We're in a hurry!

We're in a hurry!

Time is short and getting shorter all the time! It's getting twilight, and it looks like the End is not far away. So we'd better get everything done we can, and get it done fast! We need speed, not perfection! The main thing that we're short of is time! You can wait till you get to Heaven if you want to be perfectionists, when you'll have all Eternity! But right now we're in Time and we've got very little time left!

So thank the Lord for these precious days while we have the priceless opportunity to serve the Lord and to spread the Gospel! But we'd better make hay while the sun shines, because it's a marvellous opportunity to do the best we can and the most we can right now.

Do your best to really put your best into what is best and make it count! The hour is late and we have to do the "works of Him that sent us while it is day, for the night's coming when we're not going to be able to work", at least not like we can now. (John 9:4) It's late, and the days are evil, so we've got to work and try to get the job done that He wants us to. (Eph.5:16)

Are you doing your best for Jesus now?--God bless you and keep you busy for Jesus and souls!

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