Sown in weakness, raised in power!

"Sown in weakness, raised in power!" (1Cor.15:43)

If you want to know what you're going to be like in Heaven, what your Heavenly body is going to be like, it's going to be like you are now, only much more Heavenly, eternal, beautiful, wonderful, thrilling and glorious! (Phi.3:21)

When the Lord created the cycles of butterflies and moths, He was illustrating resurrection. They hatch from eggs into little worm-like caterpillars. Then they wrap themselves up in a cocoon called a chrysalis, almost like a coffin, and it seems they die! But then Spring comes and suddenly the coffin splits open and out comes a beautiful butterfly or moth! Once it was just a little crawling worm, the most despised of all creatures, and all of a sudden it breaks out into a beautiful butterfly that flies in the heavens!--One of the prettiest creatures!

Like the difference between the grain of wheat and the full-grown, full-blown stock and head that comes from one grain, or the flower that comes from one tiny seed, that's how much better your new Heavenly body is going to be! It will be so much more wonderful, it will be like the difference between the seed and the flower! (1Cor.15:35-38, 42-58) You're going to be like the Angels of God! (Lk.20:36)

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