Jesus hugging the believer.

A Christian is not perfect, but he is forgiven!

Some people say you've either got to be black or white and there's no grey in between. But the fact of the matter is, there's no such thing as black or white, we're just about all grey!--Aren't we? Nobody is perfectly clean and white except by the blood of Christ and by faith!

Look at some of the greatest men in the Bible!--Men of faith, but all of them made mistakes. They all became shining examples--not of their own greatness, but of their utter dependence on God.

Nobody's ever good enough! We're all fallible, we all make mistakes, we all have sins, and it's only the grace of God that we are saved! It's only his Love and mercy and His grace and His sacrifice on Calvary that saves us!--Nothing else!--Nothing! Thank God Salvation doesn't depend on how good we are or even how bad we are! It only depends on our faith in the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ! In spite of all our sins and shortcomings, failures, mistakes and unsaintliness, God can still save us through Jesus! He still loves us and we can still be Christians if we will just receive the Lord and His gift of Eternal Life! Only Jesus is perfect and able to help us!--Which is why He had to come!

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