Hearing God's answers.

God will give you the spiritual solutions while you're alone with Him, that will just make the mountains of your problems melt away!

You will get a lot more done for the Lord if you will simply spend more time in prayer, alone with God. Unless you get quiet and try to seek the Lord, how are you ever going to get anything from the Lord? You will get more from the Lord alone and quiet than any other way.--Because He can talk to you alone, and you can give Him your full attention and the reverence due Him! Even Jesus had to get up at the break of day before His disciples, and walk out across the hills or up in the mountain to get alone with God and hear from His Father.

You're going to have to get quiet by yourself--somewhere, somehow, sometime--if you're going to hear from the Lord! You've got to know you can't solve your problems in your own strength, and be desperate for God's solutions, and stop everything else, and listen!--So help us, Jesus, to remember that we can't go on without the Heavenly vision that You give. We all need more quiet time alone with Thee, to rest and nestle in Thy arms and be refreshed and restrengthened by Thy Spirit, to just have Thee alone to think about and pray about, and to get close to Thee without any other distractions. Thank You Jesus!

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