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Comments about Texe Marrs' statement about River Phoenix in Codex Magica

I used to like Texe Marrs and thought most of his research and materiel about the Illuminati was very good, but after reading one of his books --Codex Magica. I'm not sure about him anymore.

I was very discouraged to read on page 77 of Codex Magica this statement about River Phoenix and the Children of God, aka The Family, aka The Family International which I believe comes from a sensationalist tabloid whose goal is only monetary gain and not the proclamation of Truth!

This issue of the intriguing publication, Paranoia magazine, included a feature article examining the tragic life of popular young actor River Phoenix, who died of a drug overdose on Halloween in 1993. The article's writer, Al Hidell, told of Phoenix's upbringing in the sordid sex cult known as the Children of God, also called "The Family." The cult practiced incest, holy prostitution, and other wickedness. River Phoenix, who was celebrated for his roles in such movies as Stand By Me and Running On Empty, evidently could not escape his past. Why he is shown in the photo giving the sign of Masonry is not mentioned in the magazine, but some authorities say that Children of God leader David Berg had high-level political and Masonic Lodge connections.

I don't think that Texe Marrs has ever visited a Family International Home or even met a Family International member. We are a very small organization (10,000 members) compared to most other Christian organizations, and only a part of our membership lives in the USA. The only reason why Mr. Marrs has heard of us is due to the noteriety the media has given us. He has obviously been misinformed by the very antichrist mass media he himself exposes in his books and on his web site. If you think otherwise, please consider the following points.

What are my qualifications for making these statements? Forty years of being an active member of the Family from the Children of God days and personally knowing those who have lived with David Berg. He was a frugal man and did not live in luxury.

I now consider Texe Marrs a disinformation agent. He is a buddy of Alex Jones who is a well known disinformation agent! Interestingly though they are friends, Alex Jones never attacks the Jews or Israel while Marrs does so constantly! And neither of these guys ever talk about the Jesuit / Vatican connection to the Illuminat or the conspiracy for one world government! If you want to learn more about the Jesuit connection, please check out the articles on my site.

James Arendt
Webmaster of Deep Truths

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Alan (Miami, US) says...
The rating is for this article. About Texe Marrs and Israel, I came across an example just days past, where he did blast Israel and the Jews. But he misapplied the book of Esther to do it! He tortured the story in the book of Esther to make it an example of how the Jews are the villains, Mordecai is (same as) a pimp, and Haman is a victim of a Jewish plot! And the Jews empowered to legally defend themselves against a prior edict of the king, he calls it an open season for the Jews to ... Read More
29th April 2017 12:46am
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