Two mountain climbers.

"I'll take the mountain!"

As in every "Pilgrim's Progress", serving the Lord is sometimes a rough and rugged road with a hard and heavy load, and the people you meet aren't always kind!--On the way up. But they're even worse down in the valley!--Where they'll do everything they can to discourage you from climbing the mountain. When you're on the bottom, you have nothing to lose. There's no way but up, and the bottom is the safest place in the World. But when you're getting to the top, there're going to be all kinds of people trying to pull you down and keep you from making it.--People who want to keep you shut in down in the valley and in the mud and the mire! Take the mountain and you'll leave the multitudes behind! (Mat.5:1,2)

Sometimes the task may seem like an insurmountable, mountainous job, but there are no Alps to the men of faith! So start working and climbing! It may be a rugged climb, but the view from the summit is worth it, every rocky step of it. Look forward and up to heights you're soon to attain and views you're soon to thrill to if you keep fighting, climbing, winning and don't quit!

Life is on the mountain! Get out of the valley! Head for the high country of Heavenly lands of the Spirit!

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