Lady witnessing Jesus to a man.

Does your heart break for the world?

Can you remember when you were lonely without the Lord and there seemed to be no love, no hope? It ought to break your heart and make you pray and do everything you can to try to reach others with the solution: Jesus and His Love!

You need to hear the heartcry of the World! To love is to weep with them, to suffer with them that suffer, and to feel the agony of heart with them whose hearts are broken! Jesus wept for the multitude. He was so weary, and yet He came forth and looked upon the multitude and had compassion on them. He was sorry for them, He had to do something about it, He had to help them! (Mk.6:31-34)

Lord, make us what You want us to be, the blessing You want us to be, to help lonely hopeless helpless hearts who need Your Love. Your Salvation brings the joy and the love and the healing balm that cleanses every heart and heals every wound and removes every stain. Help us to reach them, Lord, with Thy precious Love and the Good News of happiness and Love that lasts forever! Break our hearts, Lord, melt us, make us compassionate, make us long to help others, to encourage and help them, heal them and lift them. In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Amen!

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