Man praying for good weather. God's answer!

Praise God for His precious faithfulness!

He loves us and talks to us and is concerned about every little thing! There's nothing too small for the Lord or too hard for Him. He takes care of every little detail!

You are His and He loves you and is doing His best for you. Stay close to Him and He'll never let you down. Even though we are faithless, yet He remaineth faithful, for He cannot deny Himself, and He cannot break His Word. He Who has begun a good work in you is going to perform it unto the End! (2Tim.2:13; Phi.1:6)

You've cast our lines in pleasant places, Lord, and given us exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think! Even the little things You do, Lord, show us Your Love and Your precious comforting Spirit and Your faithfulness. We thank You, Lord, You're so good to us!--Merciful in spite of all our shortcomings, sins, mistakes, failures and weaknesses. You're still good to us, take care of us, protect us and supply for us. "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!" (Psa.23:6)--How much goodness and mercy He shows us! Thank You, Lord, for Thy faithfulness!

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