Christian backsliding.

The most uncomfortable place for a Christian is a comfortable place!

The minute anybody comes to the conclusion that he has arrived and he's satisfied and he's gone as far as he wants to go, watch out! The minute you get the feeling of, "Ah, I've made it!"--And you're satisfied with what you've accomplished, that's as far as you get! You'll never get any further. God's law of progress is: If you don't keep on getting more, you'll lose what you've got!--The minute you think you've attained, and you sit down to enjoy it, that's when you lose it! (Lk.8:18) When you come to the point that you just want to stand still, you're going to backslide!

It is impossible to stand still in the Christian life! You are either making progress--going ahead, climbing a little further upward every day, accomplishing more, serving more faithfully, giving more--or you are slipping backward the other direction and you are on your way down!

Are you alive and going, or dead and settling?--Don't settle down and vegetate and become like the rest of the bumps on the logs! Rise up and live! Move now with the life of God, or you'll be left behind in the death of this World!

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