Submit to Jesus.

You'll never know the true power of love until you learn the true power of surrender!

We can only find fullness of faith when we are willing to yield our pride and our own will to the Lord. Like Jesus said in the Garden, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Thine be done!" (Mat.26:39) He has to have our cooperation. Submission is the first step. If we are unwilling to take that step, we won't be able to go to other steps! We have to make the decision. He'll do everything else for us--give us strength, wisdom, life and love. All that He asks is for us to commit ourselves. He likes for us to freely choose and yield to Him because we love Him.

Total love gives all! But if we give our all to Him, He gives His all to us! You can have peace and power that you've never known before--with Jesus--if you'll just let Him control your life. Have faith in God's Love and yield yourself to Him in submission and humility and let Him empower you!

"Deep abiding joy fills all my life today!
There is a secret reason why I love to pray!
There is an inner Wellspring deep within my soul:
Jesus, precious Jesus, has at last complete control!"

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