Jewels in the Word of God.

If you want to read a marvellous book, read the Bible!

The Bible is an absolutely inexhaustible source of wisdom and knowledge, out of which you can constantly find "treasures new and old"! (Mat.13:52)

Anything you want, you can find in the Bible! If you love beautiful poetry and gorgeous oratory, read the Psalms and the Prophets! If you like philosophical arguments, you'll enjoy the book of Job! The Song of Solomon is sexy and romantic! Science fiction?--It's got nothing on the Bible or the future as foretold by the Lord in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation! The Bible is more fascinating and amazing than Greek and Roman mythology and all the legends and fairy tales of Man put together! If you want some miraculous supernatural happenings, just read the Bible! It's more thrilling, more wonderful than any other book, because it's true! It tells stories, but it doesn't tell lies! Every single passage is the truth of God!

And the most wonderful thing about the Bible is that through its life-giving Words, especially those found in the four Gospels, and the Gospel of John in particular, we can get to personally know its Author, Who alone can guarantee life and love and happiness and Heaven forever through simply reading and believing these Words of Love from Him to us! (John 20:31)

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