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Unnatural Disasters -- Judgements of God by the Devil!

By David Brandt Berg - June, 1985
House distroyed in the Oct. 23, 2004 Niigata earthquake
House distroyed in the Oct. 23 2004 Niigata earthquake

The World calls them "natural" disasters, but they're not natural, they're very unnatural! They're not the way God intended for things to be or for the World to be with all these earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, huge storms and floods and terrible things that happen. God didn't plan the Earth that way and plan its climate, etc., to be that way. Sometimes I believe as my Father did about storms, etc., that they are executed by the Devil! He used to quote the Scripture to back it up, that the Devil is called "The prince of the power of the air."-- Eph.2:2 .

The Devil is like God's law enforcement man, almost like a police force or the prosecuting attorney. A country or a city has a police force which will usually only attack you if you do wrong.--I mean that's the ideal, for punishment, for wrong-doing. Now that may be a shocking conception to some people, but I've mentioned it before, that the Devil is like the Prosecuting Attorney. He's the Accuser of the Saints! There it is, clear as anything!-- Rev.12:10 .

When criminals go to court they are accused by the prosecuting attorney for the state. He brings up the charges and the evidence and accuses them of their crimes and holds up the law and tells the Judge, "Look, here's the law they broke, they need to be punished! Sock it to'm!" The Judge is like God, see? And the Prosecuting Attorney is the accuser. In this case the Devil is the Accuser of the Saints, not the criminals, but he is also the accuser of criminals. In our case, we are Saints, not criminals. But he is given the authority and the right to accuse, and if it's a correct judgement and accusation, even the right to be not only the accuser but the executioner of judgement on those who break God's Laws and who are in rebellion against the Lord.

So over years of experience and testimony of the Word and experience of others and some of the beliefs of people I respect and who know the Lord, like my Mother and Father, I've come to pretty well believe that too, that the Devil is the prince of the power of the air, and sometimes when it comes to these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions he seems to be prince of the power of the deep too! He lets all Hell break out and come loose! These terrible unnatural disasters, there's nothing natural about them! They're very unnatural, contrary to God's usual laws of nature or that which is natural. That which is natural, according to the nature God has created, is beautiful, wonderful, perfect, peaceful, marvellous! There wasn't even any rain, much less any storms before the Flood!

So they're very unnatural disasters, and more and more as I see and read and hear about them, especially the people that they're striking, I'm more inclined to think that they are the judgements of God executed by the Devil! You say, "Now how is that possible that God could allow the Devil to do such things?" Well, if the people deserve the punishment, why not? The Devil loves to destroy, he loves to create chaos and confusion, and if the people deserve it, why not let him? That's what they've asked for, really, by their behaviour and by their rebellion against God and defiance of His laws and breaking of His commandments and persecuting of His people and causing horrible things to happen to little children and all, cultures and societies which even persecute children and make their lives miserable, with wars and famines and things like that too.

I can't help but think those people must have deserved it! There must be some reason for it or God wouldn't have let it happen! Because He has promised peace and prosperity and rain and blessing upon His children and those who are good and try to keep His commandments, even if they don't know His Word and don't know Him. He speaks of them as those who are without the law, who knew not their Master's Will. He said there are those there that even try to do right and try to do good, knowing the difference between right and wrong.-- Rom.2:14 .

And then if people just stubbornly and rebelliously and with great meanness do things which are evil and wrong and wicked which harm others, even harm little children and helpless women and old folks and things like that like they're doing in Lebanon and everywhere around the World, why shouldn't God let the Devil let loose all Hell on Earth to sock it to'm? The Devil's cruel people, the Devil's own children are always attacking the good and the innocent and destroying those who are trying to do good.

Well, one thing that God doesn't like and will usually stop is when the Devil starts accusing God's Own saints and starts persecuting God's people. The Lord may allow it for a little while to accomplish His purpose, to drive'm out of a country that doesn't deserve to hear any more, to get'm out of the way of their persecutors and to save and spare them so they'll go someplace more fruitful and more receptive, and also to get them out of the way so He can judge their enemies!

So I'm fully convinced that the Devil is working for the Lord! I always like to make that shocking statement because it really wakes people up! Even though they may not know it, he's carrying out a lot of the judgements of God on the wicked. Now if God would even tell Satan that he could test a Saint like Job with all the afflictions he tested Job with, why shouldn't He tell Satan, "Okay, go ahead and sock it to that country! Go ahead and sock it to that person for being so bad!" If He even let Satan test Job for being so good, why shouldn't He let Satan annihilate whole populations for being so bad?--Right? And I believe that's what happens in a lot of these things!

I don't think those tornadoes just accidentally hit all those houses and flattened towns and even socked it to some churches. I don't think He let those islands of Bangladesh be completely almost washed away because they were so good and such good people, there must have been something wrong somewhere or God would have protected them and kept them from the Devil's devices! I believe it.

A lot of times we are tempted to question the Lord, "Why me, Lord? Why did You let me get sick? Why did You let it happen to me?" Well, He allows that just like He did Job, to test your faith and to test your love, which actually strengthens your faith and your love and causes you to love and believe in God no matter what, not doubt no matter what happens. As Job finally said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!"-- Job 13:15 . And when he finally said that, he got the victory. The Devil gave up and saw he couldn't make him quit even if he killed him.--Although the Lord had told him he couldn't take Job's life, but Job didn't know that. And the Devil certainly didn't tell him that, the Devil tried to make him think he was killing him!

Finally his wife told him, "Why don't you just curse God and die, you miserable man!" Just think, he even lost the love and respect of his own wife. He lost all his children, lost all his wealth, lost his health and lost his wife! She said, "So why don't you just curse God and die and get out of the way!" She probably wished he'd hurry up and die so she could marry some better man. He said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!"

But if God will allow that to happen and will allow Satan to tempt and test even His Own Saints, surely He will allow the Devil to wreak judgements and slaughter and horrors and unnatural catastrophes and disasters upon the wicked and the rebels and those that hate Him and defy Him and disobey Him!--Even His Own people who are rebellious and defy and disobey Him, those who claim to be His people, and He's done that for thousands of years with the Jews.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

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