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Never Run From a Dog!

By David Brandt Berg, #2367 5/85
How to deal with a dog attack

Never run from a dog, or he may chase you! There are a lot of things I should have run from that I didn't and got beat up! Once in awhile I ran, but I found out you should never run from a dog, that's for sure, because then they'll attack you! They figure you must be guilty or you wouldn't be running! Aren't dogs smart? If you stand up and challenge them, they back off! They figure, "Well, maybe he's got some right to be here for some reason."--Especially if you challenge them in the Name of Jesus! I've stopped them in their tracks! You never ever turn your back on a dog that's barking and growling and snapping, or he will definitely bite you then! You face him, you never turn your back! Mama knows this too, she's seen me go through a few of these encounters on our walks. Always be prepared to defend yourself and face the dog. He may be standing there barking and snapping and growling and snarling and baring his teeth like he'd just like to get a hunk out of you, but if you look him right in the eye, especially with the power of the Holy Spirit, usually he'll go that far and no further, he'll stay a few feet away. And if you've got a good stick that looks like you can whack him one, sometimes that will keep some of them away.--Although I've had'm grab the end of my stick sometimes!

As I've told you, the surest method is a missile, and I'm not talking about rockets!--The very earliest missile Man ever learned to use, the same kind of missiles that little David used with Goliath! You just stoop right down and pick up a rock! Don't turn your back to do it though, keep facing him and look around out of the corners of your eyes if there are any rocks around on the ground, and if you dive for a rock and throw it at him, he will run! And I have found--and Mama has seen this happen--if I couldn't see any rocks or anything to throw, I pretended I was reaching for a rock. I just reached down on the ground and grabbed something and the dog couldn't tell whether I'd really found a rock or not! I'd hold it back like this and that's all you have to do! In fact, usually if you just reach for a rock they'll run! Remember that, it's very important! If you're out someplace where people don't lock their gates and leave their wild dogs running wild, you may wish you'd remembered this!

So I've never run from a dog, but sometimes I've run from countries!--From country to country!--Ha! Sometimes it pays to run, the Lord recommended it. He said in some cases you're to flee, don't try to stay and fight it out.--Mat.10:23. Maybe you can stay a little while and fight it out until you see you can't win, and you're bound to lose because they've got the upper hand. The System always wins, you can't fight City Hall, and when it gets too tough and too rough and you really can't do your job, then get out! That's a good time to run!--AMEN?

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