David's harp!

Praise your way through!--That's how you get the victory!

Even the greatest men of God sometimes got discouraged, like King David. David was a great Psalmist, a great singer, and he usually sang beautiful praises to the Lord. But one time before he was king, he was sure that Saul was going to kill him, and he actually said, "Some day I shall surely die at the hand of Saul!" (1Sam.27:1) Thank God David never wrote a Psalm saying that! How could you sing that? Did David ever die at the hand of Saul?--He never did! So that was just the Devil trying to discourage him. If you let the Devil get you down and use your mouth, and you speak doubt and discouragement and his lies, you are preaching the Devil's own doctrines! Don't do it, or you're just letting the Enemy in. Take a positive stand against the attacks of the Enemy and fight the Devil and fight his doubts! The minute you feel discouraged, start praising the Lord, start going on the attack! As long as you've got a praise in your mouth, you can't complain and murmur!

The Enemy hates praise. He hates songs that praise the Lord and he hates God's Word most of all! So keep full of it!--Amen?

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