Joy in our labours and glory in our tasks.

Give us joy in our labours and glory in our tasks, Lord.

Thank the Lord for His Spirit, that vital touch with Him, His divine life, beauty, power and wisdom. If you've got that divine anointing, it makes every little task wonderful! Anything you do, no matter what it is, you can do it in the Spirit. But if you just fulfil the letter of the law of duty only, it drags you down and leaves you uninspired. (2Cor.3:6) So "You've gotta have a glory in the thing you do, Oh, you've gotta have that somethin' that thrills you through and through, Cooking 'taters, washing clothes, or blowin' baby's nose, you need that certain something that will see you through!" Call it what you like, inspiration, charisma, talent, personality, or the Spirit! You've gotta have something that brings you to life, spurs you to action, emotion that moves you into motion.

The Spirit can make every task, whatever it is, glorious!

"In the Spirit, in the Spirit,
All my life is like a song!
In the Spirit, in the Spirit,
I am happy all day long!

In the Spirit, in the Spirit,
There is much more right than wrong!
In the Spirit, in the Spirit,
You can really kick the gong!"

Have you got the Spirit? Has whatever you do got the power and the fire of God?--If not, it's dead works! God help you to have the fire-power of God's Spirit in all that you do!

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