Jesus, the tip of God's Iceberg!

God is pictured in His Son.

None of us can really grasp how great God our Father is and how wonderful He is, beyond the mind of Man. The Bible says that He is so great even the whole Universe cannot contain Him! He's so beyond our comprehension that He has had to make Somebody Who could show us His Love, Somebody Who was within our realm, Somebody we could see, Someone we could feel, Someone we could experience, Someone Who brings God down to our comprehension!--One Man Who was like Him Whom He called His Son.

God has stooped to send His Son Jesus Christ to be born on this Earth as an example of what God Himself is like. Jesus is His most outstanding means of communication with us, communicating to us His Own Love by means of His Own Son.

Jesus is like the tip of the Iceberg, the part you can see, but by far the greatest part of the Iceberg, God, is out of sight. Even though you can't see the rest of the Iceberg, you have a faint idea of what it is like by the part that shows above the water in this World, in this realm, the realm of Man. We know that God must be Love by the loving part of Him that we can see in Jesus!

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