Lady content with her job!

God's Will for you is what He made you for!

Everybody's got their own unique ministry and something that only they can do, believe it or not! The Lord is the One Who designs the tools and He makes them for the job! God knows what you're best suited for and what He wants to use you for and what kind of tool you are, so you'd better do what HE knows you can do best!

Find the job that God has fitted you for, that He made you for, that He gifted you for. Seek the Lord and find His Will. If you haven't found it yet, find it! And if you have found it, for God's sake stick to it!

If everybody would only be willing and satisfied to fulfil their calling and not want any more or any less, the Lord could greatly use them and make them very happy. But we sometimes make ourselves unhappy by being dissatisfied with what the Lord has given us, because we haven't learned, as the Apostle Paul said, to be "content in whatsoever state we are in". (Phil.4:11) We all need to learn to be satisfied and thankful for the place and ministry God has given us.

"Give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall!" (2Pet.1:10)

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