Love is God's great answer!

Man's greatest need is love, and love is God's great answer!

Man is the same the World over, He just needs love, he needs to be shown love and proven love. Most people are searching for real love, but they can't find it. They know it must exist, they have the hunger for it, the need for it, but so many of them can't find it because they don't find the Lord. It's so sad!

But wherever there are Man's problems, there must be God's answers!--and it's such a simple answer!--Love! Love is the key, love is the answer, and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!--He's the only way they'll ever find joy, peace, love, happiness and Heaven!--Eternal life and love forever! (Jn.14:6)

So help us, Lord, to be faithful to show Thy Love to others and to encourage and help them, heal them and lift them by giving them the sweet Message of Thy Love and Thy Salvation, Thy healing Word, Lord, that heals all things--their bodies, minds and spirits, their souls and their hearts. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to help others by giving them Thy answer, Lord, to give them Thy Love to solve all their problems. Such a simple answer, Lord, just You, Jesus, Thy Love!

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