Direct revelations.

Ask the Lord to give you direct revelations, straight from Him, to show you exactly what to do.

Some people think that the last time God ever spoke was to John on the Isle of Patmos, and that He hasn't spoken ever since! But God still speaks today! He's still speaking and showing, and He can speak to you directly! Once you're a growing, maturing Christian, you can get your orders directly from the Lord Himself.

But how do you test your inspiration?--Scripture is the yardstick, the final authority by which you can measure anything that's said! True revelations won't teach anything contrary, but they can fill in a lot of gaps and instruct you in your present circumstances. Just be sure that your revelations do not counteract nor contradict, but are in line with the Word of God! Ask Him for Scriptures to confirm them.

It's so wonderful to get the answers we desperately need straight from the Lord. When you've got the concrete evidence from the Lord, His statements on it, then you know you're on the right track and you can go ahead and act with conviction and faith without hesitation! That settles it! You've heard from Heaven!

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