Jesus encouraging a young man to continue on!

Hold on!

Sometimes we wonder, "Why do we have to go through these trials and breakings, Lord?" Well, there are some things the Lord can't reveal to you in advance because you're not yet ready. He's got to let you go through some testings without your even knowing what the future holds, to see if you can take it, to see how loyal you are, to see how strong you are, to see how faithful you are, to see if you will be willing to do whatever He asks! If He told you the end from the beginning, that would be too easy, like giving you the answer to a guessing game or doing a puzzle for you. That wouldn't really be a test.

Although in a way it hurts Him to see you suffer, He loves to watch you make it in spite of all the tests and trials. He loves to watch you win the race, endure the affliction and the battle, and fight through to victory!

If you can stand and pass the test, God can use you for something greater than you've ever done before, in the center of His Will where He knows you fit best, the special job He has for you, the thing God wants done the most.

So don't settle for anything less than His best! Hold on! It's just around the corner!--And it's worth it! (Rev.3:11)

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