God in perfect control!

When we see God's glorious Creation, we know everything is under His perfect control!

The heavenly spheres that God has made operate like the wheels of a great clock, with perfect precision, virtually unvarying in course and speed and degree, unchanged for thousands of years since God first created them! There's not a thing out of time or out of sync or off its bearings in any way.--And they're going to endure as long as His throne, which is forever! (Psa.89:36,37)

Think of what marvelous controls and systems God must be using to control the Earth and every man on it and every woman, every boy, every girl as well as every spirit!--All controlled and operating within certain limitations given them by God and controlled by His Spirit and His marvelous spiritual controls which guide and influence the Heavens and the Earth and the Sun and the Moon and the stars, the planets, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire Universe!

So why should we worry, when God's Creation keeps right on faithfully going, constantly turning, revolving, rising and setting, not questioning, not worrying, not faltering, knowing God is in complete control!

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