You can know your future!

You can know your future!

Do you, like so many people today, seem to somehow sense that we're living on borrowed time? Are you ever worried about the future of the World, wondering what is going to happen to us all? Well, you CAN know the future and you CAN know what's going to happen!

How could this be?--By what means can mortal Man possibly transcend the bounds of time and peer into the future?--By tuning into God and His wonderful Word, the BIBLE! For in the SPIRIT, where God dwells, it's like the past, present and future are all one! It all looks the same to Him, and He can easily reveal to His prophets and seers the mysteries of the future!

You'll find that God's Word is specific and very clear! You may not know every detail, but you can know enough from God's Word that you can know the major events and the characteristics, the major characters in these events, and in some cases even exactly when they're going to happen, because God has already SAID so in His Word! You don't have to worry about it, you don't have to fear, you don't have to guess at it!--It's all there just as plain as can be!

To understand what's going to occur is to be PREPARED to face it and take it as it comes.--So study the Word!

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