Pride verses humility.

"To obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams." (1Sam.15:22)

A lot of people try to go ahead in their own strength and their own wisdom and do what they think is God's Will and God's work. But you can't serve God unless you obey God! You can't just do what you think is right, no matter how good it is.--Your best isn't good enough! It takes God to really do the job right! Your best, your own human strength, is not sufficient.

Do exactly what the Lord tells you, no more, no less.--One man thought he could do better than that, and he lost his job!--King Saul! He had God's anointing and blessing as long as he obeyed and waited on the Lord, but when he started going his own way and disobeying, he lost it!

There's no "little" disobedience to God, any disobedience is a big one! Nothing short of right is right! It's either all or nothing at all with God! You're either obedient or you're disobedient! God's Word says he that breaks even the least of these commandments and shall teach men so, shall be the least in the Kingdom! (Mat.5:19)

Wait and obey! That's one of the most valuable lessons you can ever learn about serving the Lord!

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