The Time of the End!

The real time of the End that God's Word speaks of is these last few years. -- We are already living in the Time of the End!

Beloved, the time is growing shorter. The days are becoming more evil and things are moving faster as time goes on. (Eph.5:16; 2Tim.3:1) From all we can gather from God's Word, we certainly can't expect to go on much longer in this World as it now is! In fact, it looks like it's all going to wind up within the next few years, and if we look into Bible Prophecy, all the signs are pointing to The End! (Mat.24)

So to say the least, we're living in exciting times and there are going to be some big changes made!--And the quicker things get worse, the quicker it'll all be over! The quicker the World's paper money economy crashes, the quicker will rise the One World government of the Antichrist, which means the quicker will come the Great Tribulation and the glorious Second Coming of the Lord and Heaven on Earth!

So it behooves us to work as though everything depended on work and pray as though everything depended on prayer. It's almost over! This is almost The END! "Even so, COME QUICKLY, Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20) Amen?

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