Jesus came to try to make it as easy for us as He could!

Jesus came to try to make it as easy for us as He could!

The Lord tried to make the Christian life so easy that anybody could do it. He walked those dusty roads and talked to the simple fishermen and the tax collectors and the drunks and harlots to show them that God loved them all and that they could all love God, they could all be Christians, they could all love each other and serve each other and serve the World with the Gospel!

God changed His whole System when it was proven that we couldn't keep His laws.--He made a way of escape, of mercy, forgiveness and grace: Salvation. Now nobody has any excuse for blaming their problems on God because He has made a way out, a way to get the victory, a way to overcome our sins and faults and shortcomings and problems and weaknesses, whatever they may be. He has given us the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus! (Jn.14:6) Jesus paid the price, making the way. He's given us the Message, the Truth, and He can help us to live the kind of life we ought to live.

He never asks of any of us a standard that is beyond our particular individual reach. Whatever He asks, we can do!--With His help and by His grace and through His power and His Love we can attain it! (Phi.4:13)

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