Every day can be a holiday for Jesus!

Every day can be a holiday for Jesus!

Every day can be a holiday! Because every day can be a holy-day if we live them all for Jesus! Every day can be holy, sacred, cleansed and set apart to serve the Lord.

Some esteem one day above another, but we should esteem all days the same. (Rom.14:5) They are all the Lord's days, they are all holy days!--Not mere holidays, but holy days! We shouldn't love the Lord any more on Sunday than we do every other day of the week! We should love the Lord just as much every day and worship Him every day!

We can have Thanksgiving every day. We should be thankful and treasure every moment of every day and constantly be praising and thanking the Lord for it! We can have Christmas every day! If Christmas lives in our hearts and minds, we can live each day like Christmas day! We should love Him better every day, grow sweeter every day and be a greater blessing every day!--Then every day will be Christmas and Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday and New Years all in one!

"Every day with Jesus
Is sweeter than the day before!
Every day with Jesus,
I love Him more and more!
Jesus saves and keeps me,
And He's the One I'm living for.
Every day with Jesus,
Is sweeter than the day before!"

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