As God's child you can now the the faith He will take care of you!

Our job is to help God make people rich--spiritually!

Part of our duty as Christians is to show the World a social Gospel as well as a personal Gospel! Jesus Himself nearly always ministered to people's physical needs before He ministered to their minds and hearts and spiritual needs.--By His example of kindness, His example of concern for the people, they knew that He had something real.

You can't preach the Gospel to a man with a hungry stomach!--But the main thing is to preach the gospel! Visit the sick and the imprisoned, and clothe the naked and feed the hungry where it opens the door to share the Gospel, but don't make feeding and clothing the poor your major concern!

God's greatest concern is saving their souls, and then He will save their bodies! The greatest thing we can give them is the Key to success, the Key to good health, the Solution to poverty. That's faith in God, the love of Christ, salvation! If they won't receive the Lord and Salvation, there's nothing more you can really do for them. But if they receive the Lord, then they're God's children!--Then He's responsible to take care of them, and He will! Jesus never fails to care for His Own.--And He's the Key to all their needs!

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