Enjoy life with Jesus.

Enjoy yourself! Enjoy life!--But enjoy the Lord most of all!

God intended for us to enjoy this life and to love Him and enjoy Him and it forever! He made all things for you to enjoy and He created the very senses with which you enjoy them. If you put God first and His Kingdom and His righteousness first, you can enjoy them all to the full, every good and perfect gift that God has sent down from above, that God Himself created for you to enjoy, as His child. (Mat.6:33; Jam.1:17)

Enjoy the pleasures which God has given you to enjoy as much as you please and as much as you need; just don't enjoy them more than Him and more than His Love. If you have an inordinate desire for too much of these things and worship these things more than God--then it becomes a sin! (1Jn.2:15,16) Don't let them take first place in your life, because God will not take second place! He wants your love above all others. He wants to be your God above all others, and He will have no other gods before Him! (Exo.20:3)

Be sure that you put God first! Love and worship Him above all and thank Him for all of these things that He has given us to enjoy! Then you can have all this and Heaven too! Amen?

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