What is communion?

What is communion?

Communion is a simple illustration of the Lord's last supper with His disciples.--One of the few little ceremonies that Jesus ever went through. It's the only real religious ceremony that Jesus Himself instituted and the one that He commanded us to continue to observe until He comes again! He intended it to be a symbol, a little illustrated message which has a number of meanings. It is a remembrance, a thanksgiving, a witness and a demonstration of unity.

Communion means remembering Him and His death for us.--The sacrifice of His life for our Salvation, the breaking of His body for our healing. It is a thanksgiving celebrating the Salvation of the entire man. It is a witness and testimony to others who watch to remind them of what Jesus has done for us. We are testifying that He died for us and "showing His death till He comes". (1Cor.11:26) It's also a time for believers to get their hearts together in unity, showing we believe as one.

It's a good time to renew fellowship, confess sins, make things right, thank Him for His Salvation, obtain healing, bring unity, and witness to all His goodness to us all!--Amen? God will bless you as you do what He commanded!

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