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"...for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God."
--1 Corinthians 2:10b Mo Letters from David Berg and the Children of God / The Family


-- By David Brandt Berg, March 2, 1975
The Deluge

IN MY DREAM THERE WAS THIS TOWN built on the shoulder of this beautiful lake. It was a pretty little resort town and the climate was very delightful. I thought, "It must be the water that gives this place such a nice climate, mild, trees, grass and flowers and balmy breezes."

THEY WERE HAVING SOME KIND OF A CELEBRATION, a big performance and parade in the main square of the town which was on the shoulder of the lake. The parade was down this main street that led from the square down the hill. They'd built bleachers on both sides of the main street facing the square and all the way down the street to watch the performance and the parade.

I WAS LOOKING FOR A SEAT AND I SAW THIS VERY SWEET PRETTY BLONDE girl with a small baby about six months old that wasn't quite toddling yet, and she was holding it. She was seated up pretty high in the bleachers. I saw there was room beside her so I climbed up there and sat down beside her and she seemed quite pleased.

WE BEGAN TO TALK and I was getting acquainted with her and she seemed quite taken with me 'cause I was helping her with the baby. You know me, I like kids, and apparently she didn't seem to have anybody except this old dowager and some Systemites who were sitting beside her and seemed to be some kind of relatives. The old lady was a real snob!

IT SEEMED LIKE I AND A LITTLE HANDFUL OF PEOPLE HAD JUST COME to this town like strangers visiting it and were sort of curiously watching all the proceedings as we so often do, looking at the people and their parade and observing the whole situation interestedly. But as I sat there talking to this girl I told her:

"There's something about this situation I don't like." This town is built on a slope that leads down from the edge of the lake, and that main street all crowded with people and lined with bleachers and seats runs downhill from the edge of the lake, rather steeply downhill into a sort of a valley.

ALTHOUGH THERE WERE MOUNTAINS ON BOTH SIDES, unlike most valleys that you often find at a water's edge, lake or sea that usually run downward from the mountains to the edge of the water, this slope ran downhill from the edge of the water down into a deep deep gorge between the mountains.

I THOUGHT, "THAT'S STRANGE!" And she said, "Yes, that's true. You know this town is really built on a big earthfill like a dam between those two big mountains on the shore that holds back the waters of the lake." In other words, it wasn't built on a real natural foundation but this whole slope was all man-made!

IT WAS MADE VERY BEAUTIFULLY. At the top and where the city square was they had rounded it over like the top of a dam or earthfill and made it slope down just a little toward the shore of the lake where there was this park along the edge of the lake.

I SAID, "WELL, I DON'T LIKE THIS SITUATION with all these people here and the rumble and weight of all these big trucks and floats on this street and the thunder of all the fireworks at the edge of the lake. Aren't you guys afraid of living in such a spot as this?"

BUT THE OLD LADY SPOKE UP, who didn't seem to like me, and snarled, "We built this town here and it's our lifelong spot and we like it and we're not afraid of anything! It's people like you that are always trying to tell us it's not safe here.

"WE'VE HAD A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU TELLING US IT'S AN UNSAFE PLACE to live, but we've been here a long time and nothing has ever happened. It's a good sound safe dam and we built it, and you prophets of doom are always trying to warn us it's not a safe place to live, but we've been here a long time and nothing's ever happened."

SO I SAID, "WELL, I SURE WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE HERE! I think I'm going to start looking for a way out of here, because with all this weight and all these people and vibrations concentrated here and what's going on here, I'm afraid it might crack this dam with all that water up there! ...Wow!"

THE GIRL SEEMED TO BELIEVE what I said and looked a little fearful, so I took her by the hand and said, "Come on, let's get out of here before this thing blows!" So we took the baby and started running through the side-streets toward the surrounding hills.

SURE ENOUGH, ALL OF A SUDDEN the ground underneath our feet began to shake and tremble and rumble and people began to get scared and scream and run! We were fighting our way through the crowd trying to run (as you face the lake) toward this mountain on the right, a big hill.

BUT WE WERE ALMOST BEING SWEPT DOWNHILL by the crowd who were running, of all things, away from the lake downhill! Instead of toward the hills on each side, they were running downhill, down the main street even deeper into the gorge!

THEN SUDDENLY THERE WAS THIS HUGE ROAR just as she and I were beginning to struggle out of the crowd toward the hill and up this little narrow road that wound over the shoulder of the hill going out of town. We could see it climbed up onto the mountain that we were trying to get to.

THERE WAS THIS DEAFENING ROAR as this whole gigantic earthfill began to crack and the water began to pour over the top and run right into the square and down the main street sweeping everything with it!

THE SPEAKER'S PLATFORM that had been having all the fancy speeches like they always do--all those "Aren't we great!" speeches--was swept away, the platform and all the big shots, right down the main street! It was sweeping all the bleachers away with it, this big flood of water.

IT WAS HORRIBLE as we looked back and saw all the people screaming and yelling and shrieking and the bodies rolling down the street in big globs, big bunches of people swept down the street rolling over and over and over!

IT WAS A HORRIBLE SIGHT! It looked like it does when you're surfing sometimes when the wave sweeps you right onto the shore and you roll over and over in the surf in the water. Only this big wave instead of diminishing was increasing, the depth of the water was rapidly deepening and sweeping everything in its path!

I REMEMBER SEEING PEOPLE SWEPT DOWN SOME BIG BROAD STEPS of this big building, like the sidewalk of the street was partly steps, and the bodies were all rolling down these steps. I said just before the worst hit,

"MY LORD, WHY ARE THEY ALL RUNNING THE WRONG DIRECTION! They should be all running up to the mountains on each side instead of down into the gorge! They ought to be trying to get up on higher ground!" But just like a bunch of dumb sheep they all began stampeding in the same direction like they didn't know which way to go, so they all ran in the direction they were most used to going, which was down the main street.

IT REMINDS ME OF THE SCRIPTURE, "BROAD IS THE WAY THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION and many there be that go in thereat". It was just senseless, like in a sudden panic they didn't seem to know which way to run. We kept screaming at them, but by this time the roar was so deafening they couldn't hear us anymore.

WE HAD WARNED THEM, that group of people sitting there with the girl, then we got up and left. So we did warn them. But now after the flood really began to hit it was too late. The city people just panicked and all ran right down the hill, apparently toward their homes which they'd all built down in the valley.

BUT THE FLOOD JUST SWEPT EVERYTHING ALL AWAY, and I and this girl stood hand in hand up on the hillside up to one side and looked back down into the valley and it was a horrible, terrible, terrible scene of devastation, nothing but wreckage and tangled dead bodies!

BUT WE DIDN'T DARE STAY THERE or try to help because the dam was cracking more and more and we had to get to higher ground. It was all lost, there was no way we could help them now, it was just too late. She and I fled with the same little groups of friends who had been with me when we first came to town.

WE FLED UP THE WINDING MOUNTAIN ROAD TO A LITTLE VILLAGE, this pretty quaint little old-fashioned village with peasants like you might find up in the mountains of Switzerland. The people were really friendly and kind to us.

THEY GAVE US THIS OLD DESERTED CHALET TO LIVE IN that looked like it hadn't been occupied for years. It was kind of broken down and needed repair. I remember it had a very large lounge in the centre just as you came through the front door, like an old hunting lodge.

THE ROOMS WERE ON A BALCONY ABOVE surrounding the lounge. On the other side of the lounge at the back there was a stairway that led up to the balcony, and right beside it on the left the girl that I had led out of the valley discovered there was a big kitchen and serving pantry which was apparently built to serve meals to guests in the lounge. She was so delighted she said,

"OH, NOW WE CAN FEED EVERYBODY! Now we'll have a way to feed all the refugees!" Apparently there must have been some other people besides us that had escaped, and they began trickling into the building behind us through the front door.

EVERYBODY WAS A BEDRAGGLED MESS, a lot of them soaking wet and with some of their clothes ripped off and some with bumps and scratches and cuts and bruises. The village people had made this an emergency rescue centre and had given it to us to operate to help all these people.--And that's the last I remember!

Well of course, I think the meaning's pretty clear--it's almost too clear!. THE CITY REPRESENTS THE MAN-MADE SYSTEM built on a false man-made foundation, not on God's good solid ground. It was really built in a valley instead of on a hill or mountain and had no firm rock base. I remember seeing that dam begin to crumble just like it was made of mud as the water swept over it.

IT REMINDS ME OF THE MAN'S HOUSE IN THE BIBLE THAT WAS BUILT ON THE SAND. In spite of our warnings the people wouldn't listen, so we grabbed this pretty young girl and her baby and fled out of the city. This reminds me of how we took the believing youth and children out of America before its destruction. (To be fulfilled in God's time)

THE OLD DOWAGER looked exactly like that horrible picture our artists drew of the "Old Church" . She was so sour and sarcastic and sneering at our warnings, saying, "People have been telling us that for a long time", like the Scripture: "All things continue as they were."--"We wish you guys would go away and leave us alone and quit bothering us!"--Which we did!

BUT THE FLOOD DID COME AND SWEEP THEM ALL AWAY, just like it's going to sweep away the present ungodly world system. But we had found a refuge amongst those friendly poor peasant people up in the hills.

THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGERS MUST REPRESENT THE POOR NATIONS OF THE WORLD, THE THIRD WORLD, who are going to be remote and away from the scene of action and the war that's going to destroy the big rich cities and nations of the West. My distinct impression was that as you faced that lake you were facing North.

WE FLED UP THE HILL TO THE RIGHT, SO WE FLED EAST--eastward--away from the West toward the East! So symbolically that means we're fleeing from the Western world toward the Orient, the ancient East. The people in that mountain village with their native costumes looked like the ones you see in these old countries and villages of Eastern Europe or Turkey or the Mideast like Yugoslavia or some place like that, very quaint native costumes like they put on for their fiestas.

THERE AMONGST THESE KIND FRIENDLY POOR EASTERN THIRD WORLD PEOPLE we found a place of refuge which they gave to us and we fixed up to help the other poor refugees, which is like we're helping so many of the poor little lost and fleeing children of the West, hippies and young people who are fleeing from the destruction to come.

THE SERVING PANTRY is like the means we have of feeding the people: Our printshops for producing our lit to feed the hungry souls.

THAT PRETTY BLONDE GIRL, a typical American girl, reminds me of how we and the American youth really lead the way. We rescued them and others out of the mess of America. We were all so happy we'd found a place of refuge where we could feed and help others, which is exactly what we have all done throughout the whole world!

WE HAVE FOUND MANY PLACES OF REFUGE and many old lodges to lodge in that people have given us or helped us to get. People of these countries are taking care of us, while in turn we've turned around and fed them spiritually from our printshops, the pantries of the Word, the print pantries where you produce the food for the people's souls!

WE ALL WERE SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS NICE OLD REFUGE provided by these dear people where we could feed the refugees fleeing from the system. Isn't that amazing?

THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNGODLY SYSTEM OF AMERICA AND THE WEST WILL SURELY COME as the Lord has promised, so we're to keep on being faithful in leading out the refugees and preparing places of refuge where we can house and feed them physically as well as spiritually.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

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James Arendt

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