Man reading story of Jesus to his kids.

"Fret not thyself for tomorrow!" (Mat.6:34)

It's always tomorrow that we are tempted to worry about. But God's Word forbids fear over the future. Jesus said, "Take no thought for the morrow: For the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself." The future will take care of itself! "For sufficient unto the day (today) is the evil thereof." (Mat.6:34) That is God's warning, commandment and promise!

You are to enjoy today and take things as they come and let tomorrow take care of itself! "For as thy days, so shall thy strength be!" (Deu.33:25) God will give you power for the hour, grace for the trial--AT the hour and when it comes.--Not before! "He Who hath begun a good work in you is going to perfect it unto the end! For He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith; Who hath delivered, Who doth deliver, and Who will yet deliver!" (Phi.1:6; Heb.12:2; 2Cor.1:10) He loves you and cares for you and is going to take care of you no matter what.

So for God's sake, don't worry about tomorrow! That's not your concern, that's not your worry, that's none of your business! That's God's business!

"Oh, I've nothing to do with tomorrow!
My Saviour will make that His care.
Its grace and its strength I can't borrow,
So why should I borrow its care?"

Trust in the Lord!--Amen?

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