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Watch Out for the Sun!

By David Brandt Berg, #920 written on 19 June 1980
Blondes are vurnerable to sunburn

WE ALREADY PUBLISHED SOMETHING ABOUT SUNBATHING, warning against too much sun particularly for fair-haired, fair-skinned people who are usually very sensitive and cannot take very much sun. The extremely fair-haired and red-headed and those who tend to burn and freckle easily really shouldn't have more than 10 or 15 minutes of direct sunshine at a stretch, and 1/2-an-hour an absolute limit! So if you have hair that's slightly reddish or blonde and fair skin with tendency to sunburn and freckle, you just ought to stay out of the sun except for very brief periods of exposure. Actually you shouldn't sun bathe at all!

SOME OF YOU PEOPLE NEVER TAN, YOU ONLY BURN, and while waiting for a tan you can get a very bad burn! You can get a first and second degree sunburn that'll land you in the hospital! (Maria: When it says sunburn, it really means burn just like if you have your hand on a hot stove!) I've seen people blistered all over in horrible shape with huge sores and scabs in Miami, stupid idiotic people who were very fair-skinned but insisted on trying to stay out in the sun all day!

YOU'LL FIND TOO MUCH SUN LIKE THAT CAN EVEN CAUSE YOU TO CATCH COLD!--It not only gives you a bad burn, but it can give you a bad headache, chills, fever, upset stomach and what they call sunstroke which can make you very sick and even kill you as it did one little boy in the Bible whom the prophet had to raise from the dead! (2Kg.4:18-37.) So direct sunlight is not good for you except for a few minutes brief exposure if you're fair-headed and fair-skinned, particularly blondes and red-heads.

EVEN THE DARK-SKINNED PEASANTS, PEONS and COOLIES OF THE TROPICS and SOUTHERN CLIMES OF THE THIRD WORLD with their dark skins and dark hair which can stand a lot more sun than the Northerners, even they who can stand much more sun working out in the fields all day usually wear considerable clothing and large coolie hats that shelter their heads, neck, shoulders and faces.--Almost their whole bodies are in the shade! And you'll notice that the Arabs who live in hot deserts exposed to very hot sun are completely covered with robes, burnooses, caftans and turbans for protection from the sun, and sometimes all you see is their eyes!

SINCE THE FLOOD THE SUN HAS BEEN PARTLY MAN'S ENEMY RATHER THAN HIS FRIEND! At one time there was something known as the "waters above the firmament". (Gen.1:6,7.) There were waters in the sky which filtered the deadly cosmic rays from the sun and filtered out the death-dealing blows and poisons of direct sunshine. But now since the Flood and man's wickedness, that layer of water or very thick moisture fell during the rain in the Flood, and that was one thing that caused the Flood!

IT IS SURMISED THAT IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD YOU COULD NOT EVEN SEE THE BRIGHT DIRECT SUN as you can today, that will even destroy your eyes if you look directly at it. But that then the sun shone with a rather hazy, soft diffused light like a frosted bulb that you could even look at without hurting your eyes. These are some of the theories of some of the Christian scientists like Dr. Irwin Moon. The sun's light therefore was greatly softened and filtered and you could stay out in the sun all day and it wouldn't bother you, there was no sun burn.

BUT YOU NOTICE THAT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FLOOD MEN BEGAN TO DIE A LOT QUICKER. Before the Flood when they had that filtering from the heavy layer up there of the waters above the firmament spoken of in Genesis, men lived as long as a thousand years, at lest hundreds! But immediately after the Flood even the oldest patriarchs didn't live much more than 100 and man's age was cut down to the 60's, 70's and 80's almost right away!

SO IT SEEMS THAT GOD LIMITED MAN'S AGE AFTER THE FLOOD because of his wickedness and sinfulness so he just couldn't live so long lest he sin too much! And as the Psalmist says, "The days of our years are three score years and ten"--that's 70 years on the average and usually considered a ripe old age nowadays--"and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow"--and that's usually the case! (Ps.90:10.)

IN OTHER WORDS YOU COULD BE ALMOST THANKFUL IF YOU DIE YOUNG! But some of us have to live long enough to help the young and to help teach and train you and talk to you just like I'm talking to you now!--To teach you not to make some of the mistakes that some of us and others have made and God has warned against.

SO SINCE THE FLOOD TOO MUCH SUN HAS BEEN HARMFUL. Sunshine is necessary for our lives for light and heat and food and photosynthesis in plants which makes them grow and so that animals can eat them and we eat them and the animals. It wouldn't be possible to live without sunshine! It's life and health to us as well as dangerous. But since the Flood and the disappearance of the moisture or water layer which was above the firmament, or above the sky as we know it, that filtered the sun's rays and cosmic rays, too much of those rays have become very harmful and have shortened man's life from a thousand years to one hundred or less!

SO THAT OUGHT TO BE ENOUGH PROOF IF YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE, THAT TOO MUCH SUNSHINE IS HARMFUL! And if you don't have enough Biblical knowledge to know it, then you ought to have enough sense to know it just by your own personal experience, you fair-haired beauties, not to get too much sunshine, because you just get burned and suffer pain instead of a beautifying tan!

MOST TRUE BLONDES and REDHEADS CANNOT REALLY TAN VERY MUCH WITHOUT GREAT CARE. They're just not meant to live in very hot sunshine and very hot countries, they are mostly from the North. Nearly all the people in the Tropics and the Southern climes of the Third World are dark-skinned and dark-haired and they can stand a great deal more sunshine because they have thicker pigment in the skin which literally gives them shade and protects them from the sun.

MOST OF THE PEOPLE OF THOSE COUNTRIES WITH WHOM WE'VE HAD ACQUAINTANCE and MET and ASSOCIATED and LIVED, INSTINCTIVELY AVOID THE SUN! The people in the Canary Islands for example, where the tourists all to go to get sunshine and sun burn and sometimes land in the hospital with it, think the tourists are absolutely crazy for lying out in the sun baking on what I used to call the "meat racks"--the sun cots that they put around the pools on which the tourists can loll and sunbathe. I used to say,

"WELL, THERE ARE THE MEAT RACKS and THERE'S THE MEAT COOKING, and I don't know how many of them will land in the hospital!" But it doesn't seem that any amount of warning ever does much good. They have to have one bad experience and be pretty sick or badly burned with even second degree blistering burns that are very painful!

I CAN REMEMBER A FEW TIMES WHEN I WAS A KID and I GOT TOO MUCH SUN. I was very fair-haired and so blond my hair was almost white, what you call toe-head. My father was a Swede and my mother was a German Jew--both from Nordic countries and neither designed to stand direct intense rays of Tropical sunshine, but living in far North countries toward the Arctic Circle that only receive the dimmer slanting rays of the sun.

YOU NOTICE THAT THOSE PEOPLE, HOWEVER, USUALLY GROW TO BE OF LARGER STATURE. They used to call them the Nordic giants down in Tenerife!--The beautiful Valkyries that came there to spend their vacations blistering in the sun! They're usually bigger, stronger and healthier than the little small dark skinny weaker people who live in hot climates and Tropical belts.

TODAY THE SUN IS NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU AS IT USED TO BE BEFORE THE FLOOD. It's still good for you in a very moderate temperate amount, and plants and animals and the whole World still need sunshine for many reasons which I've explained before--to keep the Earth in its orbit and keep it warm and various life processes functioning. But today direct sunlight for prolonged periods is not good for the human body or human skin. And if you don't know it and don't believe it, you'll find out, if you're intemperate and immoderate and get too much sunshine!

AND TOO MUCH FOR MOST PEOPLE IS OVER AN HOUR A DAY, even the dark-haired ones. And for the very fair-haired, red-headed or sunburning freckling type, a half-an-hour can be too much direct sunbathing a day. And now in the days of the topless sunbathing, doctors say there's been a sharp increase in breast cancer, they believe stimulated by too much sun and too much sunbathing topless.--So watch out!

BUT ALMOST ANYBODY WHO HAS BEEN INSIDE MOST OF THE WINTER and HASN'T HAD MUCH SUNSHINE, their skin's very white and not able to take very much.--Just a little sunshine at the first shot will burn and they have to be very careful. Doctors advise that maybe you take only five or ten minutes direct sunbathing the first day if you're on your vacation. Maybe stretch it out to fifteen the second day, and just increase it by about five minutes a day. This was Dr. Koger's theory also. Your skin then gradually tans and gives you a shade, gives your body and tissue some shade and you can stand a little bit more sunshine.

OF COURSE IT'S SOMETIMES RATHER MYSTIFYING WHY PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO TORTURE THEMSELVES LIKE THAT and play with something so dangerous as direct sunshine and sunburn. But certainly I've warned the Family and especially those of fair hair and fair skin and a tendency to burn--which is called heliophobic, you're allergic to too much sunshine--that they must not stay out in direct sun at the most more than about half-an-hour exposure a day! If you're in water and your head's under water a great deal, you might be able to take an hour.

AND IF YOU MUST SIT OUT ON THE BEACH and WANT TO ENJOY THE SUNSHINE and WATCHING OTHERS I suggest you wear a light airy, maybe even slightly see-through gown or robe and a large floppy sun hat, or at least some kind of sun hat like a coolie hat that will shade your head, face, neck and shoulders from those direct burning rays. That's where you get most of it usually, on your head, forehead, nose, even ears, back of the neck, chest and particularly shoulders which take the brunt of the direction right-angle rays of the sun, but a large hat will shade you.

WHEN I WAS YOUNG, WOMEN AVOIDED THE SUN TO PRESERVE THEIR BEAUTIFUL FAIR SKIN. They thought the sun was not only dangerous but detrimental to beauty, and I think they were probably right! Most of the white women I've seen who lived a long time in very hot sunny countries like California and the Southwestern United States or Texas, their skins gets to looking like brown leather, very leathery and tough and wrinkled and they're old before their time. So don't let the ads and the resort and tour commercials fool you!

A LOT OF SUNSHINE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!--In fact it can be very bad for you and I would suggest that most of you should not get more than a half-an-hour to an hour at the very most of direct sunshine a day, and those who are heliophobic even less. So watch out for the sun! God bless and keep you from too much sunshine! God didn't intend for you to be out in the sun all day if you could help it.--Especially after the Flood and the filter layer of water is gone which has shortened man's life by about 900 years! So as you can see, it must be bad for you and it's better to stay out of it!

THE NATIVES IN THOSE SOUTHERN CLIMATES AVOID THE SUNSHINE. You'll find the Tenerifans are never sitting out in the sun, always sitting in the shade. When the sun hits one side of the street they move over to the other side and sit in the shade!--And you never see them out sunbathing!

BUT GOD ONLY KNOW WHAT IT'S DOING TO YOUR INTERNAL ORGANS cooking clear through too long in the sun! But suntan oil is a help and some good oils do keep your skin from burning too readily. But it won't help you heliophobes too much because you just can't take it and you might as well make up your mind to it and stay out of it if you don't want to suffer and therefore even cause God's Work to suffer from lack of your usefulness!

SO STAY OUT OF TOO MUCH SUN THIS SUMMER and ANY SUMMER--and WINTER TOO FOR THAT MATTER! You can even get bad sunburn skiing on clear days up in high mountains where the air and the putrefaction pollution is thin. So watch out for it!--And bright sunshine can also damage your eyes! That's why many mountain climbers go snowblind if they don't wear very thick dark glasses. It could do the same for you on the beach in very bright sunshine where you're getting sun from both directions, from above and from the water. Reflection on the water increases the light of the sun about two-fold and if you don't wear good sunglasses can damage your eyes as well!

SO WATCH OUR FOR THE SUN! A little is good for you and the World needs some, but you don't need too much! For babies and little children they say five or ten minutes a day of sunshine is sufficient. They should never have more than that until they grow older. In fact, Dr. Koger used to say that five or ten minutes a day of sunshine was all anybody needed, really, to manufacture sufficient Vitamin D and C or whatever it is that has to be activated by sunshine!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family International

James Arendt
James Arendt

I was raised in the Hegewisch neighborhood on the southeast side of Chicago, Illinois, served in the USAF from 1970 to 1974, and became a full-time missionary for Christ living 40 years in Japan, 3.5 years in Russia, and a few months in other countries such as Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China where I also served the King of Kings, Jesus, as an Ambassador for His Kingdom. If you find this website useful, please consider sending me a gift through PayPal toward the support of this website's server fee.

I'm also the webmaster of You can read my bio there.


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