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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family

Psychic sees the Future!

--A New World Is Born!--Prophecies of the End at the Birth of a New Nation!

By David Brandt Berg, December 22, 1973
(Prophecies and visions during a caravan conference of over 100 pilgrims of the earliest members of the Children of God at Cheesequake Park, New Jersey, September 21, 1969, are being fulfilled today!)

"Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled:Who among them can declare this, and show us former things? Let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified:Or let them hear, and say, It is truth." ( Isaiah 43:9 )

I SEE THESE AUTOMOBILE ASSEMBLY LINES and they are moving in a brightly lighted factory. I got this while Josh was reading the Scripture just now in Isaiah 43. I never had a picture like this before without any words. All the car lines are moving in different directions.

ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY ARE TURNED INTO CARRIAGES, WAGON WHEELS AND BUGGIES! Apparently the day is coming when they aren't going to make automobiles any more! It was clearer than usual in this vision. I've never seen anything like that! The wheels were the first thing I noticed.

Cars turned to carriages

WHY WOULD THAT COME RIGHT NOW, LORD? (Josh was reading of former things.) I saw a horse-corral fence with a saddle on it, and another picture of an old fashioned lamp handing from the ceiling--no electric lights!

NOW I SEE SOMETHING ELSE. THERE'S APPARENTLY SOME KIND OF MISSILE SATELLITE UP THERE ORBITING OVERHEAD and it is a full of like pigeon holes, and out of each pigeon hole the nose of a bomb is sticking out, and they are tilted in such a way so that they can suddenly be released at a signal.

Multiple warhead satellite

(WE NOW KNOW THESE ARE THE DEADLY "MIRVs," MULTIPLE WARHEAD SATELLITES.) Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen or heard described before. Each is exactly pointed at the target it should hit. Not just one big bomb, but a whole bunch of bombs like in a rocket tubes.

I SEE SOME MORE IN THE BED OF THE SEA coming right up out of the seaweed out of like caves down under the ocean, as though they are coming from the ocean floor.

THERE ARE WHOLE CURTAINS OF MATERIAL THEY USE TO CONFUSE RADAR--like they are being strewn across the water and very slowly sinking into the ocean to protect the location of the rocket launchers on the ocean floor.

THEN THERE IS A SURFACE AND IT IS ALL POCK-MARKED LIKE A BEEHIVE, or it's well,--I don't understand it--it's very peculiar! I suppose they could be craters, but it's like it's almost saturated with these craters over a whole surface! It has something to do with the telescope at Jodril Banks in England.

THINGS ARE FALLING ALL OVER THE PLACE! I get impression that it is symbolic of the power that is taking over the world.

NOW A FUNNY SQUARE THING IS SPIRALING OUT OF A HOLE with something like a rocket tube at each corner that seems to be propelling it. It's going around too fast for me to figure out the design.

MY IMPRESSION IS THAT THE DESIGN IS VERY SIGNIFICANT. It's travelling as though spinning around this red wire or line (laser beam?) that is coming up out this hole and that seems to go right through the middle of it.

IT'S BEING GUIDED BY THE RED LINE. It's a black and yellow square platform whirling round and round being guided by the red line. (Blacks and Yellows being guiding by Reds?)

THIS BLACK AND YELLOW THING LOOKING LIKE SOME KIND OF A SYMBOL CAME WHIRLING IN A SPIRAL OUT OF A PIT looking almost mechanical, but it must have had something to do with the spiritual because suddenly there came a beautiful glory like the glory of Heaven that descended from above and crushed it!

THEN I SEE THIS BIG MECHANICAL EYE OPERATED BY THESE MEN. It's like it's on a frame up there that seems to be watching everything--very malevolent!--But suddenly a very brilliant white light like a shaft or beam or ray of light strikes it, and everything is turned to fire and the thing is destroyed!

THE DESIGN CAME TO A POINT AT BOTH ENDS, AND THE RED LINE WENT RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER of the design. It resembled a wheel, and as though the two things coming out of the wheel are two wings--One from each side.

WHEN THIS HAPPENED EVERYTHING MELTED AND CHURNED, ESPECIALLY AROUND THE SEA. The sea was very stirred up like it was boiling! Things in the vicinity of the sea melted.

THE EVIL MECHANICAL EYE SEEMS TO BE HIDDEN BEHIND SOME BLACK CLOUDS ABOVE US AND IS WATCHING US--the same one that is destroyed by the shaft of brilliant white light. There's a big explosion, and then all these little explosions. They lay out like a pattern--a saturation.

THERE IS ONE GREAT BIG EXPLOSION, BUT IT SEEMS TO TRIGGER ALL THESE LITTLE EXPLOSIONS that saturate the surface, as though the big explosion fired these things. It will trigger something that will actually saturate the area they want to cover with smaller explosions in the specific area, so that it was as though much more localised this way, it was a fairly small area that was covered--maybe like one county--but that entire area was completely saturated!

THE EXPLOSIONS FOLLOWED A PATTERN LIKE A BEEHIVE FROM THE BIG EXPLOSION. Apparently these bombs explode and scatter smaller things. I saw them coming down all over the place! They looked like sticks with fan-like tails that seem to be all scattered out in a pattern.

NOW I SEE BEAUTIFUL GREEN HILLS, VALLEYS AND TREES, like you see from an airplane--lakes, rivers, streams, farms--everything is peaceful! They're plowing with a mule. Everybody's wearing long dresses. Finally they all climb into a buggy. The house has old-fashioned windows that look like they are made of handmade glass with funny bubbles in it. Everything is green and growing! Everything is beautiful and growing!

FOR IT IS EVEN AS I HAVE SAID IN MY WORD, that I shall show you these things--and declare them unto you that they may testify that ye are My witnesses. Even as I have said it they shall surely come to pass even as thou hast seen, and they shall know that I have spoken it!"

I SEE GREAT BIG PARKING LOTS FULL OF SILENT VEHICLES--miles and miles of parked cars, trucks, vehicles, just sitting there rusting, as though all the autos in the world were out of commission! Even though we change our garb and our clothing, our use of automobiles will eventually be a testimony against us!

(THE MINUTE WE BEGAN TO LISTEN TO THE LORD'S RECORDED WRITTEN WORD, immediately we put ourselves in the position of being willing to listen, so then the Lord began to speak and give us the living word!)

(More prophecies at the birth of God's New Nation!--October 3, 1969--in an history-making session at Pittsburgh Bible School campground with over 100 early Children of God caravaners!)

THUS SHALL YE DO, AND THUS SHALL YE SPEAK, and thus shall ye wear, and thus shall ye eat, and even thus shall ye ride, for I the Lord have spoken it! For thinkest thou that these be great things I have done unto thee?

THUS SHALT DO EVEN GREATER THINGS! For thou shalt go forth in the spirit and power not of Elijah but of Elisha, with a double portion of My power, if thou wearest robes in sincerity and honesty, and thou liest not to man nor to the Holy Ghost, and thou dost not don the mantle of power as the hypocrites don hypocritical robes of self-righteousness.

BUT THOU SHALT DON THE MANTLE OF MY POWER because it shall be all the clothing thou shalt have! For thou that saith thou hast forsaken all have not yet forsaken all that ye have!

FOR THOU SHALT ABANDON ALL OF THESE THING, EVEN THESE ABOMINABLE CHARIOTS OF CONTAMINATION, and thou shalt return unto the pure things I have created and the ways that I the Lord have made, which My prophets used from the days of Adam until now! For men shall return again unto these things.

THINKEST THOU THAT IN THE DAYS OF PURITY TO COME--THINKEST THOU THAT IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF PURENESS THAT SHALL COME SHORTLY--THAT THERE SHALL BE THESE FOUL THINGS which contaminate my pure air, that slay more than they that die in battle, and that this people worshippeth as their gods, the molten images which their own hands have created? Thinkest thou that during the age of ages these things shall be?

NAY! I SAY, NO, IT SHALL NOT BE SO! FOR IN THAT GOLDEN AGE I SHALL RULE upon the Earth in person with a rod of iron and ye shall rule with Me in mightly power!

THEN THE LION SHALL LIE DOWN WITH THE LAMB and the bear shall eat grass like the ox and the child shall play on the hole of the asp and nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain! Thinkest thou that I shall then allow these horrible chariots of contamination to roar and race as demons of fire?--Nay, it shall not be so!

FOR EVEN AS I AM MAKING THEE AN EXAMPLE OF FUTURE THINGS, EVEN SO SHALL I MAKE THY VERY VEHICLES EXAMPLES when ye do believe that which ye do preach and prophesy! For the time is coming when these things shall no longer be.

YE SHALL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO FILL THEM WITH FUEL which is not of Me, but of the enemy--which defiles, slays My People, and doth cause them to boast in their pride and their prosperity and to hasten down the broad ways through the gate that leadeth unto destruction!

ALL THESE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE, FOR THIS HASTE WITH WHICH THEY RUN IS NOT OF ME, and this hurry with which they haste is not of Me! For they run they know not where and they haste they know not what for! They are as sheep having no shepherd, who run--many, many running to and fro in the last days.

FOR THIS KNOWLEDGE WHICH HAS BEEN INCREASED IN THESE LAST DAYS HAS BEEN MORE OF EVIL THAN OF GOOD! And these horrible things--these idols which they make with their hands--these machinations of their evil mind's are an abomination unto Me! These chariots of fire which they have made of Satanic fire are not of Me, but they bring confusion and noise and destruction and horror and death!

BUT RATHER THOU SHALT RIDE WITHIN THE PEACEFUL, SLOW AND PONDEROUS TIME-CONSUMING VEHICLES OF THE PAST AND OF THE FUTURE, drawn by those peaceful beasts of burden which My hand hath created, which eat grass by the wayside and contaminate not the atmosphere, but even fertilise the grass they eat that it may grow greener and fresher for those that pass again that way.

THIS IS THAT WHICH I HAVE MADE AND WHICH I INTEND TO BE--which hath been and which shall be, even as I the Lord have made it! And ye shall be an example unto them as some have been, even these which live now within this province, and yet whom I have blessed and prospered and increased with riches of things which are needful, because they have obeyed Me and not turned unto these things. (The Pennsylvania Amish farmers)

BUT THESE HAVE OBEYED ME AND GROWN THAT WHICH IS PURE IN MINE EYES AND EATEN NATURAL FOODS, AND NOT BUILDED ABOMINABLE TEMPLES unto Me which are not unto Me, but unto their pride and false doctrines! (The Amish build no church buildings, but worship in homes.) But these simple ones have worshipped me according to that which I have commanded them, and have ridden in simple horse-drawn vehicles, though thou thyself has mocked them in times past!

YET, WHEN THE EVIL DAYS COME, these that have worshipped their Creator in the days of their youth and have not changed the garb nor food nor homes in which they worship, these shall survive and live on and shall still be transported and shall still eat the fruits of their hands!

FOR THEY HAVE BEEN A PEACEFUL PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO SALUTE EMBLEMS (the Amish refuse to salute the flag)neither eat they defiled foods nor build temples of abomination! For they have obeyed Me, not in all things but to the best of their knowledge.

AND THOU SHALT ALSO DO THESE THINGS. FOR THOU SHALT SHOW FORTH THAT WHICH IS TO COME. For there is nothing new under the sun, and that which is and that which is to be hath already been! but these other abominable things which contaminate and create noise and haste to slay thousands shall no longer be in all My Holy Mountain!

THEREFORE, BE NOT AS OTHER BUT FORSAKE ALL THESE THINGS AND FOLLOW ME according to My Word and as My prophets, both afoot and in wagons and in chariots drawn by beasts of burden which I have created according to My Will and according to the beautiful things which I have made for the time of peace and the Age of Peace that is soon to come!

THUS SAITH THE LORD, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT! Thou, too, shalt not delay. Do not thou be so long as thou hast been in these other things, for the time is short and the days are evil!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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Lorral Weaver (US) says...
All of my life I have always had a vision of living in the way that this article describes from Scripture! I have never been more at peace and happier than when I was in the country side living off of the land. I now believe from reading this that Jesus was trying to tell me that this is the way that He intended for man to live, but because of my impatience and disobedience, I allowed my life to be turned down the wrong path on where I lived. I so long for the life described in this article. ... Read More
8th October 2018 1:16am
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