Sharing God's Word

Jesus said, "Lovest thou Me?--Then feed My sheep!" (John 21:16)

This is the last message that Jesus gave to His disciples: "Lovest thou Me?" They said, "Well, of course, Lord, You know we love You!" He said, "Then feed My sheep!" The Lord wants us to have real love for the lost, to tell others about His Love and to feed them spiritually with His Word.

The most wonderful experience you can ever have is to find the Love of God in Jesus, and pass it on to your children, your mate, your loved ones, your friends and even strangers. Jesus alone can save you, but He can't save you alone.--If you're really saved and you really love the Lord, you're going to share His Love! You're going to witness and tell others!

What can you do for Jesus?--You can feed His sheep, you can love His little ones, you can reach the lost.--That's what He wants you to do. This is the greatest work in the World--to feed His sheep, to witness the Words of God, to preach the Gospel, to tell others about God's great Love, to show them the Love of Jesus! So keep on loving Jesus and His dear little sheep and continue to search them out and love them into His fold, till the Great Shepherd returns for His Own on that Great Day! (See Isa.40:10,11; 1Pet.5:2-4.)

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