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Every calling is great when greatly pursued for God's glory!

God can inspire you in anything you do! No matter what it is, you can do it in the Spirit! And every task, whatever it is, He can make glorious! Even if perhaps you don't have the most talent or experience, God can use you! In fact, that's the way the Lord usually works--He takes the weak things to confound the mighty and He takes the people that really aren't the best in a Worldly sense, so He can show what He can do! (See 1Cor.1:26-28.) And although you may not be the greatest in the eyes of the World, you're the greatest in the eyes of the Lord, because you're serving and obeying Him!--And He can make you strong when you're weak, to show it's His strength and His miraculous power! (2Cor.4:7; 12:9)

But before the Lord is going to do great miracles in your life and ministry, you need to realise that it is nothing of you and it is only a gift from Him! What makes you really great is the greatness God gives you--the Spirit, the inspiration! It's the Lord behind it all!--Behind and above and underneath and on all sides! He does all of it through you! When you acknowledge this to yourself and others, then He'll be able to show what great things He can do! Amen?

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