart against the message of God "And he that being often reproved and hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be DESTROYED," CUT OFF, had your LAST chance!--Or you're OPENING your heart! (Pr.29:1)

THIS NIGHT, THIS DAY, THIS MESSAGE, THIS MOMENT MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE to EVER repent and EVER believe and EVER receive Jesus Christ and EVER confess Him EVER again! This may be your last chance!

YOU'D BETTER RECEIVE HIM RIGHT NOW, IN JESUS' NAME, and ASK HIM TO FORGIVE YOU! Tell Him you believe He is the Son of God, ask Him to come into your heart! Receive Him and confess Him so you can be saved right NOW and escape the horrors to come, escape the judgments of God to come which are gonna be far worse than the judgments of man! Receive Jesus now! This may be your last chance, the last one you deserve!

YOU MAY BE PASSING THE POINT OF NO RETURN and never be able to repent again, because God's Spirit will not always strive with you. This may be the last time you'll feel that tug at your heart, that desire to open the door of your heart to Jesus! You may never get another chance! Your time is always ready! (Jn.7:6) You've had your chance. God could kill you any time and be justified and send you into Hell for your sins because He gave you every chance to repent, to confess, to receive Him, believe on Him, confess Him before men! Which will it be with you tonight? Now's the time!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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doug says...
You are right in who is Babylon keep on studying revolution and daniel ..much more will be reviewed!
21st March 2019 2:21am
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