Work together, unite together, stick together, win together!

Work together, unite together, stick together, win together!

We (all true believers in Jesus Christ) are the loyal Army of the Lord, the true King and Heir! We're fighting against a usurper, an impostor king, the Devil. Our goal and commission is to rescue the masses from the morasses of Satanic power and the grip of the Devil on their souls, and to restore the Kingdom to the authority of its rightful King of kings, Jesus Christ!

We must work together hand-in-hand, fighting together in the service and the Army of the Lord against the common Enemy. The Devil's own tactic all through the ages has been to divide and conquer. If he can get God's own people fighting amongst themselves, it weakens them, then they're unable to fight the real Enemy and down they go. So let us not allow the Devil to divide and conquer us, but rather, let's conquer him and his forces!

Things shall grow worse and worse until the End comes, so we'll need to work more and more together in greater strength and unity to overcome the Enemy. (2Tim.3:13; Eph.4:3) So for God's sake, let's plead with God to help us be melted together in the white-hot Love of His Spirit, fighting together against the Foe!

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