Jesus saving a young lady.

Gloriously saved and wonderfully and completely delivered!

"The memory of evil years, Burned like a flame within my breast. And though I sought relief in tears, I found it not, I could not rest. My yesterday, so dark with shame, Christ has forgiven! Oh, praise His Name!"

We have been saved as branches pulled out of the fire and as wayward lambs snatched from the Enemy's claws, and we should be very thankful. (Zec.3:2) We have come from the darkness into Jesus' glorious light, and we which were darkened have become enlightened! (Eph.5:8)

The Lord had to break the chains, you couldn't deliver yourself. He had to purge and purify and cleanse you. You're all clean now, no longer under the power of the Enemy.--He can't harm you or touch you anymore. You're the Lord's possession now, and the Devil can't have you!--You're the Lord's forever! You're born again, like a newborn baby, born into a whole new World, with a good sound body and clean heart, a pure mind and a new regenerated, reborn spirit!

"Now we can join hands and dance with Jesus!
Now we can join hands with the children of the King!
Now we're dancing and laughing and smiling,
'Cause Jesus has cleansed us from everything!"

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